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Reading: A Senna captain rebel tradition Solskjaer Becker bankruptcy

yanqiangsports @ 2019/07/12

Yan Qiang takes you to the news.

Captain rebel

On July 11th, the Arsenal official announced that Koscielny refused to accompany the team to the United States to participate in the pre-season match.


In July 11th, when Arsenal went to the United States for training, however, the club captain Koscielny refused to travel, and the club could only express "disappointment".

The 33 year old A Senna was interested in him. France, Bordeaux, Ryan and Lyon were all interested in him, but this kind of protest brought him into a scandal.

A Senna and Coase have been renewing their contract since the end of last season. His contract expires in the summer of 2020, and A Senna has only one year to renew the contract. However, the defeat of the Europa League finals has greatly changed the conditions of the players' contracts. Koscielny seriously injured for half a year. When he returned in December 2018, he was dissatisfied with his team status, playing time and club development direction.

Coase and his agent believe there is a clause between the club and him that allows him to leave as a free agent in the summer window in 2019 as a reward for his 9 years' performance. When he met with coach Emeri in July 10th, Koscielny refused directly to the United States.

One team has gone, Koscielny stays in London and trains with the youth team. Judging from the contract situation, this is the discipline problem of players' breach of contract.

Gunner line

In July 11th, the Post reported that Arsenal had offered Koscielny a contract to reduce salary, which caused Koscielny's dissatisfaction, so he refused to take part in preparations for the pre-season.


Before starting the summer tour, Arsenal have lost a lot of public image, lineup and so on. Koscielny's behavior, of course, has its unprofessional position, but it also reflects the confusion of the crowd in the process of club going down.

Koscielny is the best central defender in Arsenal in the past 9 years. Even so, he has been criticized for his lack of concentration and defensively defensive performance in many competitions. Arsenal's new season's defence is even more difficult when they are expressing their dissatisfaction with extreme behavior.

The 18 year old French centre half Saliba, who has just signed, will be leased back to Saint Etienne, so the Arsenal personnel have so far not been strengthened. Mustafi, Zhan Jinsen and other players are still in the first line. Emeri has limited opportunities for Chambers and other players.

The eventual player will get the chance to leave, but the deep blow to the club will not be eased because he left the team.

Traditional Solskjaer

Beijing time on July 10th, Manchester United manager Solskjaer held a press conference in Australia, he talked about Pogba, David De Gea and transfer work and other issues.


Solskjaer took place for Pogba at a news conference in Australia. He chose a typical way of Ferguson, pointing the spearhead to the media, saying that the media was "planned" for the "Bo Ba Ba", while he was still maintaining the "Bo Ba Ba".

Ferguson had so many similar operations in those days that he would never criticize the players in public and transfer the pressure to the outside world, especially the media. However, Pogba and Lin Jia De outside the hotel, walking in a similar battle scenes, issued through the official channels of the club, the media generated inquiries, is not groundless.

Solskjaer's performance in public places, including his various expressions, is very consistent with the tradition of Manchester United, especially Ferguson's demeanor. But the coach still needs to build his personal authority through achievements and solidarity teams. Pogba, especially the various statements made by Raiola, the manager, seemed to be uncontrollable by Solskjaer and the club.

Becker auction trophy

Becker, a tennis champion, auctioned off all kinds of trophies and trophies he paid for his career, including Wimbledon and the US Open champion trophy.


During the Wimbledon period, Boris Becker, a German tennis champion, auctioned off his trophies and medals, earning 680 thousand pounds.

Becker, 51, declared bankruptcy in 2017. He has won 5 Grand Slam titles in his career and gold medal in doubles in 1992. He became the Wimbledon champion at the age of 17. However, the star lifestyle and extravagant spending make it impossible for him to retain the huge wealth accumulated by his career.

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