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Colorful, brilliant!

decorcn @ 2020/05/22

The collocation of whimsy brings vitality and freshness to life. Contrast collocation makes space more lively and hopping.

Color matching is also the best method in many color matching methods. Good color matching makes space no longer gloomy and bright, and bright colors can make space more tension.

match There are many color methods, often do not blindly pursue the contrast effect of color, collision collocation can have, but remember to control the color area, big or small, otherwise the space will make people feel uncomfortable. Let's look at five groups of interesting color matching cases.


A modern Vitoria style house in Brunswick, a suburb of Melbourne, is refurbished and designed by Lucy Bock.

Color matching is also very unique. The matching of blue and purple is relatively rare and very difficult to match, but the blue and purple coloring is fresh and maiden, elegant and advanced.

The key element of the design of the house is the connection between light and nature. Although the housing structure is not large, there are other materials and bold colors, and exquisite details behind it. In general, it can create an independent personality housing.


This case has been analyzed in detail before color matching. Fill in the blanks, I'll check.


High grade grey with green, when the silent world is infected with the joy of life.

When the deep and restrained space appears active and full of tension, the elegant tone awakens the heart's throb through the fashion sense, so close and far away, like the sprout of a bud.

From luxury to simplicity, from elegance to art, there is a new and charming life portrayal.


Ukraine 67 Malostranska Residence, the colorful collocation and half arch hole design make the whole space super beautiful, like art space.

Green and orange powder, two contrasting colors in the same space, but there is a different kind of aesthetic feeling, fresh girl, ink green blessings are also a bit deep.

Pink + blue is also wonderful, very fashionable suction eye.

Clean white and warm red like red, in the bath space as if divided into two completely contrasting world, intense contradiction but partial beauty.

The living room is very light, and the whole space is quiet and peaceful, elegant and indifferent.


It is still orange powder + blue in different lightness expression, the color is light, soft and fresh. Super like orange pink, very versatile, casual collocation can create super beauty effect.

Blue and orange collision color space, concise creation of beautiful style home.