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How to play outdoor games? The member of the Ai Rui member looks back.

iBrainBaby @ 2019/10/09

Yesterday (October 8th) Is it true that dad and mom have seen the live broadcast of the members of the AI beri family? During this period, miss Xu Yihong, a course designer of AI Bei Rui, talked with you about super and interesting activities, and can also bring outdoor activities.

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Let's look at Mr. Xu's "outdoor game".

Part one: let children get close to nature and play games.

Speaking of "outdoor games", eleven holidays just passed, I believe that mom and dad must take the baby out to play. Have you ever played with the Kangle facilities in the District, or the parent-child amusement facilities in the shopping malls?

Although these are also activities for outdoor activities, they are all man-made "facilities".

Xu believes that today's children are more likely to have close contact with outdoor nature.

Which places can satisfy the demand of 1~6 years old children for play, and develop all aspects of children's abilities in games?

When Xu went to Denmark to study children's education, he took a course. The teacher thinks that the places suitable for children to play must basically have the following elements:

We can serve as a reference for our children to find and create more suitable corners for games.

Besides, outdoor activities have a good effect on children's physical health, such as eyesight and concentration. nothing Theory is Art enlightenment, or chant ancient poetry, children Beauty and aesthetic education are everywhere. Natural Element.

So Miss Xu here wants to appeal to your parents to try their best to let children get close to nature and create opportunities to explore, experiment, operate, create and interact with nature.

The second part: how to play outdoor activities with children?

Xu teacher is the wizard of children's games. He introduces us to five super fun games and various games. For example, there are:

  • A variety of perceptive exploration games, with the help of small tools.

  • "Runner up": Mathematical enlightenment in body movement

  • "All kinds of faces": Visual association and narrative creation

  • Leaf shop: It combines small games of pretend play, social interaction, quantitative computation, reading and writing.

  • "Follow the solar terms to travel": Use the variable of "weather / season" to play the same place, arouse the children's sense of natural rhythm, connect the artistic conception of ancient poetry, or the natural elements of other artworks.

For example, Xu recommended a small game called "all kinds of faces" that can exercise children's ability of "vision + imagination + narrative".

You know, we humans are very sensitive to the visual recognition of human faces. Like reading comprehension, we are incarnated as target readers, looking for all kinds of faces in nature, and seeing all kinds of rich expressions and shapes. With consciousness, you can turn everything in nature into a treasure hunt.

In addition to "face", you can also change this option, for example, do you want to find animals? For example, what shapes are white clouds in the sky? (you can first take photos and return to the room, then import the drawing software to add graffiti to the children. What has changed?

Maybe they can be combined to make up the plot. This is a " Vision + imagination + narration Game.

There are still a lot of games. Because of the length of the reasons, they do not start here. The parents who are interested can log in to the future brain plan App to watch the live broadcast.

The third part: answering parents' QA

With children playing outdoors, many uncontrollable factors are unavoidable. Many parents express their concerns.

For example, mothers are concerned about safety:

belt Thirteen For a month, the baby goes to the outdoors, loves to play with stones and likes to walk on stones, but there are puppies and kittens everywhere.

Some children are in the mouth, what do they want to eat when they see something outside?

For example, many mothers mentioned that traveling with their babies is puzzling:

Their children are sensitive and perfect children. How should they take them to play outdoors?

Children are more timid and inseparable. How can children be more courageous?

Do you have any answers to these questions? Don't worry, you can find the answer in live broadcast.

Of course, you can also refer to it. Future brain project In the hundreds of small games, playing with children much, you naturally know what children are more interested in, and know how to develop game variants.

Little game designed by scientists
Follow the law of child development and baby's personality.
Immediately join in, let the child grow up under the scientific care.

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