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That's an advantage! After the Hangzhou man used 5G, the biggest surprise was the spike.

dskbdskb @ 2019/08/23

Last Friday, HUAWEI's first 5G mobile phone Mate20X (5G) went public, and a group of people who like to try the early adopters used 5G network. Ye Kai, who runs a technology incubator in Binjiang, Hangzhou, is one of them. Last Friday, he became an experienced user of China Telecom 5G. He gained more than a month's right to use 5G phone, and the 100G free flow of extra 100G was also a gateway to the era of 5G.

So how did he experience from last Friday to yesterday, nearly 1 weeks?

Ye Kai from time to time in the circle of friends sent the results of speed measurement.

Speed is faster than 4G.

Or a deadline kill weapon.

Yesterday, I and ye Kai met at the west science park in Qiu Yi Road, Binjiang. In his hand, Mate20X (5G) has inserted two cards, one of which is Telecom and Unicom. At present, the three operators have launched the 4G change 5G "no change card, no change number" activities. Like my mobile card, put it out to Ye Kai's 5G phone, and instantly use 5G network to make up the 5G network of the three major operators.

Previously, ye Kai has used 4G version of Mate20X for some time, so it is no stranger to the 5G version. The two machines have little difference in appearance, but the thickness is a little different. Mate20X supports dual card dual standby, but when you use 5G, switch to another card, you also need to turn on 5G in the settings, otherwise you can't use 5G network.

From the first day of getting the machine, ye Kai opened a crazy speed measurement tour, but because the 5G network still did not achieve full coverage, the performance of each region was very different.

The 5G rate in the telecom business hall has reached a maximum of 867 Mbps, almost 10 times that of 4G. Last Friday, I was able to exceed 1000 Mbps in the mobile business hall of Wulin Road. In Qingchun Road and Zhonghe Road, the coverage of telecom 5G was also good, the download rate could be maintained at 500-600 Mbps, and the rate had dropped to 100 Mbps by the four bridge on Qianjiang four in Binjiang. Last Sunday, ye Kai went to Zhejiang Art Museum. The download rate of outdoor testing was 595 Mbps, and the upload rate was 98.7 Mbps.

"Speed is very expensive, and this is something many people don't know." Ye Kai, director of a technology incubator in Binjiang, said. Last Friday, he got a 5G cell phone and tested it everywhere in Hangzhou. The optical velocimetry software consumes nearly 8 G traffic. He reluctantly sent a circle of friends: 100G free traffic is not enough!

So, for a friend who wants to experience a 5G for a period of time, it is possible to apply for a free flow of free 100G for a period of time, which can be used in September 30th. The three operators also have different ways of applying. Hangzhou mobile must hold 5G mobile phones to the business hall. Unicom and Telecom can handle online, but all need to operate under the 5G network. The background will be audited. However, no matter what channels they buy, and whether they are all owned by them, they can operate by borrowing other 5G phones.

5G package price minimum 190 yuan / month.

It is expected to be available before October 1st.

Then, how will the operators charge for the future use of 5G? Recently, the situation of 5G traffic packages is becoming more and more clear. From the existing information, the three operators will launch the first batch of 5G packages before October 1st.

A few days ago, China Unicom disclosed in its 2019 annual interim results conference that during the 5G transition period (from now to November 22nd), packages are mainly carried out by adding functional packages, and the minimum package is 190 yuan per month. In the future, the pricing will be differentiated according to the users' quality and speed.

According to media reports, the price of China Telecom's 5G packages has been basically determined, and it is expected to range from 199 yuan to 599 yuan.

A few months ago, China Mobile also sent a tariff sheet which was withdrawn by seconds, showing that the 5G minimum 218 yuan package includes 100G traffic plus 500 minute calls. The 248 yuan package includes 100G traffic and 700 minute calls. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Mobile said that the previous tariff table is more like attracting new users, 5G is just one of the means, "the specific package will have to wait for some time." I believe there will be no big difference between the three operators.

Is this price expensive? It depends on how to compare. For example, if you compare China Mobile packages with the current 4G network, the 60G traffic plus 500 minutes per month is 388 yuan, which can be said to be far higher than the above 5G package price. But for most users who charge about 100 yuan at a normal rate, the initial cost of 5G packages is somewhat less than populist, and most people do not use so much traffic.

If compared with Korea and USA that have already launched 5G packages, the 5G package in China is not expensive. South Korea 5G monthly tariff from 55 thousand won (about 325 yuan) to 130 thousand won (about 738 yuan). Like Germany, the United States, Australia and other countries, 5G charges are also starting at 300 yuan.

Not too high tariffs do not slow down the pace of 5G popularization. According to a latest data, South Korean operator SK has launched 5G packages since April, and 5G users have more than one million, far faster than 4G. On average, they consume 33.7G traffic per month, which is 65% higher than that of 4G users.

5G phones will be on the market

Less than 2000 yuan by the end of next year will be able to buy.

With the 5G package approaching, there are also a number of new 5G phones. On Wednesday, Samsung launched a new mobile Galaxy Note10+ 5G in Beijing, launching the first 5G phone in the Chinese market. Among them, the 4G version of Galaxy Note10 is equipped with 8G running memory, 256G storage space, the price is 6599 yuan, 5G version Galaxy Note10+ is equipped with 12G running memory, 256G storage space, the price is 7999 yuan.

That is to say, in addition to running memory, the price of 5G version Galaxy Note10+ is 1400 yuan higher. Previously, the 5G version of HUAWEI Mate 20X was 1100 yuan more expensive than the 4G version. The vivo iQOO Pro released last night is the cheapest 5G phone at present, priced at 3798 yuan, and the price of 5G version is 600 yuan higher than that of 4G version.

So, In the case of similar configuration, the price of 5G mobile phone is about 1000 yuan higher than that of its 4G version. "5G version of HUAWEI Mate 20X battery capacity is also 800 ma." Ye Kai said, "plus 5G may consume a lot of electricity itself. If used frequently, it may not last for a day."

Of course, this is far from the final price of 5G phones. Last week, Xiaomi's second mobile phones received 3C certification, Internet access licences and no committee approval cards, clearing the final hurdle of listing. Many users expect the catfish millet to join the 5G cell phone price down a notch.

In addition, foreign media reported yesterday that NOKIA manufacturer HMD Global said they were building a flagship 5G smartphone, which was released in 2020, and the price is about half of the price of the 5G phone now, almost 500-600 dollars.

Before, China Telecom responsible person in the media interview said that next year, the universal 5G terminal is higher than this year's flagship 5G phone performance. This year's 5G mobile phone will probably fall to ordinary standard phones next year. "Because of the popularity of operators, the price of 5G phones will drop to around 3000 yuan in the first half of next year, and 5G phones will be reduced to less than 2000 yuan by the end of next year."

This argument has also been recognized by HUAWEI insiders. "When 5G is large-scale commercial implementation, mobile phone manufacturers will also extend the 5G terminal from the flagship to the mid end or low-end models. It is estimated that the price of 5G phones will drop to 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan next year. He said HUAWEI estimated that the number of users of the 5G network is expected to reach 500 million in 3 years. To achieve this result, 3G took 9 years, and 4G took 6 years.

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