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Did she even laugh at herself?

juziyule @ 2020/06/29

Editor: AKA.miao
How did this group get hot again?
Today's latest
That's true...
Zhang Meng's team opposed the big bowl and wide noodles.
Her canvassing way was too excited to be trampled.
Subsequent video made public apologies.
The big bowl and wide noodles are queued up for reply.
Careful friends should have found out.
Everybody lost a y. I heard he was playing with a stem.
Because everbody does not see y (outside).
But how did Shen Mengchen fight?
Okay, it's not important. You know, no tear.
The only thing that is controversial is Wang Feifei's comment.
It's this one.
The attack was not aimed at her alone.
And Meng Jia, this one.
The two is the standard former women's group members.
South Korea debut, the combination is missA.
That is the group before the show.
When I first heard about the two men,
Someone Tucao said they wanted to turn red on the program.
I didn't think it was worse now.
Turn red? Impossible, because you have never been red.
It's still a private letter to Wang Feifei.
And some people think their relationship is so good that they are loaded.
These questions were actually there before.
But it was Wang Feifei's first return.
"Let's leave us in such a mess."
Meng Jia is also very fresh.
"Where is cool to stay?"
I can see that the two sisters are very angry.
They are more angry than their friends in the Korean circle.
"MissA is not red, who is red?"
"Not fans, but they were really super red before."
It's not so red.
Orange is just something that missA doesn't know.
That's the tears of the times.
The popularity in Korea was really high in those days.
One of the top stream women's groups that we all recognize.
The debut Bad Girl Good Girl awards Grand Slam.
At that time, she broke the records of the women's team at the fastest 21 days.
They also won the first annual list of Korean music website Melon and music sales list Gaon.
This is very strong for newcomers.
The song also swept through the big KTV and the party.
Really nice!
In the "elder sister" program, Fei and Jia also jumped.
It's like returning to the stage of singing 10 years ago.
But this combination lasted for 7 years and then disbanded.
The exact time was released in July 1, 2010.
It was officially dissolved in December 27, 2017.
Meng Jia returned home after the May 20, 2016 contract expired.
When the dissolution statement is made public,
We also feel the decline of a wave of women's prosperity.
I really miss it.
At present, there are no disbanded:
Girlhood In 2007,
In 2017, there were only 5 left from 9.
T-ara In 2009, the dissolution of the contract was not disbanded.
F (x) , Debut in 2009.
They are not disbanded.
It's just not enough with SM.
This combination will continue to exist.
It may not be the same day.
(Victoria Song is a team leader)
Wonder Girls In 2007, the combination was established.
In 2008, through a "Nobody" burst red.
It broke up on the 10th anniversary of 2017 debut.
Xuan Mei was once one of them.
2NE1 It was released in 2009 and disbanded in 2016.
SISTAR It was released in 2010 and disbanded in 2017.
Kara It was released in 2007 and disbanded in 2016.
Rainbo W It was released in 2009 and disbanded in 2016.
4minute It was released in 2009 and disbanded in 2016.
(Ya Ya was a member of 4minute).
Basically, it was announced in 16 or 17 years.
There's no way... Korean competition is really fierce.
But missA will go to dissolution. It's a bit like 4minute.
Among them, a member should be more popular and have better resources.
4minute is Ya Ya, missA is Su Chi.
At that time, there was a commentary on Han Net.
Because show wisdom can live together.
Tie the heart...
But it's also true.
Xiu Chi's popularity has been good after finishing the outline of architecture.
With the title of "national first love", advertising and film resources have been found.
After the 2014 Asian tour tour,
Xiu Chi almost concentrates on personal activities.
In 2015, there was another post in Korea's Web site, which said it was disagreement with members.
Because when the birthday is over, everyone else is there.
Posted netizens also said that at that time there was no trip to show Chi.
There's also a musical to give to Min, a leading actor.
There is no show of wisdom.
Even some photos were taken out for interpretation.
Is he not able to integrate into it?
Actually, in the first two years, when I first came out,
They will also interact with each other in micro-blog.
Shine together, show wise and frail.
Xiu Zhi and Jia Jia
But since 2013, there have been many personal activities.
This is relatively rare.
Xiu Chi had been in love with Lee Min Ho.
Members also said they did not know.
In the final analysis, it should not be so serious as the conjecture of the outside world.
It's because the time spent together is short and gradually alienated.
It's like having a good relationship with roommates at college.
After entering the society, there will be fewer connections.
But Wang Feifei and Meng Jia have been in touch with each other all the time.
Every year's birthday is a blessing.
After all, after 13 years, they are the ones who have met most of their parents.
It is not necessary to question their plastics.
So if we use one word to sum up the regiment,
That should be Go higher and lower ,
The other three members were basically not alive at the later stage.
So leaving is inevitable.
There is no internal tear, corporate tear, peace.
But unfortunately, the resources for returning to China have not been able to keep up with them.
Meng Jia, 31 years old.
07 years to JYP as an exercise student.
I practiced for three years.
The strength of dance is obvious to all.
After returning home, signed a banana project in Wang Sicong's company.
And cooperate with Wang Jiaer to create new songs.
Some people may not be able to cooperate with get.
Because Wang Jiaer's GOT7 is also JYP's.
But have you ever heard this song?
