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Fever 39 degrees! The Hangzhou man ate the pig's hoof in the fridge and almost died. Summer is coming, and such patients are much more.

dskbdskb @ 2020/05/22

Summer is here, and there are more things in the fridge. Mr. Wang, who is 50 years old in Hangzhou, has been walking in the "ghost gate" because he ate a pig's hoof that he took out in a fridge.


It happened like this: at noon the other day, Mr. Wang was at home and his wife and children went to work. A tray of pig hoof that has been put in the refrigerator for a week has been slightly heated in the microwave oven, and eaten at lunch.


I didn't expect to finish it at noon. In the afternoon, Mr. Wang began to suffer from diarrhea, and he pulled more than ten times in the afternoon. People are near collapse. In addition to diarrhea and abdominal distension, fever was initiated and the body temperature was as high as 39 degrees. He hurried to the hospital near his home.


In the hospital, Mr. Wang still had diarrhea and appeared. Liver, kidney, breathing and other organ injuries are serious, and even shock. !

The culprit might be Salmonella.

That evening, Mr. Wang was rushed to the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital of Zhejiang University for emergency treatment. Gao Jianping, deputy chief physician of the consultation, immediately led the treatment team to consult with the infectious disease experts, and carried out active fluid replacement, anti shock and anti infection treatment for Mr. Wang.


As of yesterday, the number of diarrhea was significantly reduced, physical strength gradually recovered, and the physical condition tended to be stable.


Gao Jianping, deputy chief physician, said that every summer is a high season for diarrhea, but it is rare for Mr. Wang to be so serious and he has no intestinal diseases and underlying diseases.


A good person, eating a pig hoof, how did it cause shock? According to the preliminary results of laboratory stool culture, Mr. Wang is Salmonella infection It is clear that the results need to be further verified.


Salmonella, a food borne pathogen, mainly spreads through poultry and eggs. It is pathogenic through the digestive tract, and there are typical symptoms of fever, diarrhea and vomiting after human infection. In general, Salmonella carriers are not allowed to engage in food preparation until they are licensed by the doctor.

Hangzhou City CDC says people do not necessarily suffer from Salmonella infection. Under normal physiological conditions, the acidity of human stomach, the normal flora that live in the intestines and the lymphoid tissue of intestinal submucosa all play an important role in preventing Salmonella invasion. But the intake of too many pathogens or human gastric acid secretion decreased, misuse of antibiotics caused by intestinal flora imbalance, and long-term use of corticosteroids and systemic resistance and other factors are easy to get salmonellosis. In addition, Salmonella will die in 15 to 30 minutes at 60 degrees centigrade. After high temperature cooking, bacteria can usually be killed.


Gao Jianping, deputy chief physician, believes that The pig's hoof eaten by Mr. Wang has been in the fridge for a whole week, and perhaps it has gone bad and has developed bacteria. When the microwave oven is heated, it is only slightly heated. The pig hoof is thick and can not be heated to kill bacteria in a short time. The bacteria and toxins in the body are more numerous, so there is such a serious situation.

Fridge is not a safe deposit box.

" Remember that refrigerators are not safes. Cooked food in the fridge will be gone for a long time. Director of the Department of critical care medicine of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, pan Kong Han, said the possible pathogens of diarrhea in the fridge include viruses, bacteria, viruses such as norovirus, rotavirus, bacteria, such as Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, Jerson S, Lester, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.


If the food taken out overnight or in the fridge is cooked or heated without high temperature, it can easily cause intestinal infection and then cause enteric diarrhea. These pathogens and toxins are not only easy to damage the intestines, but also pass through the intestinal mucosa, invading the blood, and flow to the whole body, causing serious systemic complications such as bloodstream infection, systemic sepsis and shock.

Gao Jianping, deputy chief physician, said viral infections were common among people with infectious diarrhea, and bacterial infections were common among critically ill patients. A few years ago in the summer, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital also received a woman who had eaten a lot of ice sticks and ham sausages in summer, and then sent to the hospital for less than an hour. In the blood of Ms. Chen, doctors clearly identified Staphylococcus aureus. This is probably due to the fact that food is not stored or stored in hot weather in the hot weather. The temperature is not correct, causing bacterial contamination and causing food deterioration.


