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5G package is officially announced! How does China Unicom respond to blowout 5G consultation? Baidu knows new entry

luochaotmt @ 2019/11/05

"Ginger is still old spicy."

In October 31st, the three operators formally announced the 5G package tariff, and 5G business officially started. Previously, according to media reports, the 5G subscribers had already exceeded tens of millions, which shows that users are highly concerned about 5G. But for the new generation network 5G, users have a lot of questions: what is 5G? How much faster is 5G than 4G? What is the use of it? How to open it? How about the tariff? Does 5G need to change numbers? How to choose 5G phones?

When people encounter problems, the first time for modern people to open up search engines is to find answers. This is the "cognitive" path of modern people. When I searched Baidu for some 5G problems, I found that Baidu knew the presence of China Unicom everywhere. As of now, China Unicom knows more than 3000 answers in Baidu, covering all kinds of communication related common problems, including 5G, such as "how to exchange cash flow points?" "How do I know if there are 5G base stations in the city?" And so on, the answer is directly related to Unicom mobile phone business hall and customer service page.

Different from the answers of ordinary users, China Unicom's LOGO official seal is the content of dozens of local accounts of China Unicom. In depth understanding, I found that in the field of communications, Unicom, mobile and telecommunications have all been officially settled. They answer questions about users' professionalism, accuracy and authority. In fact, they play the role of the official customer service of public platforms, respond to various problems of users, and provide online and telephone customer service.

As a service company, operators attach great importance to the efficiency of customer service. As far as I know, Baidu knows that it has played a key role in China Unicom's three-dimensional customer service system. Not only has China Unicom benefited from it, Baidu has already broken through 4 companies, covering government and mobile phones, banks, automobiles, communications, home appliances, publishing and other industries. Baidu knows that it is not our UGC Q & a platform. The introduction of authoritative answering agencies indicates that Baidu has become a UPGC based QA platform, that is, UGC and PGC.


A plan called partner.

Baidu knew that in 2017 it launched the Baidu know partner program. The plan invites B enterprises or agencies to join enterprises and users through questions and answers. At the end of July 2019, Baidu knew that its partners had planned to reach more than 4 partners. It also indicated that Baidu knew that it had grown to be the largest brand professional QA platform on the scale of enterprise organizations.

From the enterprise, Baidu knows many benefits.

On the one hand, it can improve the efficiency of service users. Users will know in Baidu what the packages of Unicom are. Enterprises in Baidu know that they can serve users more finely. Most of the users' problems are duplicated. Baidu knows that users can avoid repeated questions through AI technology. Enterprises can answer a question that can be seen by a large number of users and avoid duplication of work. Enterprises can also better understand the market demand and optimize products and services based on the direction of user questions.

For example, in view of the current 5G blowout trend, China Unicom has compiled 5G information area and synchronized 5G related content. China Unicom also has dozens of Baidu to know the complete matrix of the partnership account, and to answer the questions of users everywhere. The total answer volume exceeded 928 thousand, totaling 618 thousand times, and the total service times exceeded 1 billion 500 million times. Large scale content explosion has a strong long tail effect. Some questions answered several years ago are still solving users' questions.

(high value flow continues to grow)

On the other hand, accurate traffic can be obtained. Online traffic is becoming more and more expensive, and the precise marketing of scene fits into the mainstream direction. Baidu knows that the problem is the real expression of users, there is a clear demand and precise scenario, brand answers professional authority problems at the same time can get traffic. Baidu knows that it has become the precise marketing scenario of enterprises, and has made many explorations with publishing, home appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, banks and other industries. For example, in the mobile phone field, HUAWEI P30 Pro, OPPO Reno, vivo iQOO and other flagship new machines will be open to Baidu when they know the topic, answer users' questions, and provide various after-sale customer service.

With the enthusiasm of answering questions, Baidu knows that relying on Baidu's deep learning technology and Natural Language Processing technology, it extracts, classifications and personalize the professional structured content, precisely matches the needs of users, and better meets users' demands.

The partner mode is not only attracting brand enterprises, but also authoritative authorities are paying more and more attention to Baidu. Now, more than 100 official government agencies have settled in Baidu. They know the answer to the public problem, including 11 prefecture level cities in Zhejiang Province, and Beijing, Chengdu, Changchun, Kunming and other local government agencies. At the end of July, the Embassy of Columbia was officially stationed in Baidu, knowing that the two sides jointly created content topics in Columbia Republic's national day, including Columbia's food, tourism, culture, geography and other authoritative information. Baidu knew that it became a window for Chinese users to understand Columbia culture.

It can be said that the essence of the partnership mode is to make use of the authority and accurate content of the cooperative organization, based on Baidu's platform, and search for the +Feed dual engine, so as to better connect B/C with an innovative exploration.


