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Beckham, a sports industry breakfast, invested in the British competition company, Wu Dajing, to become a close friend of Chopin brand.

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Nine Monday, May

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Liaoning men's basketball team: Guo Shiqiang retire as coach Yang Ming to exercise his coach's rights

On June 28th, Liaoning men's basketball team officially confirmed Guo Shiqiang's departure from the position of coach. Liao Ning men's basketball team said in the announcement that Yang Ming was appointed leader of the coaching team of Liaoning Benxi Iron and Steel Group and exercised the right of the coach. But because of the present Yang Ming is still in Shenyang. It takes a while for a series of epidemic prevention tests to reach the Qingdao area and join the Liao basket. Therefore, the club decided to temporarily host the team's coach team by foreign assistant coach Martinez.

The following is the official announcement of the Liaoning men's basketball team.

Guo Shiqiang, the original coach of Liaoning Benxi Iron and Steel Group, resigned to the club last night. The club decided to respect Guo's personal wishes and accepted his resignation. After the study, he decided to appoint Yang Ming as leader of the coaching team of Liaoning Benxi Iron and steel company and exercise the right of the coach. As Yang Ming is currently in Shenyang, it takes a while for a series of epidemic prevention tests to arrive at the Qingdao area and meet with the Liao basket. Therefore, the club decided to temporarily host the team's coach team by foreign assistant coach Martinez.

I hope Guo Dao can have a good rest and make a greater contribution to Liaoning basketball in the future. At the same time, we hope that the team can lead the new coach team led by Yang Ming, and play the spirit of Liao basketball, which has never failed to give up.

Liaoning Shenyang Sansheng Flying Leopard Basketball Club

June 28, 2020

The French Cup finals will be held at the end of 7 to allow 5000 spectators to enter.

In June 28th, the French Football Association announced that the French Cup final of Saint Germain and Saint Etienne in Paris and the League Cup final of Saint Germain and Lyon in Paris will be held in July 24th and July 31st respectively. The French Football Association has confirmed that at least 5000 spectators will be allowed to compete in the two finals. Noel Le Guerra E, President of the French Football Association, said that he was very pleased that the fans were able to enter the stadium, but it was still a little bit less. The ideal expectation is that the audience can fill 30% of the audience, hoping that the epidemic will be better.

The draft CBA draft is scheduled for August 21st.

Recently, CBA issued the "CBA Alliance on the 2020-2021 season CBA League draft entries related to the letter," the draft Convention is scheduled for August 21, 2020, the specific location and schedule will be notified separately. The time for enrolment is from July 1, 2020 to August 5th.

Specific notices are as follows:

CBA League clubs and related units and individuals:

The relevant regulations and working procedures of the 2020-2021 season CBA League draft entries (hereinafter referred to as the "enrolment rules") have been officially released in June 12, 2020 with the "player registration and registration management regulations for the 2020-2021 season CBA League". According to the 2019-2020 season's CBA rematch arrangement, according to the principles of the "enrolment rules", the draft related work will be completed. The following points are announced as follows:

1. Draft registration and draft convention.

(1) the time of enrolment is from July 1, 2020 to August 5th. The deadline for receiving entries for the draft is from 17:00 to August 5th (whichever is the original). The draft will be registered with relevant materials and contacts: Zhang Geng 13810464663;

(two) the players who are eligible for registration must send the color scanned materials of the registration materials (see Appendix) to The original will be sent by express mail to the 3 floor of the C seat of COFCO Plaza, 208 anding Gate Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China Basketball Federation (Beijing) sports Co., Ltd., the Department of athletes development, and zip code 100011. And telephone: Feng Ye 13522597751.

(three) in from August 7 to 11, 2020, the official website of the CBA League ( will be released on the list of eligible players.

(four) draft shows are scheduled for August 21, 2020 (specific venue and schedule will be notified separately).

Two, trading draft and lottery related matters.

(1) the time of draft pick up transactions: July 28, 2020 to August 7th. The clubs must submit the transaction draft application and transaction agreement to the CBA alliance by 17:00 August 7, 2020.

(two) announce the result time of the draft right trading: August 9, 2020;

(three) lottery lottery and the final time of the final draft show: August 10, 2020;

The total investment is about 1 billion 800 million yuan! Hangzhou Asian Games Baseball and softball sports culture center started construction

On June 28th, according to Xinhua news agency, the launching ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games Baseball and softball sports culture center and the Shaoxing baseball future community project in 2022 was held in Yuecheng District, Shaoxing.

It is reported that the total investment of the baseball and softball sports and cultural center project is about 1 billion 800 million yuan, with a total construction area of about 160 thousand square meters. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2021.

The Shaoxing baseball future community project takes the concept of "sharing and building together and creating a future sports community" as the design concept. Considering the different needs after the match, the combination of competitive sports and public fitness is considered.

