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One hundred and fifty thousand medium size SUV how to choose? BYD Tang VS Jie Dao X95

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/12/23

In November 28th of this year, the flagship model of the Czech route, X95, was officially launched. The price of the medium sized SUV was just 9.99-15.29 million. There are only a handful of medium SUV available in the next 150 thousand, and BYD Tang fuel Version (12.99-16.99 million) is one of them, so it is inevitable to have a positive dialogue with X95. What are the selling points of these two popular cars in addition to the large space brought by body size? In contrast, what are their highlights and advantages? This article will explain for you in detail.

Appearance contrast:

The same as the Chinese style, but each has its own characteristics.

The appearance of X95 and BYD Tang is full of strong Chinese style. X95 applies the concept of "emblem of the city of Anhui". The design language of the "cornices and corners" of the corner is clear and powerful, and the design language originates from the Chinese Hui style architecture. Tang's Dragon Face design language incorporates a large number of Chinese dragon elements. The front headlights, the middle net and the chrome stripe are depicted with longan, dragon mouth and dragon beard.

The overall appearance of the two models has the momentum and class sense of medium SUV. The X95 has a fierce front encirclement, a vigorous middle net, a rich body line and a bilateral double exhaust, which is more tough and masculine. BYD's body line is smooth and smooth, with streamline feeling, and a relatively soft front face will be more suitable for both young and old.

Interior contrast:

X95 has both luxury and technology. Tang sports are more concentrated.

Most of the readers of BYD Tang's interior are very familiar with it. As with the design language, BYD will popularize the same interior layout to its newest generation of all grades. Tang's interior is considered to be a full family version of the family interior. The neat central console is very durable. The rotatable central control panel has become a major feature of BYD's interior. Central control, seat and door handrails are all decorated with red stitches, showing a certain sense of movement.

The new way for X95's new car interior is also full of effort and cost, enough for the first time to contact its people, the 12.3 inch LCD panel +12.3 inch, the central control screen, +9.7 inch air conditioning touch screen, the three major screen layout is highly scientific and technical, and through the central control unit's piano black central control panel and the diamond rhombus pattern on the seat / door panel to create an elegant atmosphere.

The interior of the two models is undoubtedly at the most advanced level of 10-15 million cars. X95 is dominant in grade and luxury. BYD Tang is more athletic and simple.

Space contrast: space is almost the same.

Body size comparison

Vehicle type

Length / width / height (mm)

Wheelbase (mm)

Agile route X95


Two thousand eight hundred and fifty-five

Bea Dutens


Two thousand eight hundred and twenty

In the 10-15 price range, the car interior space is naturally the main selling point of these two medium-sized SUV, so who should be more spacious than the others? According to the form, the two body sizes are very close (X95 is slightly superior in the height and wheelbase), which provide three seat layout of the 5/6/7 seat and 7 main hits. We have made a spatial experience of 7 versions of two models, and the results are as follows:

X95 space performance

BYD space performance in Tang Dynasty

By contrast, we can see that the interior space of X95 is slightly larger than that of Tang. The one or two row spaces of the two models are quite abundant. On the same level average level, the comfort of the ride can be guaranteed completely, while the third row is not a problem for adults to "take emergency". If long-distance travel is made, it is not very friendly to the last passengers.

Comparison of power systems: 1.6T challenges 2.0T

The power part, X95, provides 1.5T and 1.6T two engines, matching 6MT/6DCT and 7DCT gearboxes respectively. The Tang system is equipped with a 2.0T engine, matching 6AT transmission.

On the data, the 1.6T version of X95 is very close to that of Tang, while the dynamic parameters of 1.5T version are quite different. For those buyers who have higher requirements for vehicle acceleration, X95 1.5T, a medium-sized SUV, will not be able to perform satisfactorily. If it is to cope with normal commuting, it will still be competent.

In order to match the six emissions, BYD has cut down the engine output of Tang Dynasty. The engines of the previous five models reached 151kW (205PS) and 10kW (13PS), and the peak torque was the same as that of the six models. The actual dynamic performance shows that there will be no significant difference between the five countries / six emissions of the Tang Dynasty, and the power of X95 1.6T is basically at the same level as Tang. Less than 200PS of the horsepower drive exceeds 1.8 tons of medium-sized SUV, naturally there will not be too much passion, but it is also enough to make the vehicle to be light and open, and it is more than enough to deal with the long-distance travel of many people.

Comparison of vehicle volume allocation: The overall configuration level is quite.

As the two cars are provided with a variety of configurations, we have chosen the matching versions of the two prices close to each other, and will compare the amount of configuration version to configure the level of competition, namely the X95 1.6T to explore the Pro version of the 7 (141 thousand and 900) and the Tang 2.0T Zhi Lian distinguished 7 (149 thousand and 900). The price of the whole vehicle system is slightly higher than that of the X95. The 2.0T intelligent alliance is just the middle configuration, while 1.6T explores the Pro version, which is the middle high allocation of the Czech way X95.

According to the configuration table, the two sides have very rich security configuration, such as ABS anti lock braking, brake force distribution EBD, traction control TCS, body stability control ESP, tire pressure monitoring and so on. Tang 2.0T Zhi Lian's honorable and more agile X95 1.6T explored Pro version with more anti roll stabilization system, steep slope slow down and front / rear head air bags, while the latter had more Lane Assist and lane departure warning.

In terms of comfort and convenience, Tang 2.0T Zhi Lian distinguished and agile X95 1.6T explored the Pro version with keyless start, keyless entry, cruise control, and 360 degree panoramic reversing images. X95 1.6T explored the Pro version of the Pro version with more remote start up, electric backup box, back door induction opening, back-up car location memory, front seat heating, all car window key lifting / anti clip hand; Tang 2.0T intelligent association has more types of remote control lifting windows, vehicle mounted data recorder, driving seat seat tilt adjustment, external rearview mirror electric adjustment / heating, interior rearview mirror automatic anti glare and vehicle ambient lights.

In terms of multimedia configuration, the X95 1.6T explores the Pro version, which is equipped with a 12.3 inch LCD panel. The size of the Tang 2.0T smart alliance is 5 inches. Both sides are equipped with large size central control touch screen, and the built-in functions are rich and advanced.

It is worth mentioning that Czech way X95 has provided ten or 200 thousand kilometers of long warranty. It can be seen that manufacturers are confident about the quality and reliability of X95. Tang's warranty is not too short, for 4 years or 100 thousand kilometers. Overall configuration level, the X95 1.6T explores the Pro version and the Tang 2.0T intelligence alliance honorable type is quite similar, the security disposition is very in place, all can let the driver and crew get the comfortable and the technology experience.

Conclusion: X95 and BYD don't doubt that the selling point is more than space. Their shape design combines a large number of Chinese elements, and fashion and design sense are outstanding and distinctive. X95 has the "three big screen" of the interior is the biggest highlight, the technology experience is very important to consumers, X95's interior will be more attractive, and for those who like simplicity and sports style, of course, Tang's interior is more flavour. In terms of power, the 1.6T version of the Czech way is basically the same as that of Tang Dynasty, which fully meets the needs of daily use. The performance of the two cars is the same. If you buy a car within 150 thousand of the budget, you need a lot of space, pay attention to ride comfort and configuration of the richness, X95 1.6T version and Tang are relatively cost-effective choice. (text: Pacific Automotive Network Wu Yuchu)

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