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Can't find it when needed? Teach you 1 tricks to get 20 kinds of documents in your family.

yidianyue365 @ 2019/10/09

In your home,

Is there such a dialogue often?

"Where's the baby's vaccine?"

"Why can't I find my residence booklet?"

"What about my social security card and insurance policy?"


Now there are many families.

Identity document, certificate, contract material And so on.

They are of different shapes and sizes.

It's always in the way when you're not using it.

When you use it, you can't find it.

Although these documents are not usually used,

But everything is very important.

If it is not properly preserved,

Causing dampness, moldy or loss.

Whether it is Application or replacement?

It's very time-consuming and laborious.

Suggestions for home documents

Arrange and store in a place. ,

It is not easy to lose and can be found quickly when used.

If you accept the tools,

It is not recommended to use folders or kraft paper bags.

They are too small.

No more than a few documents!

What kind of storage tool should I use?

The following is recommended.

- Certificate collection bag!

It is specially designed for all kinds of documents that are nowhere to be placed.

Big to Diploma and degree certificate.

Small to account, bank card, U shield, passport photo. ,

They can find their location in them.

Ever since I used it at home.

I can always be in 10 seconds.

Find your baby's vaccine.

No more boxes and boxes!

A large capacity of 3 levels of storage, a full set of documents.

The main purpose of classification is to collect documents.

For convenience.

This certificate is in the bag. 3 level partition design

It's a close heart.

Document classification and storage.

You can see it at a glance.

Most of the storage tanks are Transparent mesh design ,

Search for documents quickly and easily!

Though it looks small,

But it can be loaded!

I have collected all the documents in my family.

I also borrowed some certificates from my colleagues.

More than 50 documents, big and small.

Easy to put it all together!

The biggest document in the family is the degree certificate.

Easy to put in.

And there's plenty of room left!

Usually not found.

Social security card, medical card, shopping card ,

At last, I have a safe haven.

The size of the card is also very ingenious.

The card in it is just jammed.

Even the inversion will not slip away from the card position.

Students or single people,

2 layers (single zipper) Basically enough!

Recommendations for family use 3 layers (single zipper) ,

The family's papers can be loaded.

If there are so many families,

Suggested choice Upgraded double zipper ,

This height is higher.

It can accommodate more documents.

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3 bit password lock, guard document security

Bring in your own bag. 3 digit password lock ,

The family has bear children.

Don't worry about getting the papers rolled out.

Shared with others.

You can also easily protect your privacy.

The initial password of the password lock is: 000

It is also very easy to reset the password.

Hold the switch A by hand.

At the same time, turn the cipher wheel in the B area.

After setting, release the switch A.

Password settings complete!

Waterproof design, one package and multiple uses.

Take so many important documents.

Waterproof and moisture proof It is necessary!

High density cationic fabric,

Splashing water will not be wet!

Handle design

Easy to move,

The back is designed with a cassette.

It can be attached to the pull rod box.

Easy to carry out.

If you want to use it as a briefcase,

It's completely OK!

Laptop can also be put in.

A proper package is available.

The brand is specializing in the storage box for 10 years.

Products are exported to developed countries in Europe and America.

Product quality can be one hundred reassuring!

I dare not say it will take 30 years.

But last 5 years and 8 years will be fine.

User evaluation

A kind of

3 layers of locks, documents and bags.

The original price is 89 yuan / piece. ,

Now the fans welfare price.

It only costs 68 yuan / piece.

Careless loss of important documents

Huge losses.

Even if it can be redone, it will be time-consuming and laborious.

Now It costs only tens of dollars. ,

They can give them a safe home.

Don't worry about losing. You can find it easily when you use it. ,

How to calculate is very cost-effective!

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