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The man was fired because he fed the stray cat, and his life was not guaranteed, but he was still sticking to it.

mczys001 @ 2019/12/15

For many people who have pets, it is when they have the ability and time that they will be able to take care of their pets. but If you don't even have enough food and clothing, will you continue to raise pets? Or is it to take care of some stray cats and stray dogs? There was one day ago. The men in Philippines really did this.

The man named Si Bo, who left Philippines for a few years ago, went to Abu, Darby, capital of the United Arab Emirates, to make a rush in Arabia. After arriving there, He soon found a job. The salary is quite satisfactory. But on holiday, when he went out to play, There are many stray cats in the street, which makes him very puzzled. Why are there so many stray cats in such a rich city?

He is a very fond of small animals. He sees so many homeless cats. He made a decision to help these poor stray cats. At least they will not worry about eating and drinking. So he went to work every day, after work and weekends. Take food and water to the streets of the city and see the stray cats feeding them.

For this reason, every month he strays on a stray cat. The cost of food is more than 2 thousand.

But the cost is more than that. In order to avoid the endless breeding of so many stray cats, it will also be able to Take a kitten to a hospital for sterilization, or some injured cats should be taken to the clinic. 。 Because all these are energy consuming, they are tired at work time. He was fired by the company, and even he had no basic guarantee of life.

But all this is difficult. Never let Scarbo give up raising a stray cat. Sometimes, he eats a meal himself. Save yourself some money, and buy some cat food to feed at night. 。 Luckily, he found a part-time job soon, and his stories were reported by the local media. Many netizens supported him and donated money. Volunteer to join cats. His burden is much less. It is admirable that a person can influence the survival of a stray cat in a city.

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