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"Yan Xishan's diary" for the first time open, completely subvert your understanding

wallstreetclub @ 2018/12/01

"A portable steelyard, a hand abacus, why could Yan Xishan in charge of Shanxi for 38 years? Jiang Jieshi is twice as a "model for the government, the governor," doing what excels? The political "tumbler" wisdom, why let Jia Zhangke, Feng Lun impress unceasingly?"

Known as the "king of Shanxi" Yan Xishan and I, diligent in writing, the 1931 from 1950's diary, by Yan to my daily morning wash, secretary and oral record.


Through the twists and turns, Yan Xishan's diary was published. From 1952 it surfaced over the years have nearly a cycle.

Yan Xishan as an important political figure in the Republic of China, the main political Shanxi 38. His life about "3 immortal", that is, meritorious, Liyan rucker. Khalid showed he adhered to the China Confucianism traditional morality; meritorious service for the active construction of Shanxi Province, to benefit the village; Liyan is diligent in thinking, good books, can be said to be a thoughtful warlord.

In May 19, 1930, the U.S. "time" magazine found that the value of Yan Xishan:

Shanxi Province as a "model", Yan Xishan in the warlord warlords' siege. Although this area also has the shortage of food for 11 million people, but he brought prosperity. Yan Xishan's hobby is not women, wine and opium, not even money, but the quality of roads, textile technology, defense forces......"

Yan diary, special form, in his own words, "remember, remember the reason", mostly capriccio, some like maxim. Someone else's diary "on", his theory of "segments", a daily count, also can only remember a few months, even only a.

According to Yan staff recalled, when the Taiyuan pacification confidential Branch has a clerk named Liu Shisheng, fine book good painting, the river is the five county village, Yan Yan with fellow deep trust. Yan Yan often called Liu Shisheng in, say, Liu remember one sentence, and then go back and put down the "truth" Gonggongzhengzheng copy in the fixed diary. At the same time in another diary will be important from the telegraph to record them for it. The telegraph is confidential, but Yan said "reason" is not secure, so there will be a few days Yan motto came.

January 12th

To coax the child to take medicine, when the sweet medicine. Ordinary people to correct mistakes, when politely metaphor.

From the passage we can roughly guess, Yan Xishan is a good leader for a compassionate staff.

January 20th

International try mask, Japan is now a kick is broken, the strong, the weak is gone, the world is seeing big melee. Chinese to quickly self-improvement, still exist, otherwise it will perish. Chinese Gou to self-improvement, in a word, it is all made to produce men and women, old and young, walking on the road to do the production made way to do, learn to go to school road construction. The average American production capacity $400 yuan, China's currency 1600 yuan, and Chinese made the average production capacity 25 yuan, only 60 percent of Americans, such weak productive capacity, how can the power? Those who hinder all forces to produce, whether people, regardless of whether organs, habits, whether it is academic, should work together to eliminate the.

Look back at the year, marvel. Look at today, has entered the China manufacturing and Chinese create both times. Feeling or some, really lucky to have so many revolutionary predecessors' efforts.

February 17th

What is correct in every mistake in the smart and confused, don't rush to curse each break in bold and timid, do not have to fight every sin and to obey, this is not deep and shallow, Tomochika not far away, and not hurt also known by.

Said very in principle, is also very high. Policymakers should be aware of the.

April 22nd

For the government the worst is sounding, a high-profile easily confused, the wise man is difficult to remedy. Beware of good political poison, vicious attack all know, good poison wise also difficult to remedy.

For the government the worst is sounding, this is today is not out of date.

April 25th

The official is not responsible for the delay, rather than the greedy greedy inferior inferior, everyone can not responsible for the attack, easy to avoid.

Today, the Commission in the country played the "tigers" and "fly", this group of insects is almost entirely corrupt deterioration. Not as an official should also serve as a hard object.

May 5th

With the Ming is easy to hurt feelings, when the ring for the government. As to be people from mass, music.

