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HUAWEI's strategic execution has to be taken.

QbitAI @ 2020/05/23

Qian Ming from foo Fei Temple
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HUAWEI's strategic execution has to be taken.

This is not a compliment, nor an empathy under the current situation, but a heartfelt sigh of organizational action.

Less than two years ago, the new strategy has now been translated into AI productivity.

In the past HUAWEI global analysts conference, HUAWEI has disclosed the latest progress in the field of AI: it has entered many industries and has greatly improved its efficiency.

Moreover, after a road trip, HUAWEI has learned from experience and reusable solutions, using AI to achieve thousands of jobs and release greater productivity.

Despite the difficult times, HUAWEI has become the base of the digital world, and the pace of Ren Zhengfei's "black land" has not been reduced.

This is another victory for HUAWEI's organizational and strategic execution capability.

HUAWEI AI computing solution under Atlas plus

HUAWEI's industry AI landing program, named Atlas Artificial Intelligence Computing Solution It is one of the core achievements of HUAWEI in promoting AI landing, and it is also the epitome of HUAWEI's AI technology in recent years.

On the one hand, it lies in the overall coverage capability of the cloud side, but also in the stronger, greener, and easy-to-use AI computing power.

At the HUAWEI global analyst conference, HUAWEI has risen to the president of computing. Xu Ying Tong This paper mainly introduces two calculating products: Atlas 200 and Atlas 900.

Atlas 200 It is a AI acceleration module for end to side, integrated with a 310 AI processor.

Although the size is only half the size of the credit card, it can support 16 channel real-time HD video analysis. It can be deployed on cameras, UAVs and robots, to achieve face recognition, image classification and other tasks.

Moreover, its power consumption is only 8 Watts - absolutely green, far lower than other similar products.

Atlas 900 HUAWEI is a computing cluster built up by 910AI processor, known as the industry benchmark. Now it has been commercially available.

The computing power can reach 1024 PFLOPS FP16, which is equivalent to 500 thousand high-performance PC. And the same green can save 60% of the electricity charge.

Xu Yingtong said, at present, there are 7 kinds of Atlas series products, which have been integrated into the AI computing scheme and have been opened to the outside world, forming a cloud side end collaborative development experience.

Scientists or engineers can continuously train the neural network on the center side according to the data of end to side feedback, and the model can be updated remotely to maintain the optimal state in real time.

Moreover, they also provide a simple and easy to use programming model interface and sample on the basis of AI computing power to help customers complete landing quickly.

Unlike many companies whose products are not moving and the conference is going ahead, HUAWEI's scheme has been applied to many industries and is of great force.

It is hard to imagine that HUAWEI launched its AI strategy officially two years ago.

How will HUAWEI's strategy become productive in less than two years?

In October 2018, HUAWEI held a full connection conference in Shanghai, officially announcing the AI strategy: not only to invest in basic research, but also to build a whole stack scheme, investment in open ecology and personnel training, enhancement of solutions, and promotion of internal efficiency.

In the whole stack plan, HUAWEI also gave the direction of landing: creating a full scene, independent and collaborative solution for the cloud, edge and end, providing abundant, economic computing resources, simple and easy to use, efficient and full process AI platform.

At that time, many pieces of the whole strategy, for HUAWEI, had only early planning and ideas, such as Atlas 900, the most powerful AI computing cluster in the industry.

But now, HUAWEI Atlas artificial intelligence computing solution has completed the "cloud edge end" full scene product layout, and has been commercially available in many industries such as Internet, operators, finance, energy, manufacturing and so on.

For example, the quality inspection section of the manufacturing industry, although the machine has been introduced, but in the complex production process, it still needs manual detection.

But in HUAWEI Songshan Lake manufacturing center, HUAWEI will accelerate the AI card. Atlas 300 Combined with IPC, the machine vision intelligent quality inspection has been built, which can complete label defect detection, screw missing and other tasks.

Xu Yingtong said that this directly increased the detection efficiency from 90% to 100%, and the time taken from the original 180 seconds to the second level.

In addition, after playing a role in the domestic anti epidemic battlefield, HUAWEI also worked with AGS partners in Italy to build a medical image aided diagnosis system based on artificial intelligence.

Under the support of Atlas 800 server and Atlas 300 accelerator card for cloud computing, doctors and patients have been able to get accurate medical imaging diagnostic reports at a much faster rate.

Xu Yingtong also showed the degree of efficiency improvement: from the past 10-15 minutes to 10-20 seconds. In the global epidemic situation is still grim situation, so help also reflects the AI side.

His case sharing soon ended, but HUAWEI did not finish the story of intelligent transformation of the industry. In their view, the combination of AI and industry has just begun.

