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[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2398

lengtoo @ 2019/10/09

Cold rabbit slot, God gave me many times the opportunity to gain weight, I have seized one by one.

When a girl sleeps and holds a doll.

Micro-blog: disillusioned monk:

Little knowledge: staying up late can not prolong your vacation, but it will only make work day even more difficult.

Every day after the vacation, he cried and got up.

If you want to squeeze it out, you will regret it when you squeeze it out. Next time you squeeze it, you will have unlimited circulation.


Children have secret love.
Adults are born without love.

Children want to grow up to make money. Adults only want to retire early.

Contemporary people's view of love

Micro-blog @ to ODA:             

Only then did I know that Nanjing has not yet reached all the prefecture level cities in Jiangsu.
But Nanjing has achieved direct access to all prefecture level cities in Anhui (large scale or high-speed rail).

Nanjing, what's wrong with you?

Cat: Oh, no!

Those who agreed to "if we were not married at the age of 30, we would live together and take care of each other". When he first ran eight hundred meters, he agreed to run with each other.

The first question of Da Xiong is right.

Micro-blog @ White empress:

Now the mindset is to want to do something advanced, such as work, exercise, do housework, and the body completely does not listen to the brain command, can delay procrastination. But as long as we see what we want to eat, we must eat it immediately and at the latest, and it will be hard to understand the happiness at that moment. At the same time, when I feel sad, how can I be so greedy? It's very difficult to get ahead.

This sitting posture. It's quite unique.

Micro-blog @ Portuguese:

A person's excitement button: talk about her love beans.

He is not sleepy.

The most serious problem every day: what to eat?

Contemporary girls' online social networking phrase:
1. do you have a bath and eat?
2. links send me
3. crouching the original picture
4. which looks good, I want to make friends circle.
5., I can!
6. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Is it about tea? Walk around Wei

Micro-blog Liao Liao wants to grow taller :

I said to the holidays:

The cold rabbit slot is here today! Today, I want to talk about what humble things you have done for friendship.