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If you don't want to work, go to these four places!

qyzh88 @ 2019/10/09

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There was such a solicitation on micro-blog: What is your most anxious problem now?

The highest answer is: Do not want to work how to break?

Modern adults are increasingly fond of saying "don't want to go to work" and "want to quit". It's as if they were asking "what did you eat this morning"?

In fact, if you are only temporarily complaining and tired, it is understandable to seek comfort from others.

But if one day you really don't want to work, you might as well take a look at these four places.


When it comes to hospitals, a lot of people are showing the cold images of the crowd in the mind.


Only those who are seriously ill can understand: How much prayer the hospital wall carries, and how sad it is.


As a doctor's father, he once told such a story at the table:


One night, a couple with simple and supportive couples came to see the doctor. His face was pale and his eyes were about more than 50 years old.

The result of the examination is early gastric cancer. The doctor told them, "fortunately, we found it in time, and now we are hospitalized for surgery. The cure rate is still high."

The man asked, "how much is it?"

The doctor said, "prepare 50 thousand first."

The man was stunned. For a long time, he said to the doctor, "doctor, please prescribe some medicine for me first. I will go home and raise it myself."

Next to his wife, he could not help squatting down, crying loudly, and his voice was hopeless.


Later, they took some medicine and left and never appeared in the hospital again.

Reality is so cold and cruel.


In addition to the separation of life and death, the hospital is showing a relentless battle between fate and money.


Last year, there was a long story that exploded the circle of friends.


The writer's father-in-law got a cold from flu, and from flu to pneumonia, he finally entered ICU, which costs up to 8000-20000 yuan a day.


Not to mention that after the "artificial lung device costs 60 thousand, intubation 20 thousand times a day", just 29 days, the whole family was almost bankrupt, and still could not retain the father-in-law's life.


Stop talking about what time is good, poetry and distance. Diseases are always mixed with wind, frost, rain and snow. Without calling you, you can easily crush the whole family.


If you don't want to work, go to the hospital for a walk, go to the ICU doorway and turn around. You will see how the disease quickly drains away all the savings of an ordinary family. You will see what kind of helplessness and despair in the eyes of those who have no money to give up treatment.


If you work harder and harder, it will bring you real income, and money is a sharp sword for you to resist unknown risks and fight against the world of impermanence.

4 a.m. Street


Heard such a sentence: "People who haven't seen the city at 4 in the morning are not enough to talk about life. "


At 4 in the morning, when almost everyone was in deep sleep, some people began to bustle about for their livelihood.


The street at 4 a.m. shows a world different from the day.

At 3:30, the truck driver had loaded up the goods and started a new long journey without stopping.

At 4:00, the mother-in-law, who was selling breakfast, pushed the dining car and walked through the piercing cold wind to get out of the narrow alley.

At 4:30, the tired looking doctor just completed a 12 hour operation and dragged himself out of the gate.

At 5:00, the sanitation workers who had awakened the city began to walk on the bleak streets.

When you really see the street at 4 in the morning, you will understand that the world will not slack off and stall because of the night.


You will understand that there are no two words in the life of adults, but in order to live, people always try their best to carry them forward.


Compared with this, we can sit in a warm, bright, clean and bright office and do a decent and solid job, which is simply great happiness.


Kawabata Yasunari once wrote: "when I woke up at four in the morning, I found that the flowers were not asleep."


Even if life is hard and tired, there will always be a glimmer of light for all those who never give up.


Zhang Xuefeng once said in his speech:

If the child does not want to read, take him to four places: bus terminal, railway station, high speed rail station and airport.

I think these places are also applicable to those who do not want to work.


First, go to the airport, look around the western style of work, walk to rush pedestrians to see their face calm and confident smile.


Then go to the railway station to see the crowd of small bags wrapped around the swarms, swarm into narrow cars, and spend a long time in the hot and noisy environment with all kinds of unknown odors.


Think about your future and choose which way to travel.


