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Jolin, a girl of this style, went straight to max.

dapeijineng @ 2019/10/09

"The sun never falls" and "love thirty-six plans" should be familiar with all these songs. We all know Chinese pop singer Jolin, but few people know Jolin, the fashion designer. Jolin was invited as the only Chinese singer of "fashion Oscar" Met Ball. It can be seen that Jolin's fashion taste is recognized internationally, and Jolin's own sense of fashion is also commendable.

Recently, Jolin appeared at the scene of a variety show, which was dressed up as a teenage girl, a pale blue navel dress with an irregular white mini skirt, and the skirt was a fake design of the shirt, with several buttons on it, and it was really full of maidens.

Jolin's dress has always been very changeable. She has tried many styles, such as princess, girl, lovely, sexy and provocative, street cool, goddess. Many of Jolin's wear and wear are relatively popular, and are suitable for public imitation. We look at other dresses.

Is this cowboy skirt feeling too much, too? Chaqueta? Denim skirt? The elder sister combines the elements of these garments. The jacket is equipped with a low breast vest. The red background is dotted with black wave dots and white false Necklace designs, revealing a little sexy in daring, but I suggest that the color of the sling is still worn carefully.

Jolin's coat is also very stylish. The hip-hop street style cowboy coat, with a black sling and a green baseball cap, is a tight fitting bodybuilding shorts and a pair of black and yellow sneakers. It looks like a hip-hop cool girl. It really loves, is comfortable and fashionable, and most importantly, it looks cool, love and love.

Can your clavicle be able to raise fish? Jolin the design of the dress is really good. The design of this lock is a bit of a lady with a sense of fashion. The elder's clavicle is well displayed. The following are pale pink waist waist pants, and a pair of pink high-heeled shoes. Pink is the standard of the little princess, so it is lovely and fashionable.

My God, every one of my sister's clothes feels really good. She jumps out of Li Jiaqi's "Ou Jia Gu". It's not really a rainbow. Even casual sportswear looks very compacted. The color of black and purplish red is put together, and my sister's makeup is also blowing.

After reading these Jolin's clothes, the name of the tide master is really not a cover. And I find this kind of wear can be learned by our little fairy. My sister's fashion taste really snipe at me. I believe her costume design talents are mostly used in her personal clothes. Do you still enjoy the style that is so changeable, but every pleasant surprise? Anyway, I am in love.