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Youth pain literature also can not save Show Luo Zhou Yangqing's love view Zheng Shuang should learn!

fashionifeng @ 2020/05/21

Today is 520. Show Luo, who has been silent for nearly a month, once again issued a "boy, girl". He chose a picture that he embraced with Zhou Yangqing. In addition to being selected on the 520 day, the 9:12 release time was also very meaningful for Zhou Yangqing's birthday.

People can not help but have a lot of questions, which is to wash white. Or to restore Zhou Yangqing's sincere repentance?

Xiao SA will help you to summarize the key points. This time I changed into simplified characters for you, and my words still love you.

Although there are thousands of words, netizens do not buy it. They are "Tucao" who are several years old. They also write this love story from a junior high school student's perspective. "QQ space log has both a sense of perception" and "don't set up a man who is struggling to save it."

In fact, in this relationship, Zhou Yangqing was always in a weak position. She was infatuated with Show Luo as a fan, and carefully recorded between him and his little bit, until he found Show Luo cheating on her legs and forgave his betrayal again and again, but this time she was spontaneous and willing to let go.

When I like you, I can put down all my gestures for you, and use everything I can to you, but once I touch the bottom line, I will leave naturally and never go back, but in fact, not everyone can stop in love.

In reality, many girls, even if they are excellent, will lose themselves if they fall in love.

Selina, 38, had a failed marriage. In the eyes of others, the little princess who had always been fond of beauty and spoiled was very vulnerable in love, and once lived only for love.

In the 3 warmth of love, she explode. In her senior high school, because of her handsome and handsome boyfriend, she constantly changed her shortcomings in order to cater for each other, and even kneels down and pleads for losing her self.

"I do a lot of things that I think as long as they are attentively, the other party will feel it, try to dress themselves up, and I even kneel down."

In her feelings, she could subdue her voice and completely subvert her "Princess".

This kind of patience and oppression also flooded in her marriage. When her 5 year marriage ended with her ex husband Zhang Chengzhong, she blamed herself for self blame and self reflection.

"I didn't play the role of a good wife. After marriage, I still enjoy my work and concentrate on my career. Therefore, I have neglected that managing marriage and maintaining a family require relative time and effort.

Selina did not accept the 11 year old man at the beginning, but the intense pursuit of the other half of the year finally touched her.

Just two months after the engagement, Selina suffered a fire and completely changed her life, and her marriage became precarious.

In this tug of war of love
Love me or love you, you choose yourself.

After that, Zhang Chengzhong was exposed to the hot girl's outing. Although two people often showed their love in public, they were discovered by the sharp eyed netizen "it seems that Selina's husband does not love her so much."

Zhang Chengzhong also publicly said he could not look directly at the scars on Selina. At the age of 44, he still had the pressure of being an only child. These became the straw that crushed their marriage.

After the divorce, the media asked Selina what lessons she had learned in her feelings. "I gradually learned to have confidence in myself and give my partner a lot of trust, which does not mean that the result is not hurt. When I give all the trust, the other side does not cherish and destroy the trust, that is his problem. He is not worthy of me, I can leave, and do not always give everything.

I know that love is not easy at all.
Love is not one plus one, effort has endings.

Zheng Shuang, who is not confident in his feelings and has been searching for physical fitness all the year round, is in love with Zhang Han. She unilaterally publicized his love affair, and even to give the other person a perfect self.

She always needs Seeking security from emotion

In love with Zhang Heng, in the love of daughters, we saw that Zheng Shuang, who was low in love, was cold and ignored. Zhang Heng: I'm tired and I don't want to talk. Zheng Shuang no matter how to coax Zhang Heng still silent.

Like a person put their attitude is very low, and even forget that they are also a bright star.

In order to maintain Zhang Heng's face, she admits that he is ugly and can not match his clothes, not the clothes he bought.

Like a person, will be humble to the dust.
And then bloom.

When someone asked her about her love brain, she said: "Everyone has a different understanding of love brain. I just use my own understanding to deal with love."

Some people say that the lowly love is because no one meets the right person, and the wounded heart can only heal slowly by itself. At last, no one can help himself out of the predicament, even if he can gain growth and enlightenment, but who can endure this experience again and again.

It is not easy to understand how happiness comes when we are timid and lost.

In many people's eyes, Ivy Chen was a love addicted girl, who had many love experiences and finally chose to marry Xu Fuxiang, director.

Ivy Chen's character is also very upright. In "flower little", everyone says he wants to go home. Ivy Chen also thinks, but wants to go back to love soon.

Love for her is like a process of self cultivation.

Although she likes to be in love, there is more than love in her life. She lists 5 things that she must finish at the age of 30, braids, tattoos, nude swimming, jumping into the sea and kissing strangers.

She is very self disciplined and disciplined. She loves running fitness, skiing, horseback riding and diving. It has become an important part of her life.

Find your energy and happiness in sports.

She once said this: What is courage? For me, I dare to go to love to sweat, dare to be annoying, dare to accept facts, dare to be happy alone, dare two people not afraid of injury, dare not hesitate to get up, dare to do so, dare to wash cold water in winter...... Many, many, but the real thing I insist most is to have the courage to be loved and abandoned.  

Girls should not always be confined to love affairs.

As Ivy Chen's girlfriends, Janine Chang, 36, also openly expressed in the program that "everything is fine as long as we can be in love."

Although there is an urgent desire for affection, Janine Chang in his bones is a man who can afford it.

She will not feel "failure" because of her separation from lovelorn. After leaving each relationship, she will have a better understanding of what she wants and reexamine herself.

Janine Chang once was also in love with his brain. He also said that if love and bread make decisions together, they will be willing to choose love. And now she will choose to be honest with herself.

"A lot of times we have the most rational voice in our heart, but we will deliberately ignore it and weaken it in our emotions. That's not the way to mature, but we all know it again."

She once shared a sentence: "Life is like sailing a boat. You will find many beautiful scenery along the river, but you can not keep it, but remember, you have kept the best moment."

Don't stick to the past. You should look to the future.

There is no absolute "strong" side in love, nor should it be humble and low profile. Good feelings are evenly matched and mutually inclusive.

In the variety of daughters' love, in the face of appointments, Selina once joked, "you may be in a bad mood before you may like me."

In life, many people are full of doubts about themselves when facing a relationship. They think they are not worthy of each other.

But we only know. Love is the law of reciprocity. After that, we can better handle the intimate relationship between them.

In the song of joy, Qiu Yingying loves a person and tries his best to become lost and has no bottom line. After breaking up, he feels that the sky is falling down, and once he is in pain, he can not walk out.

At first, she was deceived by "white standard man". Even though everyone saw her true face, she was obsessed with a few good words.

After encountering diligence, she is also a gesture of flattery.

The other party broke up with her because of her virginity complex, and she always felt it was her fault.

For every serious love, the last one is always her.

Sometimes the more you do, the more grateful you will be. No matter when, you should be confident and love yourself more.

Confidence comes from self love.

The so-called sense of security has always been the only thing that can be done by oneself.

You don't need to get the affirmation and value from others. We are always used to pleasing others, but we forget how to treat ourselves well. We can love a person wholeheartedly, but we forget to love ourselves sincerely.

No matter whether you are a partner or single person, you can love others only if you love yourself better. When you have light in your eyes and love in your heart, good will come to you.

Today is 520. Xiao Sha still wishes everyone happy and happy. Let's take part in today's topic and win 520 exclusive benefits.

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