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Angelababy, Jiani Zhang's down jacket is just too much to say. Can a female star be a bit of an idol?

raylicom @ 2019/12/23

Good weekend, little kids.

Speaking of students in the north recently

The temperature drop is always in waves.

And for young girls,

The most difficult

How can we pick it up?

A down jacket that can keep warm and keep shape.

But I wanted to look around.

Are you able to give some inspiration to you?


Recently these beautiful little sister's down jacket look

Basically, they all rushed to the street.

For example, Angelababy student's this,

Kong Zhen,

This marcaron cotton candy down jacket.

Forgive me for being really impotent.

Far away is a walking???

And another relatively conservative all black

Emmmm... How?

After all, there is this excellent figure to support.

You can give a maximum score.

Let's see it.

But the other two are also all black models.

It's kind of hard to tell.

Especially for Jane Zhang's classmates.

Waist down striped slim down jacket,

There's always a way to see Mommy go out in the morning.

What is the familiarity of going to the vegetable market?

???? Jane Zhang / Jiani Zhang

(though the two did not follow the fashion of the hexagram.

? after all, she is a female star.

Always wear a little bit of clothes.

In fact, the down coats are now available.

It's getting more and more damp.

More and more beautiful.

Want to keep warm and fashionable.

It's not hard to be true.


I want to make the sauce from the down jacket.

Thermal performance Many aspects such as fashion and popular brands.

To give you an all-around down jacket and grass.

Down jacket dry goods

Knock the blackboard and focus!

Three important terms for Down garments:

"Fluffiness", "filling quantity" and "cashmere content"

Bulkiness refers to the same external conditions.

The size of an ounce (30g) of the eiderdown volume is cubic inches.

The higher the numerical value, the higher the fluffiness.

The better the warmth.

This is actually the time we choose the down jacket.

Indicators that are easy to ignore

So when we buy down coats,

How can we know how fluffy it is?

Actually, it's not difficult.

The simplest thing is to look at the FP value on the label.

As our daily defense

The general choice is around 500.

In addition, we will give you a small tips purchase.

You can put your hands on the down jacket.

After loosening, it can rebound quickly and restore to its original state.

It shows that bulky degree is good.

"Velvet content" is actually the amount of cashmere.

Because a down jacket is not just a velvet.

And fillers like feathers.

Generally, the higher the cashmere content is.

The thermal performance will be better.

Current international standards for cashmere content:

70% reaching the standard, 80% resisting the cold, and 90% being the best.

Let's talk about "filling up".
The amount of filling is the weight of all the eiderdown.

But in terms of practicality

It is not that the higher the filling is, the better.

If you want to be light and warm,

It is best to choose a down jacket with high fluffiness but low filling.

Before buying down clothes

You can take a look at these three data on the internal standard.

To give you a relatively reliable data:

Cashmere content 50%+, filling 130g+, fluffy 600+

Down jacket for this data

The relative warmth is guaranteed.

There is also a very important point.

The type of feather down is also a point that we will consider.

Down on the market now

Most of them are two kinds of eiderdown and goose down.

There are two colors of ash and white.

Ranking according to raw material prices is usually:

White goose down > grey goose down > white duck down > gray duck down

After that, the feather is further subdivided into 70, 80 and 90 cashmere.

The higher the value, the better the quality.

70 velvet is the velvet on the wings.

Velvet stems and fluffy are not so good.

80 velvet is a velvet breast.

Relatively less velvet stems.

90 velvet is neck.

Velvet stems and fluffy are the best.

So the warmth is the strongest.

And these three different grades of pile type.
Prices are also different.

Swiss sauce is more recommended for you or goose down.

Velvet is bigger and fluffy is better.

And it's not easy to smell bad.

Fine girls need it.

Speaking of down jacket brand,

It seems that most girls have heard of it now.

Or the majority of Canada Goose and Moncler?

But the following Rui sauce would like to introduce two to you.

The brand is very popular now.

Sincerity is invincible.

Moose Knuckles

Canada?????? "small scissors"

First of all, this is definitely the case.

Canada's "small scissors" -- Moose Knuckles

In fact, there are already super invincible.

Stars love beans have passed this brand.

