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5G has just landed 6G research and development has begun in the era of intelligent networking.

iresearch21cn @ 2019/11/12

In November 3rd, the Ministry of science and technology jointly organized the launching meeting of 6G technology research and development in Beijing with the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the natural science foundation of China. By this meeting, the Ministry of Science and technology announced the establishment of China's formal entry into 6G technology research and development.

This is only a few days away from 5G's commercial landing. AI said that the size of 5G will reach 1 billion 280 million in 2025. As a communication infrastructure, although the market is generally optimistic about the prospects of 5G, its market size will not soar, and the industry scale will reach 6 trillion and 600 billion in 2030.

The development of 5G technology not only meets the demand of consumers and industrialists for Internet speed, but also promotes the development of trillions of Internet of things market. The most exciting thing about it is that everyone seems to have the chance to turn over the market again in this opportunity.

6G needs a more comprehensive way to identify future communication needs, and uses larger samples to determine 6G requirements. At present, the global 6G technology research is still in the initial stage of exploration, the technical line is not clear, the key indicators and application scenarios have not yet been unified definition, but the initiation of 6G R & D technology is self-evident for the communication field and related industries.

Communication technology enhancement

Market demand for data is diversified.

With the enhancement of communication technology in the future, more data will be transmitted to the cloud center through the network for intelligent analysis, so as to achieve a deeper level of intelligent business development. With the acceleration of competition, AI company's quality requirements for training data have also been constantly improved. When the industry becomes the main theme, the demand for customized data acquisition of vertical scenes has become the mainstream. Many small AI basic data service companies fail to meet the requirements of data quality and bidding ability, or are eliminated or attached to large platforms, and the industry structure is becoming clearer, and the strength of the head company is becoming increasingly prominent.

In 2020, with the commercial application of 5G, more intelligent applications can be carried, AIoT new products and services will appear in large numbers, and applications in all walks of life will enter a fast growing period, among which information flow products and services will develop first.

At present, the domestic AI basic data services are mainly customized services for data sets and data resources. Data set products are often the standard data sets of AI based data providers based on their own accumulated output, mainly based on voice data sets, mainly Putonghua, English, voice, etc. in order to ensure the advantages of the algorithm, more customized services are adopted by customers, specific requirements are made by customers, data providers or direct data provided to customers are tagged, or data are collected and tagged.

(photo from ARI consulting, 2019 China AI Data Services Industry Research Report)

AI basic data service

Market scale: market scale will exceed 10 billion in 2025

From the perspective of capital market, in 2015, the domestic business of artificial intelligence began to boom, and unicorns continued to emerge, and financing records were constantly broken. In the field of AI alone, there have been 2787 investment and financing events in the past 6 years. The total financing amount has reached 474 billion yuan. The Internet giants such as Ali, Baidu, Tencent and Jingdong have been overweight.

In the AI industry, the upstream and downstream businesses are intersecting. The upstream of the AI basic data service provider is the data production and outsourcing provider, and the downstream is the AI algorithm research and development unit. The AI basic data service provider provides the overall data resource service through data processing capability and project management capability.

There are two main categories of AI basic data service providers. One is a self tagging base or full time tagging team. Such enterprises also participate in the upstream part of the industry directly providing capacity resources, and the other relies on crowdsourcing or outsourcing mode, focusing on data product development and project execution. The downstream part of AI has its own tagging tools, and can also get some generic tagging tools through AI platform. At the same time, some data demanding enterprises also hatch their own data service team.

(photo from ARI consulting, 2019 China AI Data Services Industry Research Report)

In 2018, the scale of China's artificial intelligence basic data service market was 2 billion 586 million yuan, of which data resource customization services accounted for 86.2%, data set products accounted for 12.9%, other data resources application services accounted for 0.9%, and annual compound growth rate of the industry was 23.5%, and AI consulting estimated that the market size of 2025 would exceed 11 billion yuan. From the overall growth rate, the industry development is more robust, the downstream artificial intelligence industry will continue to exert long-term strength.

(photo from ARI consulting, 2019 China AI Data Services Industry Research Report)


2019, we have undergone changes in the market economy and have undergone subversive development. No matter the opening of the science and technology board or the realization of 5G landing, every success has become history in an instant.

Change is difficult to grasp. Only by grasping controllable variables in change can we find the right opportunities in the face of different choices.

Over the past decade or so, the growth of AI consulting and the Internet has witnessed the brilliant achievements of China's Internet industry, as well as the change and development of China's economic situation. It not only explores the trend of the industry, but also extends the thinking and the feasibility of mining in the business models, business management and operation, brand establishment and dissemination.

The wave of digitalization has multiplied the new species exclusively belonging to the Internet for the times. The power behind data can not be underestimated. When the whole chain of enterprises and industry reaches a high degree of digitization, the closed loop of data and intelligence in business will determine the efficiency of the industry and the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

In December 5th, the 2019 new "number driven new variable" summit in Shanghai, in the face of how to meet the new wave of the industrial Internet, enhance the efficiency of production, operation and management, use data to empower new industries, realize the comprehensive numeral connection from products to people, improve business decision-making ability and adjust the structure of enterprises.

As a witness to China's Internet growth, AI consulting has been bringing professional, rigorous, authoritative and objective market analysis to bring new, more comprehensive and detailed commercial solutions to the industry.

Numbers can drive new variables. Let's pay tribute to innovation. With the opening of the summit, AI is willing to work with more people in the industry.

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2019 the annual summit of AI (Shanghai) has been launched. It has gathered the world's top intelligent brain, based on a global perspective, exploring the forefront trend, revealing the technological energy and revealing the future of wisdom.

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