Baidu knows the history of content change

Baidu knows that the partnership plan looks like a violent transformation, but from Baidu's understanding of the 14 years of development, it is within reach. Baidu knows that its original intention is to quickly convert fragmented information knowledge to the needs of users through search engines. It has been changing, reducing the threshold of questions and answers, improving the connection efficiency between questions and answers, and constantly improving the level of answer.

Before and after 2014, Baidu knew that it had hatched homework products, baby knows, thumb doctors and other sub products. They all had independent App, and they were deeply trained in products, contents and operations in the fields of education, mother and infant, medical treatment and so on. These areas needed professional knowledge. Baidu knew that experts were introduced to provide authoritative answers, such as questions and answers about mothers and babies. 。 In 2017, the mode of partnership enabled the authority to become an active answer, which is actually a continuation of "content authoristion". , it The evolution direction that Baidu knows is:

The first is the continuous upgrading of content ecology. Baidu knows that starting from the Q & a community, it continuously operates on content, including the operation of the UGC community, the severe operation in the vertical field, the operation of PGC mode and BGC mode. Baidu knows that through all kinds of actions, it has ploughed content into content, from content to excellence, from full to small, from shallow to deep, constantly promoting the upgrading of knowledge content and becoming a high quality content platform.

The second is intensive cultivation in the vertical field. Different areas of knowledge consumer users, content and scene are different. Baidu knows that it has been doing vertical deep tillage, including products, content and operation, and has bred the vertical products such as operation help, baby know, thumb doctor and so on. Now the partner mode is differentiated in the mobile phone, household appliances, government and other industries.

The third is content to service one-stop. Baidu knows to connect services and users through knowledge, and begin to explore connection services. For example, to cooperate with government agencies, inquire about general information, ask for specific details, handle related matters, provide a one-stop government service solution of "check, ask and do"; for example, in the partnership plan, mobile brand enters Baidu to know that while answering questions, it also provides one-stop service, such as online appointment, trade in and new products, after sale. This shows that Baidu knows the idea of "one stop" from content to service.

Baidu knows that in essence, it is "gradual innovation" around content and products. Every day, Baidu knows that it may not feel that much change, but it will be very different if compared with a few years ago.


How can the maximum QA platform change user awareness?

Baidu is known as the most ancient knowledge platform in China. It is the originator of the Q & a platform and the pioneer of the WEB2.0 era. In the 14 years Baidu knows, the Internet has gone through many waves, WEB2.0, mobile Internet, social network, knowledge payment, short video and so on, and there are many knowledge products in the middle.

The most obvious competition with Baidu is the knowledge that competition is most obvious. At one time, some people think that the rise of knowledge will subvert Baidu. Now it seems that the nature of people is completely different. They know that they are social quiz communities, and have more media attributes. Baidu knows that it is the content platform of questions and answers, which focuses on the questions and answers, makes deep efforts in the vertical field, improves the content quality of the platforms, and realizes the one-stop service of "finding, asking and doing".

The answer to active search is more memorable than passive instillation. People are more willing to know the solution to get authoritative answers and details of life in Baidu. Baidu knows the "partner mechanism" to introduce authoritative content, making QQ customer service, specialization and timely, helping partners reach users, and further changing the way users acquire knowledge.

Unlike many Q & A platforms that are isolated individuals, Baidu knows that Baidu is a key component of content ecology. Knowledge is a key category of many content forms. Most of the information and content people acquire belongs to a broad sense of knowledge. It is precisely because of this, the search age is known as the core channel of Baidu search. In the mobile Internet era, under the "search + information flow" dual engine mode, Baidu knows that it is collaborating with information flow, 100 home numbers, short videos, etc. Baidu knows to gather knowledge contents of various vertical classes, and hundreds of homes and good-looking can enrich content forms, search + information flow better distribute knowledge content, and intelligent small programs can better undertake services.

Just like Robin Li said. The core of Baidu's work over the years is the distribution of content. As an important carrier of knowledge content, Baidu knows that it is indispensable to Baidu's content ecology. The partner mechanism has greatly enriched Baidu's knowledge content ecology. Baidu's increasingly sophisticated content ecology, unique dual engine content distribution mode, is also creating more possibilities for Baidu.

In the era of mobile fragmentation, the content industry is undergoing dramatic changes under the support of new technologies and new modes such as AI, information flow, crowdsourcing creation, knowledge payment and so on. The evolution Baidu knows is continuing. No matter what new knowledge platform, what new knowledge forms, and what new Q & a platform, Baidu knows that its status has never been shaken. In the minds of the occupying crowd, ginger is still hot.


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