I don't have a very low degree of transmission.
After that, I took some films and TV shows.
For example, "one and 1/2 summer".
The play of Xu Lu's woman.
Look at the schedule. Meng Jia has almost four girls and five girls.
Also appeared in the third love, playing Liu Yifei's younger sister.
Both of them have become good friends. Liu Yifei has been in micro-blog att for many times.
But so is the movie and TV resources.
What about variety? Strange is not much.
What is company banana entertainment doing?
What makes people feel a little bit is the hot blooded street dance troupe.
But the embarrassment is that it has been eliminated and there are too many gods in it.
To tell you the truth, works are not available.
The only time I got overheated was search for love or romance.
At that time, her boyfriend sent a photo of two people in INS.
Meng Jia leaned on the shoulder of the boy.
Meng Jia also made a group photo, and he also had three love.
Don't say, boyfriend is pretty handsome.
Pakho Chau feels a little bit.
Called Elroy Shi Zhengxiang, from Singapore, is a wealthy two generation.
The family operates palm oil business in Singapore.
Assets over NT $10 billion.
Forbes ranked 40 in Singapore.
He also has an identity of Vanness Wu's ex-wife Shi Zhenshan's younger brother.
This is his sister.
This is Elroy's parents.
The family's face value is OK.
Before Meng Jia, Elroy actually had a star girlfriend, Elva Hsiao.
He was five years younger than Elva Hsiao, and the man who was very sweet sitting in his legs was him.
They both know because Elva Hsiao and Vanness Wu are good friends at their sister's wedding.
After attending the wedding ceremony, Elva Hsiao flew to Korea for medical treatment, and Elroy went to accompany him to wipe out the spark of love.
Elva Hsiao evaluated Elroy very easygoing and polite.
And often faces in front of him, because Elroy says Elva Hsiao is friendly and easy to get along with.
They started dating in 2014 and met their parents.
I talked for almost two years, but in the end, I didn't agree with each other.
This handsome guy is Meng Jia's first public love affair since his debut.
There was a scandal in Korea before, and Huang Zitao.
But that's a misunderstanding.
The reason is that Huang Zitao used Meng Jia's cat to make micro-blog head.
But soon the two companies made clear that the cat was indeed Meng Jia's.
But Huang Zitao just released it because he liked it.
The two are private friends, not a couple.
After that, Huang Zitao changed his head.
But I heard that Meng Jia and the rich two generation of boyfriends were also separated.
Before the studio, micro-blog also had a serious career.
It's just that business is not easy.
The latest news is that good is eliminated.
A lot of passers-by are feeling the same degree.
The elimination system of "sister" depends entirely on the audience's preferences.
They are not necessarily Korean mixed up.
Plus, Meng Jia didn't really have any work after he came back.
Strength is not the main factor in voting according to personal preference.
Popularity and audience margin account for a large proportion.
Don't worry, Fei has not been eliminated.
Wang Feifei, 33 years old,
After the combination is disbanded, choose to renew the contract with JYP.
The company also gave her solo Fantasy.
There's a feeling of trying to sing to a female singer.
But... It didn't cause much splash.
In 2019, he formally returned to China to sign Huayi.
After returning, the first work was also co operated with Wang Jiaer.
I remember many Korean workers working there at that time.
There was once a deer Han.
There are now Cheng Xiao, Wu Xuanyi, Xu Minghao, Wen Junhui and others.
Do Chinese artists in Korea really have a large group?
Fei belonged to his predecessors.
Although there were many artists who helped to publicize it,
But you also know that music itself is not good enough to circle.
So the first step was not to go out.
After that, there are not too many resources.
I thought I could rely on the dance instructor in the name of the group.
Who knows this program is a mess.
But after watching this show, she found it very suitable for a mentor.
There is, of course, encouragement to point out what is bad.
Later, we can develop more in this area.
Of course, there were two plays.
2018, "two days".
2018's courageous love for you, female two.
But obviously cross-border actors did not succeed.
So these years her resources are numbered.
Fei and good resources, I really can not choose who is more cruel.
Member Min is even worse.
There is little news after the contract expires.
Show wisdom, as you can see.
From the beginning to the present, popularity has been top, and the play has not been broken.
"Nine books", "rogue row", "arbitrary attachment", "when you are drunk" and so on.
So now many passers-by think that show intelligence is the actor's origin.
Fei and he didn't catch up.
If there were women's shows in the country at that time,
It would be much more popular to join in after coming home.
Of course, they also know that their popularity is not opened in the return of love beans.
The editor's record is changed from #MissA to Meng Jia.
No way... The entertainment circle is so realistic and helpless.
Strength and red are not directly proportional to the matter you see too much.
There is a saying that makes sense.
Sometimes a small fire can be won by a big fire.
In this file, the sisters are very charismatic programs.
Fei and Jia may not be able to highlight the point beyond strength.
So the possibility of turning red is really not big.
But I hope I can get a little more job opportunities.
Let everyone know that the domestic strength of the female bean is not lacking.
Finally, I would like to share with you a little bit of discovery.
Muscle memory developed by women's group life for many years: Bow, thank you.

Last sentence

When can I see the family members who have been working in Korea?
(agreed friends remember [see] Oh ~

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