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The most black technology in history! The latest robot conference, understand!

jjckb-wx @ 2019/08/23

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August 20th -25 days

Beijing also creates an international convention and Exhibition Centre.

Be praised as a machine "Davos"

2019 world robotics Conference


One hundred and eighty Many well-known enterprises and research institutes at home and abroad.

Twenty-one Industry applications

Seven hundred Redundant robot

Here Assemble appearance!

Cool robot band

Dancing robot little sister

Robot arm that writes calligraphy

I can help you get the express robot arm.

Swimming bionic jellyfish

And intelligent bird bionic aircraft.

And even "Transformers"


Let's go to the exhibition hall quickly and Xiaobian.

Reporter: Guo Qian Jinhui

Video production: Wang Yihui

Editor: Wang Haoran

Producer: Wang Xiaobao

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