HUAWEI logic: AI is a new general purpose technology (GPT).

HUAWEI believes that we are on the eve of explosive innovation. There are three driving forces.

First, the explosive growth of link number will bring about the explosive growth of data volume. By 2025, it will increase from 44 ZB to 180 ZB.

Second, the popularity of intelligent terminals and the rapid growth of computing power will make computing everywhere. HUAWEI predicts that the number of smart Internet devices will be 34 billion in 2020 and 150 billion by 2025.

Third, cloud side collaboration will drive the innovation of heterogeneous computing architecture, which will promote intelligence. In 2020, the data center AI Workload is still less than 10%, and by 2025, it will reach 80%.

Xu Yingtong said that under the impetus of heterogeneous computing, Moore's law will continue to evolve, and AI will achieve 100% growth. At the same time, AI as a new general purpose technology (GPT) will deeply promote the process of social development.

But for now, the combination of AI and industry is just beginning.

On the one hand, talent is scarce, the supply and demand ratio of global AI talents is only 1%, and core experts are only more than 30 thousand.

On the other hand, the overall permeability is low. From all industries, the penetration rate of AI is only 4%. In the Chinese market, the B2C application with AI is only 10%.

Therefore, vast space is also promising.

In specific ways, HUAWEI has also extended the whole computing strategy: open hardware and open source software, enabling partners to build AI ecosystem with partners such as universities, developers and ISV.

At present, they have set up AI courses in 36 colleges and universities, and have accumulated 30 thousand + developers to develop AI, and have produced more than 50 intelligent transformation solutions.

This year, HUAWEI will also push ahead with the development of AI technology, and at the same time raise the ecological cultivation again -- invest 200 million US dollars to develop the computing industry ecosystem.

The latest AI computing program is launched, and all walks of life are landing. HUAWEI's AI strategy is further clear.

For the industry sector, HUAWEI's transformation of productivity in the AI field is naturally the gospel of the whole industry.

Because of cheaper quality computing power, better solutions, and even serving customers, HUAWEI proved itself in the last few technological cycles.

How to evaluate?

So it's time to answer this question.

How do we view HUAWEI's sustained strategic investment in computing?

In fact, if we even thread a line, it is easy to find out the answer to HUAWEI's progress in two years.

First, necessity.

What is computing power? The productivity engine under the transformation of AI determines the speed and height of this historic change, and is the key to productivity in the era of digital economy.

Several times through the technical cycle of HUAWEI, naturally see clearly, but also to their role to understand that is to use innovative technology and product solutions, provide diversity of computing power, and in the new pattern to establish a position.

Second, feasibility.

Data, algorithm and computing power are the trinity of AI development, but "computing power" is the most critical and difficult part. Not everyone can do it, but not everyone can do it well.

But in the past, HUAWEI has been trying to get the best support for the feasibility.

So in a short span of two years, HUAWEI AI strategy promoted the leadership of industry ecology.

For example, there are more than 10000 HUAWEI cloud partners, HUAWEI cloud technology partners and computing areas, the number of cooperation ISV more than 3500, HUAWEI cloud partners, cloud computing market applications and computing partners, the number of HUAWEI certification solutions exceeded 5000, and cloud computing global ecological innovation center reached 37.

It is very difficult to have such potential and speed without the hard work that has been done in the past.

This is why HUAWEI dares to position the "black land" and the "digital world base".

The power of computing is natural, intelligent land is naturally not worried about fertility, and the digital world runs steadily.

Of course, HUAWEI's AI strategy may need to stand in the process of change.

Under the new transformation of the new infrastructure, AI as a driving force is blending with Yun and 5G. Hou Jinlong concluded that cloud, AI and 5G are the three elements of the new infrastructure and the engine of the digital economy.

Perhaps HUAWEI's cloud, 5G, and AI didn't have the opportunity to build new infrastructure today.

But it is precisely the mentality of asking for farming, working hard on basic research and development, acting as a base role for digitalization and intelligent transformation, and finally making HUAWEI's efforts stand on the top of the era.

There is no doubt that HUAWEI will be one of the core suppliers under the new infrastructure, and the new infrastructure will further promote HUAWEI's development and successfully pass through another technology cycle.

And, despite all the difficulties and obstacles, the implementation of AI strategy is probably HUAWEI. indomitableness The essence of it.

Perhaps before the AI era, every friend who was related to HUAWEI could tell you a story of suffering and splendor.

They fight in Shenzhen, fight in all parts of the country, fight in Europe, fight in Africa... Products and programs are available throughout the world.

Founded 33 years, through several technical cycles, so far 194 thousand employees, each has a "striving" past and experience.

HUAWEI's strategic execution has to be taken. HUAWEI's toughness has to be taken.

What you think?

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