Guangxi issued the implementation plan for the construction of Guangxi strong sports zone, and built a strong sports province in 15 years to create a national sports tourism demonstration area.

Guangxi issued the implementation plan for the construction of Guangxi sports strong area. From 2020 to 2035, Guangxi explicitly built up a strong sports comprehensive sports zone with strong international and domestic influence in 15 years.

The implementation plan for the construction of the Guangxi strong sports area requires that by 2025, the four level fitness facilities network of cities, counties, townships and administrative villages and the 15 minute fitness circle of urban communities will be constructed, and 100 sports complexes, 1000 or more community fitness centers and 10000 km up fitness trails will be built. Up to 20 thousand or more, social sports instructors reach more than 100 thousand people, and the proportion of people who regularly take part in physical training reaches over 40%. The total sports industry in the region is over 100 billion yuan.

The plan has reestablished the development policy of "competitive, small, short, water and new" sports for Guangxi sports, and continues to make strong and strong advantages such as weightlifting, track and field, wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, badminton, diving, and so on. It consolidates and improves water polo, trampoline, archery, shooting, soft road, windsurfing, Wushu routines, Wushu Sanda, boxing, artistic gymnastics, taekwondo, webstroke, and skills. Clever, table tennis, tennis and other potential advantages, vigorously promote rock climbing, roller skating, surfing, canoeing, rowing, karate, basketball, women's handball and winter sports events and other projects.

The plan plans to support the development of a number of sports event operation companies, and promote the establishment of modern sports industry system with fitness leisure, sports tourism, competition performance, sports training and diversified categories.

We should create a national sports tourism demonstration area, support the construction of sports tourism demonstration cities in cities such as Guilin and Beihai, build a batch of sports and leisure characteristic towns, sports industry and sports tourism demonstration bases, build a new pattern of inter provincial sports exchanges and cooperation, strengthen the sports exchanges and cooperation with the surrounding provinces and cities and the western new Lu Hai corridor, and jointly organize various sports events.

We will promote deep cooperation with ASEAN countries and regions in sports tourism and build Guangxi into an important regional competition Center for the world, especially ASEAN countries and regions.

Rio De Janeiro, capital of Brazil, has announced that spectators will be allowed to watch the football match from July 10th.

Recently, the Rio De Janeiro municipal government of Brazil announced that from July 10th, football matches with spectators can be held in all sports venues in Rio city.

The municipal government announced in the electronic edition of the Government Gazette that at the beginning stage, the number of spectators must be controlled at 1/3 of the capacity of the stadium. Tickets can only be purchased online. In addition to the number limit, all spectators must wear masks, and each audience occupies at least 4 square meters. In addition, from August 1st, all local sports venues will be open to 2/3 of the total capacity, while the team training center and other sports activities will be completely liberalized.

Sports Finance

Rome official: 126 million 400 thousand euro in the first 9 months of fiscal year 2019-20

In June 27th, the Rome club held a general shareholders meeting to provide all shareholders with information on the balance sheet and financial position of the club for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020. The information needed to be disclosed has been approved by the board of directors in May 14th.

Data show that the Rome club lost 126 million 400 thousand euros in the first 9 months of the fiscal year. This figure is nearly 100 million euros higher than Rome's 29 million 500 thousand euro loss in the same period last year. According to the financial report released by the club, this record loss is mainly due to the failure of the team to qualify for the Champions League and the new crown virus pandemic. In addition to the loss of stadium ticket revenue, the spread of COVID-19 also hindered the team from selling people, for example, Pastoret had planned to play football in China before.

In addition, the Rome Club appointed Guido Fienga as CEO. After November 14, 2019, he began to exercise relevant powers.

Enter the competition! Beckham invest in Guild Esports

On June 28th, the British Guild Esports competition announced that Beckham, the football superstar, invested in the company as a co owner, and is committed to exploring and cultivating talents in the traditional sports institute mode.

It is reported that Guild Esports is a London based start-up competition company, its predecessor, Lord Esports, was founded in September 2019. At present, the company's goal is to get 25 million pounds of financing, including Beckham's DB Ventures and Blue Star Capital.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Guild Esports expressed the original intention and development direction of the company's creation: Based on the training mode of traditional sports, and based on the United Kingdom, it created a channel for competition talents. In addition, the company plans to participate in a number of competitive events in the coming year. Its competition team will debut in the autumn of 2020 to compete in the Rocket League, FIFA20 and Fortnite nights.

Ai Connie J sells Starter China business ownership

Recently, the US brand management company Ai Connie J (Iconix Brand) announced that it had signed an agreement to sell its sports brand Starter's Chinese business.