Song Zuer

Wei Daxun

Zhang Huiwen and Aarif Lee

But maybe???

Little is known about the brand of small scissors.

First, introduce the background of his family.

Founded in 2007,

Compared to the positioning of high-end down jacket.

Canada Goose and Moncler

It's still a little young.

But in fact, since 1921,

The brand founding family has been working on cold resistant clothing.

And now his family is.

Canada's national treasure down jacket brand can not be too.

Favorite sauce is her family.

Debbie down jacket.

Super recognizable hair ball design ~

Before Victoria Song's classmate airport went through the white money,

Don't put on too much complexion!

Little monkeys Yang Zi and Li Qin classmates

I love this in private.

This color selection is also very diverse.

As early as last year, girls Yuri classmates

Just go through a red section.

Compared to a lot of black and white ash is also very youthful vitality!

But after all, it's short.

Cold fairy fairies may worry.

But this is Li Qin little fairy.

BIENCOURT the length of the down jacket is just right.

And the hip Hip Hin is thin.

Which one is better to keep warm?

Or suggest choosing a longer down coat.

The upper part of the body is invincible and warm.

Lenki Lenki

Fire has spread all over the world in one year.

This is a niche brand from Ukraine.

It was formally established in 2016.

But it took only a year.

The whole fashion circle is red.

Unique profile plus eye-catching color matching.

If you take a look, you will fall in love with duck.

The iconic design is to add a belt to the upper body.

Let down the down coat that was originally swollen and swollen.

A lot of weight loss.

It will not make people feel cumbersome.

And camouflage, reflective fabrics, etc.

Super invincible!

Wear out street will definitely not hit the color matching.

Two years of street shooting


With different styles are ok~

Supermodel Bella Hadid's strength is deductive.

And in recent years, domestic flowers

There are more and more Lenki Lenki down garments.

Ma Sichun's purple taro purple also had a wave of powder.

Huo Siyan's little sister wore it before.

This lemon yellow looks great!

Li Qin chose the more temperate blue and green.

She is also very good at picking down eiderdown.

Almost never stepped on ray haha.

Amway sauce

This year, Rui sauce actually has a down jacket.

Super Amway!

The little sister who often brushes ins should always see it.

This Nanushka's leather bread down jacket.

Bloggers are watching the rhythm of one hand.

Glossy leather fabrics

It seems that the sense of superiority has increased by N times.

Out of the street is Chic girl.

Matching hard, wide and handsome trousers.

Or mix and match the soft and elegant skirt.

Simple black upper body

It's not boring at all.

They can also wear simple and cool breath.

And there is actually a key point.

This is the length design of this down jacket.

It's just good!

150 sprouting sister and 170 goddess.

They all fit well.

In fact, we are picking this.

A relatively large single product with a relatively large area.

It's still necessary to choose drops according to personal figure.

After all, this single product is really "eating people".

A careless pick will not fit well, it will be very drama.

Victoria Song's classmate is a bloody case.

For about 160 little people,

The relative suggestion is to choose some short and exquisite designs.

Korean designer brand J.CHUNG,

Her family's Velvet down jacket.

The upper body is just right.

???? J.CHUNG from wconcept

Apart from the characteristic champagne,

There are two more low-key ones.

Dark green and black optional ~

???? J.CHUNG from wconcept

In fact, the short paragraph down jacket is the most taboo.

The style is too old.

Some smaller designs with more sense of design.

The upper body will be more fashionable.

??? Fano studios from wconcept

???? BISCUITSHOP from wconcept

???? Rayna.g from wconcept

And for the taller girls,

In fact, there are not many taboos in choosing down garments.

The long recommendation is especially recommended.

The upper body will be more atmospheric.

It's more practical.

???? J.CHUNG from wconcept

Especially recommend this large open collar leather long down jacket.

The upper body is extremely strong.

??? MARDI MERCREDI from wconcept

In addition, the upper body is also very attractive.

??? KASSL EDITIONS from net-a-porter

??? TOM FORD from farfetch

Well, today's Amway for the babies.

Here we go.

I don't know what you've started with recently.

A warm down and high value down jacket.

You can share your message with the Swiss sauce.