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Twelve constellation revenge list, please stay away from the first place.

xzxg2008 @ 2020/06/25

Some people are naturally tolerant and good tempered. Sometimes they are uncomfortable with others. After the incident, they get angry and basically return to their previous friendly relationship with each other. However, some people are stubborn to fail. Once they have any unpleasant experience with each other, they will basically remember this hatred in their minds and remind themselves of "TA and I have hatred" all the time. Today, star sister will take you all into the world of the 12 constellations. Let's take a look at the 12 constellations' revenge list.

TOP12: Capricorn ( 12.22 - 1.19 )

Capricorn has always been generous and generous, so it is easy to forgive others for their carelessness. And even if the other person is intentionally targeting himself, Capricorn will not bother with each other. Instead of being vengeful, they learn to understand each other. In their eyes, empathy is a great skill. They try to think about some problems from the other side's perspective.

TOP11: Aries ( 3.21 - 4.19 )

Aries, as a humorous and interesting constellation, knows how to dispel negative energy in self mockery. Even if they feel that they are being targeted at other people's behavior, they will find different reasons for them. In other words, big Aries do not want too many enemies to hate, which makes them feel unhappy.

TO10: cancer. 6.22 - 7.22 )

Cancer should be known to everyone. Small and important events are basically equal to a trivial matter in their eyes. Life and death are not important things, and cancer does not want to argue with others because of some trivial matters. Good mentality is a great advantage for them. And because of a good attitude, it is not easy to complain.

TOP9: Sagittarius ( 11.23 - 12.21 )

Sagittarius is careless. Maybe when you are angry, you will have a lot of trouble with the people. But after basically giving vent to it, you will forget the displeasure between them. The next time you meet, the big shooter will greet and communicate with each other regardless of the past. It seems that nothing has happened. It seems that sometimes forgetfulness is good.

TOP8: Virgo ( 8.23 - 9.22 )

As long as they do not hurt the bottom line of the Virgo, their tolerance is pretty high, but if the bottom line is touched, Virgo can also show you on the spot. At the same time, once they are annoying you, they will not forgive you easily. They will basically forget your bad days for ten and a half months. During this period, they will show you their faces and who will be afraid of them.

TOP7: Gemini ( 5.21 - 6.21 )

The hatred of Gemini is buried in the heart. It is not good at speech at all, and many times it lacks self-confidence. It is really not daring to put people's dissatisfaction and resentment on the table.

TOP6: Pisces ( 2.19 - 3.20 )

Don't look at the big fish optimistic, good friends, friendly to everyone, in fact, they remember the hatred is also quite abominable. Perhaps it was because it was too good for others at that time. Once the betrayal of the other side was received, no matter whether the betrayal was out of mind or intentional, the big fish would be regarded as the same type. In the final analysis, they were dissatisfied with each other and resentful.

TOP5: Leo (7.23 - 8.22)

The lion is so proud and charming that whoever bump into them is unhappy. For this kind of people who do not know what to do, big lion wants to give each other a scorn of the king, and will not hesitate to go back on the spot. Although the revenge has been reported on the spot, however, the Leo Leo always feels that the other party embarrass itself in public. The enemy must remember it, and find the right opportunity to intensify it and return it.

TOP4: Taurus ( 4.20 - 5.20 )

Stubborn big bull, do not know how to change, once they remember someone's hatred, basically is to hate each other for a long time. Even if someone around to persuade, Taurus may not listen to each other's comfort, insisting on their own way is the best thing they do. And they are always waiting for that right time to redouble their own Qi.

TOP3: Libra ( 9.23 - 10.23 )

Big scales always love and hate each other. It's good for a person to be envied and jealous. If a person is annoyed, he will instantly reveal his impetuous and frizzy side. If he has finished the explosion, he will still have to remember it. Otherwise, everyone will think that the big Libra is just working hard.

TOP2: Scorpio ( 10.24 - 11.22 )

Big Scorpio is deep, knowledgeable and tolerant, but at the same time, this type of crowd has a very big characteristic, that is, the more they endure, the more they bear their grudge. The resentment of the suppressed temper and the hatred coming out of the heart are showing a direct trend. The more they do not speak, the more depressed they are, the more depressed they are, the more they hate the itch. However, they know that "gentleman's revenge is not too late for ten years".

TOP1: Aquarius ( 1.20 - 2.18 )

Aquarius always loves my love, hates my hatred, and is able to do well for anyone's good and bad. Want them to be good to their enemies and return good for evil? Can only get two words, no way! Aquarius always does not give in to its own thoughts, likes it is likes, disgust is disgusting, see oneself can not bear to see people never disdain to put on a smiling face, and bear a grudge basically will remember for a lifetime! It is not a small heart, but a short life.