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Mobile radio and television hand-in-hand official Xuan, "2+2" pattern who is better?

cctimefxw @ 2020/05/23

2 + 2 =?

Following the cooperation between China Telecom and China Unicom, the industry has been speculated about whether China Mobile will cooperate with China Radio and television.

Finally, on the day of May 20th, the two sides carried out "official propaganda" and hand in hand cooperation dust settled. At this point, the "2+2" pattern of domestic telecom operators in the 5G market was formally formed.

Recently, China Mobile Ltd and China Radio and television network Co., Ltd. signed the 5G co construction and sharing cooperation framework agreement, to carry out 5G co construction and sharing and content and platform cooperation, together to create "network + content" ecology, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Although the cooperation between the two sides has just begun, there is no concrete action yet, but in the eyes of many people in the industry, the new combination will bring a lot of surprises to the industry with the help of China Mobile's advanced technology and equipment and the quality and content resources of China Radio and television.


Hand in hand:

Building 700MHz 5G network together

In the announcement, China Mobile said that the two sides would give full play to their respective advantages, together with their respective affiliates (including, but not limited to, directly or indirectly controlled or controlled companies). Under the premise of lawful compliance, based on the general principle of "equality, voluntariness, co construction and sharing, win-win cooperation and complementary advantages", 5G will jointly build and share, and cooperate with content and platform.

Specifically, China Mobile and China Radio and television will jointly determine the network construction plan, and jointly invest in 1:1 ratio to build 700MHz 5G wireless network, jointly owned and entitled to use 700MHz 5G wireless network assets.

In addition, the agreement stipulates that China Mobile has paid the China Radio and television to provide 700MHz band 5G base stations to China's Radio and television in the city or provincial center for the transmission network of the contacts, and paid open and share the 2.6GHz band 5G network. China Mobile will undertake the operation and maintenance of 700MHz wireless network, and China Radio and television will pay for China Mobile's network operation and maintenance costs.

In the 700MHz band 5G network with commercial conditions, China Radio and television paid share China Mobile 2G/4G/5G network to provide services to its customers.

China Mobile provides China International broadcasting service with international transfer service.

The time limit for cooperation between the two sides is from the date of entry into force of the 5G cooperation framework agreement to December 31, 2031.

It seems that the industry is not surprised by the official cooperation between China Mobile and China Radio and television. After all, for a long time before the official announcement, the clues revealed can confirm the fact.

At the end of 2018, the Ministry of Industry issued the test frequency to balance the competition among the three major carriers. Telecom and Unicom both got the relatively mainstream and mature frequency band near 3.5GHz, and the 2.6GHz and 4.9GHz bands were mobile, and the industry chain was relatively weak.

In September 2019, China Unicom announced the signing of the 5G Network Co Construction and sharing framework cooperation agreement with the China Telecom. The China Unicom will work together with China Telecom to build a 5G access network with the China Telecom. The two sides will delineate the regional and regional construction, and each of them will be responsible for the construction of the 5G network construction related network in the delineated area and make a regional plan. 5G Points.

Prior to the cooperation between China Unicom and China Telecom, China Mobile chairman Yang Jie disclosed that China Mobile and China Radio and television had discussed 5G cooperation in August 2019.

In January of this year, the Ministry of industry and Commerce issued a license for the use of 4.9GHz band 5G test frequency to China Radio and television, and agreed that China Radio and television should deploy 5G network in 16 cities such as Beijing. The strategy of "low frequency + intermediate frequency" cooperative network of China Radio and television 700MHz+4.9GHz has been clear since then.

Because the 4.9GHz test frequency obtained by China Radio and television is very close to the test frequency obtained by China Mobile, it is widely believed that China wide electrode may build a 5G network with China Mobile. Now it seems that the conjecture is a fact.


Mutual benefit and win-win situation:

Implementation of intensive and efficient 5G network coverage

Frequency band is the core valuable resource of communication network construction, which affects a series of problems of operators in 5G network and regional planning.

