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Automatic hand in hand, can you really use it? How many people have not used manual mode?

omkkjcom @ 2020/05/22

Nowadays, automatic models are becoming more and more popular. According to the analysis of the current situation, automatic vehicle models will replace manual gears to become the trend of future development. The so-called automatic block, as the name suggests, does not require the driver to shift gears manually. The vehicle will automatically select the appropriate gear according to the speed and traffic condition. Generally speaking, the gears of automatic transmission are divided into P - parking gear, R - reverse gear; N - control; D - drive file; S (or 2) - sports mode driving gear; L (or 1) - low speed gear.

However, many of the automatic models on the market are hand in hand. The so-called "hand in one" is an automatic transmission that can be self stall, that is, a combination of automatic shift and manual shift. No need to think about it, we know that manual manual manual shift is different from manual manual car. Can you use the "hand in one" in the automatic block? How many people have not used manual mode?

Most of the owners will ignore the manual function of automatic blocking, and use D to block the world. This operation is not wrong, but if you can use the manual function reasonably for different road conditions, you can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also extend the service life of the transmission. This function is all automatic transmission, only AT has this configuration, other types do not have this function. In manual function operation, you can switch the joystick from the D gear to the M gear, and then you can switch to the gear shift we need through the push up and down. These stalls usually have 5 gears, which are basically the same as manual ones. So, under what circumstances should these manual block functions be used?

The first is the downhill section. If it is a long downhill, you can use the low gear function of manual gear function, such as 3 and 2 gear. This depends on the slope condition. Besides downhill, it can also be used on uphill slope. At this time, it is better to use 1 or 2 gear. Reasonable use of these manual functions can improve ride comfort, fuel consumption and safety.

Speeding overtaking

Before overtaking, we can use manual mode to drop gears quickly, with the help of low gear and high torque, and instantly increase the speed. At this time, we step on the accelerator more quickly. Especially when we exceed some large trucks, it is exactly what we need to speed up decisively and speedfully. If we use D gears alone, it will become a bit of a drag.

Long downhill

When we encounter a long downhill road, we can switch to manual mode and restrict the gearbox to a low position to keep pace. Obviously, it is more comfortable to hang on the D than to hang on the brake for a long time. It can avoid braking overheating and affect the braking performance. The speed can be kept stable, and it will not affect the traffic of other vehicles too slowly.

Climb steep slope

If we encounter a traffic jam in the process of climbing a steep slope, we can switch to manual mode. When we are in the 1 gear, the engine can produce more powerful torque. A start, after the start can be added to the second gear, 30 kilometers per hour can be added to the third gear, about 50 kilometers per hour can be added to the four stall.

It is concluded that manual function on manual transmission is less used by car owners and more in pursuit of motion performance. If you travel in the suburbs or mountain roads, the manual function can be displayed. So, let's not spend money on "multi function" idle.