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The way to solve the network security problem is "magic is one foot, the road is high."

cctimefxw @ 2019/08/22

5G security is a double-edged sword.

During this period, the topic of network security is unusually hot, especially about 5G's network security and the way to solve it.

As we all know, 5G, as a new generation of mobile communication technology, will not only bring about the upgrading of network speed, but also build a new Internet Ecosystem, and combine with industry, finance, energy, transportation and other industries to achieve real. Interconnection of all things This means that the 5G era brings a new round of development opportunities to the network security industry, and it also poses a higher challenge to network security.

Industry forecast:

In 2020, the number of IOT devices will reach 26 billion, and the scale of Internet of things will expand rapidly.

The birth of Internet of things in 5G Era mass data It will bring new security risks.

" 5G security is a double-edged sword. The sword "5G's virtualization and software definition capabilities, and openness will trigger new risks, making netizens more likely to be attacked," Wu ho Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said at the seventh Internet security conference recently held: "while we are delighted with the 5G's imagination, we must also face up to the security challenges posed by 5G."

One /2    Network security threats escalate

5G is the key information infrastructure to realize the interconnection of all things. It is an important driving force for the digital transformation of the economy and society. In the 6 month of this year, the Ministry of industry and Commerce issued 5G licences to the related wood telecommunication enterprises, and 5G construction entered the fast lane. Meanwhile, 5G security is also attracting widespread attention at home and abroad.

On the one hand, 5G adopts virtual and open software defined network architecture, and cloud environment and open protocol may introduce new security risks.

On the other hand, the 5G network will inject new impetus to the Internet of things, and integrate the development of the industrial Internet, vehicle networking and intelligent city, and the security impact will be more extensive.

In response, many experts in the industry said that Promoting 5G development can not ignore safety challenges

At the seventh Internet security conference, many experts again gave voice to 5G network security and gave some suggestions.

Li Aidong, deputy director of the central network security office, said at the conference that the connotation and extension of cyberspace are expanding, the competition in cyberspace is more intense, the threat of network security continues to rise, the network criminal activities have occurred frequently, and the protection of personal information is becoming more and more serious. It is urgent for all parties to work together to safeguard network security.

Dr. Chen Shanzhi, deputy general manager and expert committee director of China information and Communication Technology Group Co., Ltd., said that to deal with 5G security in the future, first of all, we should be endogenetic, credible and closed loop. From emergency response to continuous response, the dynamic change of safety management mode, the dynamic change of network environment and the continuous evolution of attack means.

Besides, Strengthening network space security There are identity trustworthiness, network trustworthiness and entity trustworthiness.

Wei Liang, director of the Security Institute of China information and Communication Research Institute, said that the national 5G safety certification system should be constructed, and 5G can be done through testing, certification and accreditation system. With such security capability, we finally promote international mutual recognition on this basis.

Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the 360 group, said that network security is a whole. In the era of 5G, we need to cooperate and cooperate with the Internet security industry, Internet companies and traditional manufacturing industries to make the network security ecosystem bigger and stronger.

Two /2     Consider safety issues from the top level design

In the face of network security problems that may arise in the 5G era, although the industry has given many suggestions, it is true that The way to crack It still needs to be implemented in relevant policies and technologies.

In Zhou Hongyi's view, under today's Internet environment, the whole network is connected as a whole. Safety must be considered from the top level design, and fighting for each other is not feasible. It is not feasible to keep "one mu three points", because other people's insecurity may be compromised to the whole.

Zhou Hongyi: "if every unit's infrastructure fails to establish the core network security response force, it can not establish its own security response system, can not set up its own shooting range, and can not establish its own training system. Just buying a bunch of products can dream that it can be unrealistic for cyber warfare."

The old saying that "the road is one foot high and the devil is taller" is exactly what is needed in network security. Instead, it needs to turn to "magic height and one foot", because whenever there are attacks and loopholes, there is a higher method to solve the hidden danger.

In order to better help the country and enterprises to deal with the new situation of network security, Zhou Hongyi said frankly, 360 has to do. Three things :

First thing

To build a distributed security brain, 360 will export big data analysis technology to share the brain of network security, help government departments infrastructure enterprises, and help eco partners create their own safe brain.

Second things

Sharing Threat Intelligence and knowledge base.

Third things

Empowering customers to enhance their ability to deal with cyber warfare.

It is understood that through the accumulation of more than 10 years in the field of network security, 360 currently has 18 billion samples of safe big data, Threat Intelligence and knowledge base, more than 3800 security experts, 12 security research centers.

The innovative network security brain has reached the world's leading level in network vulnerability mining, APT attack discovery, threat intelligence sharing and so on.

According to the briefing, 360 has been the first to find out for China. 40 overseas APT organizations It involves thousands of important departments.

These include: energy, communications, finance, transportation, manufacturing, education, healthcare and other key infrastructure industries.

The first to find mainstream manufacturers Loophole Exceed 1500 To take the highest vulnerability award in the history of various manufacturers, and capture the seven attack organization of using the wild 0Day vulnerabilities to China.

It is worth mentioning that 360 is domestic. The only possession of 0Day vulnerabilities caught in the wild Company.

Not only that, Zhou Hongyi said, 360, returning to business security will build infrastructure to help users enhance the ability to see and block attacks and repair systems.

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