It is true that most of us are ordinary people who have never been on a plane and have never eaten steak.

Ordinary is not terrible. The terrible thing is that if you have never experienced any struggles, you will be willing to be mediocre.

Are we fortunate enough to come to this world to experience all kinds of good things? It is the ultimate meaning of life to taste the delicious food that has not been eaten, to walk the road that has not been seen, to see the beautiful scenery that has not been seen, and to enjoy the wonderful feeling brought about by economic freedom.


They say the world is so big, but what do you take to see if you don't work hard?


We often say that reading can change fate.


But reading is often just a short cut to success, and the real contest starts from the moment of entering society.


The same goes for work. Some people do everything well, and do not forget to enrich themselves after work. Some people do nothing about it every day.


Life is a pursuit. Some people stop on the way. Some people crawl forward even though they are bruises and bruises.


For adults, if you are not willing to be ordinary, if you want to turn your life around, if you want to cross the mountains and sea and see the bigger world, then the only way you can do is to work hard.


You have to choose what kind of life you want and what kind of life you have.

of one's own unit

Last year, I was so unhappy at work that I quit my job and returned to my home.


Instead of blaming me, my mother comforted me and made a big table of my favorite dishes.


Half of them had never seen my mom on the table, and my dad whispered to me: "Your mother just ate yesterday's leftovers in the kitchen, and you know that she never liked waste."


Hearing this, my nose was sour and my tears rolled down.


My dad saw me crying. He was in a hurry to wipe away my tears.


"Silly daughter, you cry what, do not want to do, I will not do it, Dad, this body earn more money for a few years, no problem, not to support you!"


I cried even harder, and the movement of mixed feelings of shame filled me in all directions.


For a child, not only did not let parents live a better life, but also to let them fight for the rest of my life, what qualifications do I have to cry out? What qualifications do I have to give up easily?

Some say: "The speed of success must exceed the speed at which parents are old."

In our whole life, we owe our parents only, but we are afraid that when our parents are having a hard life and lying in bed in their old age, there is nothing we can do when they really need us.

Recently, the hit of "pretty good" has brought the original family into the public eye again.


In the play, Chen Yao played Su Mingyu, through ten years of hard struggle, boldly out of the mire of the original family, from an ordinary girl who was not loved, all the way to become a winner in life.


Making efforts to earn money is the only way to break the original family circle.


When you don't want to work one day, go home and have a look at what your parents are wearing. What you eat is what you know. You will know that the reason why you live in peace and stability is that your parents are carrying your weight.


As for the children dragged down by the primitive families, it is better to go home and have a look at the home where you desperately want to escape, look at the faces you once hated, and firmly tell yourself that only by working hard to achieve complete economic independence can you return to your own Nirvana rebirth.

At weekends, I talk to my friends about their work and find that they have their own hardships.

Little A has a tight relationship, and her colleagues intentionally or unintentionally isolate her, and suffer every day.

Small B always travels and works overtime, often for half a month.

Little C has changed the design of the 12 edition, the customer is still not satisfied, and she scolded her in the middle of the night.

You see, almost everyone has reasons for wanting to quit, and everyone has moments to give up.


But because they didn't want to make all the efforts they had done before, because they wanted to stick to their dreams and prove that I could do it, they chose to clenched their teeth and walked without a trace.


Some things do not follow the hope, but persist to see the hope.


No one's work is not hard. Giving up and escaping is indeed the quickest shortcut to escape from pain, but it is not a permanent solution.


When a person is old, looking back at the past, the most painful thing is not "failure" but "I can".

Try harder and stick to it. When you try your best to get through it, you will find that tears are all experiences, frustrations and setbacks are trials. Those who will not kill you will eventually make you stronger.

Setbacks will come and go. Tears will flow down and they will be put away.

May you be treated gently in every endeavor day. May you afford your pride and conquer the castle you aspire to. All the pain you have suffered will eventually become a gift from the world.

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