According to documents submitted by Ai Connie J to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Chinese subsidiary of acone, China, has reached an agreement with an unnamed buyer to sell all the shares of Starter (China) limited to the unnamed buyer at a price of about $16 million.

The deal includes all the stores in mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao's sports wear brand Starter, and the stores are expected to close before September 15, 2020 to complete the transfer of ownership while meeting the usual transaction conditions.

Sports cooperation

Wu Da Jing became a jewellery and wrist watch brand in Switzerland, a close friend of Chopin brand.

In June 28th, Swiss jewellery and watch brand Chopard Chopin announced that Olympic champion Wu Dajing became a close friend of Chopin AlpineEagle snow mountain proud wing series. Chopard Chopin wrote in official micro-blog: "Each of his slides is the journey to the peak, the sliding blade. It's his wings. The well deserved "Eagle of the day" will join Chopin in flying to the top of the mountain. "

The Asian Olympic Council and the International Federation of electronic sports have reached strategic cooperation.

As the world's chief founding partner of GEF, Tencent electronics has warmly congratulated it on the important impact it will have on the development of E-sports in Asia and the world. Under the joint leadership of the Asian Olympic Council and GEF, the development of E-sports in Asia and the world will be further promoted and promoted. It will provide more young people in Asia with career planning for e-sports, and attract more partners to participate in it through the establishment of a more standardized and international platform for sports. Tencent electronic competition will also strongly support and work hard for the development and construction of E-sports in globalization, connect with the world through competition, and meet the opening of the new era.

As a new form of competition, sports competition has gradually emerged from the emergence and transformation of the Internet industry. Asia is the most dynamic electricity market. Not only has it fostered hundreds of millions of competition fans, but it is also leading the new trend of development. As the sole organization for the comprehensive management of the Asian Olympic movement, the OCA currently has 45 members in Asia, covering nearly 60% of the world's population to 4 billion 600 million. The Asian Olympic Council has maintained a positive and open attitude towards emerging and young people's favorite projects, and has been committed to publicizing the spirit of the Olympic Games, carrying forward, developing and improving Asian sports.

As early as the 2007 second Asian Indoor Games in Macao, the Olympic Council of Asia had added electric events. In 2017, Asian Olympic director established the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AsianElectronic Sports Federation, abbreviation "AESF"). This intercontinental competition Single Sports Association promotes E-sports as a demonstration project on the stage of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, attracting 11 of the 45 teams. The 300 athletes took part in the important historical stage of Asian competitive development. In 2019, E-sports first entered the Southeast Asian Games as an official medals event. In the same year, at the eighth Ollie PEAK summit, the International Olympic Committee released a two way policy supporting the development of electric games, and clearly explored cooperation opportunities with manufacturers to transmit a very positive signal.

The biggest particularity of electric games and other traditional sports is not the equipment, the venue, the way of competition, but the existence of copyright. GEF, which was born on the basis of respecting the law of industrial development, has continuously promoted the exchange and integration of E-sports and sports in various fields since its inception. It has made positive efforts to promote the recognition of E-sports in the international sports official organization level.

This is also since the establishment of GEF in December last year, following the announcement of the specific appointment of the education, culture and charities Committee and sportsman Committee, it announced the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and the International Sports Union of South American sports organization (Organizaci n Deportiva Suramericana, referred to as ODESUR). Telecommunication Union, referred to as "ITU", and other international organizations and associations to achieve a strategic partnership after another heavy move.

Under the global epidemic, E-sports shows its unique industrial value and potential as a new form of sports. Today's electric competition has become an important link attracting global competition fans, breaking geographical and linguistic boundaries, and connecting people to people. The cooperation between the Asian Olympic Council and GEF will help electric power become a new force to highlight the vitality of Asia, and promote the development of E-sports towards the right and healthy road, and show to the world that Asia has the ability and responsibility to play an important role in the Olympic movement.

Last week, the Hainan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Tencent competition and Hainan free trade port eco Software Park jointly announced the "2020 global competition leaders summit", which will be held in Boao International Forum on Asia Forum. I believe GEF will also announce more important information at this summit.

Manchester City cooperate with digital content platform Dugout

Recently, Manchester City and digital content platform Dugout reached content cooperation, in addition to Manchester City, the platform since the establishment of partners including AC Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona and many other European first-line clubs. It is reported that Dugout has launched a new OTT service, Dugout Live, which provides behind the scenes coverage and live broadcast of E-sports events. The first live broadcast of Dugout Live was the FIFA 20 E-sports charity tournament recently held by Manchester City.

Elliot Richardson, chairman and co founder of Dugout, said: "we want to launch Live services for some time. We believe that this is a perfect opportunity. In recent months, we have kept in touch with the fans through a lot of high quality football videos. With the return of football, we now have the chance to bring fans closer to the stadium.

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