The 700Mhz band has been known as the "digital dividend" in the wireless communication system, and is also the largest dividend of China Broadcasting and television on 5G.

From a technical point of view, although the 700MHz "golden band" has short capacity, it has the advantages of low signal transmission loss, wide coverage, strong penetration and low networking cost. At the same time, due to the wide coverage of 700MHz, the small number of required base stations, strong 700MHz diffraction ability and small transmission loss, it is very suitable for deployment under the Internet of things scenarios.

Therefore, the cooperation between the two sides is a good thing for China Mobile.

Industry experts said: "using 700Mhz, China Mobile can build a 5G network covering the whole country at a relatively low cost in a relatively short time. Compared with the high frequency network built by competitors in 3.5GH, China Mobile can achieve a wider range of 5G network coverage with less input and fewer base stations."

At the same time, as for China's Broadcasting and TV industry, as the latter of the mobile communications market, China Radio and television only rely on its own strength to build 5G network. It is understood that the 4.9GHz frequency is higher. If we want to realize the continuous coverage of 5G network, we need to build more base stations.

But in November 2019, China Radio and television opened the first 5G SA base station in Changsha, Hunan. Some analysts believe that if China's Broadcasting and television operators operate 5G business, they need at least 200 thousand base stations.

China Mobile, as a top student in the field of mobile communications, is excellent enough in technology and equipment, and has built the world's largest 5G network. Up to now, nearly 140 thousand 5G base stations have been built, and more than 50 million customers have 5G packages.

For China Radio and television, the introduction of China Mobile as a partner is like an express train, which can speed up the business of 5G and enhance the competitiveness of its 5G services.


"2+2" pattern: who is better?

In fact, from the benefits of mobile and broadcasting cooperation to both sides, we can also see that this combination is superior to Unicom's 5G.

First of all, after the cooperation between mobile and radio and television, this combination holds a trump card, the 700MHz "golden band", so that its cooperation itself is full of fighting capacity. Secondly, mobile itself is outstanding and has always been ahead of China Unicom in terms of network construction. Therefore, obviously, from the present point of view, the mobile and broadcasting groups are better.

In addition, from the cooperation agreement, we can see that the cooperation between China Mobile and China Telecom is not only reflected in the co construction and sharing of 5G network, but also on cooperation in content and platform.

According to China Mobile, China Mobile and China Radio and television jointly build the "network + content" ecosystem, and carry out in-depth cooperation in content, platform, channel and customer service.

In terms of content, China Mobile has a lot of input and resources, and its stock raising culture is the best among three operators. At present, MI Gu culture has carried out extensive cooperation with new media content producers such as CCTV, Youku and mango hypermedia.

Moreover, the media resources of radio and TV are also very rich. It is reported that the Guangdong holding company of China Radio and TV holding company is responsible for the overall operation of China International Radio and television network station (CIBN) Internet TV business and China Radio and television broadband TV and video business. It has sports, electricity suppliers, education, health and other multiple feature output platforms, and has a large coincidence with the layout of the micro culture video business.

As the provider of domestic cable TV service, the broadcasting and television system behind China Radio and television has plenty of content resources. Data show that China's Broadcasting and television system produces more than 6 million 500 thousand hours of radio programs over the past 2 million 600 thousand hours, and TV programs are more than 2 million 600 thousand hours. The whole system produces 500 dramas every year (more than 14000 episodes), and the animated cartoon is in the vicinity of 130 thousand minutes.

Ma Jihua said that in terms of content, China Mobile and China Radio and television have strong complementarity. China Mobile can cooperate with radio and Television Limited TV to make up its short board on IPTV, and a large number of satellite TV stations are landing in China's Broadcasting and television. China Mobile's broadband users also need some of these resources.

Aside from the construction of the network, the cooperation between mobile and broadcasting in content field will also bring great pressure to telecom and China Unicom.

In this way, the handover of mobile and broadcasting does not kill.

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