May 26th

The spent material is rotten excessive put Zhi Zhi, material.


On the way to his danger.

June 9th

A wise man is not enough to play a big role, a wise man is not enough to let the whole thing.

July 2nd

Out of the counsellors, one of the most inviting words are: a defeat for the public at the end of the war, many people lost in the Ke Jin notes, then pay attention not to offend people do. A male from the Shanxi, the memory of the people's memory of the public are also solid, but very few, then when the attention left to do things for the people to commemorate. More than two words, each recalling, no amount of emotion.

July 2nd

Right and double for the rich, the world can not, because the right to get rich, especially deep scourge.

Ten thousand years for the truth!

July 28

The property is outside the body, easy to lose by. Skill is the body, the body will have. When life skills.

August tenth

More than the summer home negative disease, head volt rain, the villagers very anxious, fear should be here with head and tail volt volt dry saying. There was also Qin County: the county is not broken, broken stone fell head Sun said. The fruit into seven or eight days without rain, a rain cloud village, looked up, the bird's nest and hair off, more than "V with rainfall, head rush, no hair Yanruo in bird's nest" two words to Ji, the rain also wrote the country. Shanxi nine years of drought, with the rain, the construction of social and political stability are difficult to people, should seek human remedy.

Sept. twelve

Stuck in the mire and pull it out, not a healthy person. In primary afflictions, bursting out, not a hero.

September 14th

Complete a thing with a plot, each halfway will change.

September 16

It is absolutely not'. A man cannot give birth to children is obviously, men desire children, Tetulao non reactive, and will harm the. Everything is not to love, discomfort and demand, it also has so. This political, a heart for people and the people for the government, in order to save the government shiyuki real persons, because not to meet the eye everywhere, feeling unwell, and is therefore.

Sept. twenty-eight

Working with dangerous people, like a blind step, step by step carefully, from the bully.

October 9th

Then act, their mean when said earlier, don't blame on.

October 19th

The old can not self support, less not long, and for the people of the old and lonely, the most embarrassing, also for the administration of the task when the person. The village was set along the city hospital, the village can not make public admission alone self support.

This is perhaps Yan Xishan's Communist ideology".

November 20th

Who enter the policy shall be offered one to bear, silent for choice, not face to face and do not appear refers to, or.

November 25

The life should be busy two things, a kind of application, for economic work.

December 1

Most avoid fake things.

December 14th

A person will work to figure the weak heart.

December 20th

The heart is not measured, to prevent dangerous. The ancients said, every year and every night, Fangzei, can be added, always against people. But people can not see the low anti people, is that they do not leak and loopholes.

This is Yan Xishan's rule.

Yan Xishan said: "the story is traces for yourself, remember is to contribute to the human, I do not want to leave their traces, may contribute to mankind." His diary for life, work, learning, education, political reflections.


The historical figures are complex, and they left at a garage and curing the idea on the ruins, not only fulfilled their true existence, also fulfilled these characters when the judgment of the future. The historical figures also because of its complexity and is later to re-examine the necessity.

Yan Xishan is such a historical figure, although it has been removed from the "war criminals" identity, but "Warlords" said still with a deep historical imprint, but his words which, "diary" of Yan himself, like a old civilian, keep records of their social administrative losses, or to the police, or that family passed to.

From the last century in 20s, Shanxi became a model for the province and the decree of the success of the pilot model.

When visiting the national government officials Jin said, the true spirit of the three people's principles can be said to be in Shanxi and elsewhere say do too little, and immediately know Shanxi...... The Republic of China era in Shanxi, Yan Xishan's overall control, in the vast land full of sores alone remained relatively prosperous, calm, also cannot say is a miracle. But because of the unidirectional historical narrative, Yan Xishan has been cured for the repair of the narrow gauge railway, water is afraid of outsiders Tian miser image.

At that time, the interest groups are fighting perplexing accompanied the beginning, Yan Xishan and his powerless, only the dim bleak from the stage of history.

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