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The thirty-third batches of convoys of the Navy escorted the "Turquoise" merchant ship to the western Gulf of Aden safely.

hqsbwx @ 2019/09/18

My flag and the flag are in the same frame [Second Act: compatriot deep feeling ocean] when the local 16 time on the afternoon of 16, the thirty-third convoy of our navy escorted the merchant ship of "Hongkong Emerald" to the western waters of the Gulf of Aden successfully. At the time of relief, the crew members on the "Emerald" merchant ship lifted banners on the deck, launched the national flag of People's Republic of China and the flag of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, expressing their thanks to the people's navy and their deep blessing to the great motherland. (chart / Li Liewen / Li Yinchuan)

Source: @ People's Navy