As a result, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting and so on, we should go to the intestinal out-patient clinic in time to avoid blindly taking laxatives and delay treatment. Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital from May 1st to October 31st will set up enteric out-patient clinics to receive diarrhoeal patients.

How to prevent Salmonella infection?

Be sure to separate the refrigerator from cooked.

Every year from May to October is a high incidence period of intestinal diseases. For this reason, Hangzhou CDC proposes several suggestions to the public against Salmonella.

1. Ingredients must be washed.

Before cooking, eggs are best washed with water. Because the shell of the egg is easy to stick with chicken manure, during processing, especially the semi cooked eggs, it is possible to be contaminated by Salmonella in chicken feces and become the culprit of the spread of salmonellosis. Meat and vegetables can also carry Salmonella. It is also necessary to wash with water and make sure that it is clean.


2. Food must be cooked.

Salmonella has strong viability in the external environment, and water can survive for 2 to 3 weeks. Feces survive 1 to February, and survive in the frozen soil for half a year. The most suitable breeding temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius, which often leads to food poisoning in the summer. But its resistance to heat is not strong. It will die in 15 to 30 minutes at 60 degrees centigrade. 。 High temperature cooking is the best way to kill bacteria. Like eggs, the egg yolk and egg white must be heated until they are completely solidified.


3. Separate storage and processing of raw and cooked foods

The proportion of Salmonella produced in raw foods is high, while Salmonella barely exists in foods cooked at high temperature. Therefore, the processing of fresh food at home requires separate appliances, such as knives, chopsticks and other appliances. Raw and cooked food should be stored separately in different containers, not cooked or mixed. 。 Especially in the fridge, do not mix the leftovers and raw ingredients (such as vegetables) with a relatively strict partition, or simply wrap them (if placed in a fresh box) before mixing them. Containers that contain raw materials are not cleaned and sterilized. They must not be placed directly in good dishes. Meanwhile, containers in the house must be regularly sterilized with water.


4. Drink boiled water after disinfection and do not drink raw milk.


5, after the change, after changing the diaper, after contacting pets, and before preparing food or having dinner, Wash your hands carefully. Especially the latter.


6, raw poultry, beef and pork should be regarded as potentially contaminated food. Fresh meat should be kept in a clean plastic bag when circumstances permit, so as to prevent bleeding from polluting other foods. After handling raw meat, do not lick your fingers, or touch other foods or smoke before you wash your hands.


7. After every contact with one kind of food, Be sure to wash the chopping boards carefully. So as not to contaminate other foods.

How to keep food correctly at high temperature?

Meat and meat products

Foods such as ham sausage, canned meat, dried meat floss and preserved meat should be kept at normal temperature according to the instructions. Observe whether it is blackened, sticky or flavour when opening.

Braised flavor such as sauce duck, pig hoof and so on, the best choice in summer is packaged cooked food braised flavor, try not to let sales staff change knife, avoid cross infection. After buying the cooked food, buy a microwave oven and a steamer for high temperature. If there is any residue, refrigerate the food in a timely manner. Refrigerated time should not exceed 24 hours.

Fresh fish, pork and so on, according to the amount of packed into a single use quantity directly into the freezer. Seafood products should be refrigerated in separate boxes with other livestock and poultry products to avoid odor.


Vegetables and fruits

In summer, there are more fruits and vegetables in the fridge. It is best not to wash vegetables and fruits before refrigerating, but not to put them in the refrigerator with the fresh-keeping bags. The storage time is best not to exceed three days. The refrigeration temperature is generally 0 degrees -10 degrees. It should be noted that when placed, do not approach the fridge wall to avoid frostbite.

staple food

The staple food such as rice and flour can be kept at normal temperature, and keep dry and regularly ventilated.



The food that can't be eaten can only be refrigerated. It is necessary to store the food in a sealed fresh-keeping box, fresh keeping bag or a layer of fresh-keeping film on the bowl. Be careful not to plug the refrigerator too full, so that the air convection in the refrigerator, to ensure that the cooling effect.

Refrigerating time should not exceed 24 hours. Before heating, it must be thoroughly heated and confirmed that it is edible without deterioration.

Reporter Zhang Yuxin

Correspondent Wang Jialing, Zhou Suqin, Yan Min

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