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Accompanying my Nintendo game review this year, "I remember it very much after 2019."

missdong09 @ 2019/12/23

The last few days will be over in 2019. Nintendo has recently launched the "Switch game recalling" function in 2019. After logging in, you can see how many hours you have played Switch in 2019, and which games have played the most.
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How have you been this year? Is there any unspeakable heartburn and pain? As far as I am concerned, this year is a special year, leaving campus and being pushed into the torrents of society. The dreams and ideals that hang on the lips all year long seem so far away from us. Money and desire are like two hungry wolves with drooling. They devoured me easily.
But fortunately, the deepest part of my heart was not extinguished. Finally, I came to share with you the platform of the bonfire named dream. This year, when countless of them could not write a "bird" at night, confused and helpless at the crossroads of life, they kept me unreservedly, and I also wanted to put them in the article again.

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Edition

The book was sold in January 11, 2019. It has designed 164 excellent box court checkpoints, including two new Super Mario Brothers U and new super Luigi U, which have landed on the WIIU platform.

Tetris 99.

Ben was sold in February 14, 2019 and used to play the stem saying that "Tetris can also eat chicken" has become a reality. But what is surprising is that it is my favorite big escape game. I am not familiar with T rotation and so on. But in the classic puzzle game, it is difficult to duplicate the online combat elements and set obstacles to opponents through elimination.

"Flame emblem"

Originally published in July 26, 2019, it was once rated as the most unlikely new product. However, its strategy and playability make the game full of new charm. In addition, its excellent script, from pleasant campus life to cruel war period, is full of boundless sigh and deep thought.

Legend of Zelda, weaving Dream Island

This book is on sale in September 20, 2019. No matter what time, I will never forget the song of the wind fish. When linker woke up from the dream, he watched the huge wind fish flying to the distance, and finally showed a gratifying smile. It gave me the courage to walk out of the comfort zone and finally let me meet you. Aside from these, classic reset, excellent plot and performance of voice and painting deserve my numerous recommendation.

"Po can dream sword / shield"

It was sold in November 15, 2019 and recalled all the reviews at the beginning of the sale. Now I can only say that I am really "fragrant". A variety of training methods and moderate training difficulties, innovative design in the wilderness area, excellent performance of sound and painting are enough to make me feel that it is still one of the best collection game.
This article does not enumerate all the Nintendo games in detail this year. Perhaps you have missed your "good heart". But remember to share your stories and favorite games. Finally, I want to use "a party B" as a conclusion.
In the movie, Ge You said: "We all got drunk that day, and we all cried, and said a lot of words of courage. It was an unforgettable night. A few days later, I had a formal wedding with the North goose. Her parents talked to me individually and asked if I was hiding my age. I told the old man that I was older than other children from birth.
1997 passed, and I missed it very much. "

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