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TFBOYS took the energy ball in the music festival, and came back with a wave of memories, killing and crying.

ouxiangshuo @ 2019/12/09

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In December 8th, the TMEA Music Festival was held in Macao. Many guests were invited to this event, and the most notable one was TFBOYS. In the past two years, with the development of the three members of TFBOYS, the number of them has been few and far between.

In this event, TFBOYS first appeared in the red carpet, and three of them wore suits. The appearance of a young boy would surely attract the attention of a large number of people again. What happened on the red carpet made fans recall the scenes that TFBOYS had experienced before.

On this red carpet, the guests did not sign on the signature board. Instead, they held a ball of energy and signed the name on it. When TFBOYS stepped onto the red carpet, they received their own energy balls. And when TFBOYS saw three people holding energy balls, fans felt that this scene was inexplicably familiar. After careful recollection, the fans also remembered that MV, which was originally filmed by TFBOYS, also appeared.

TFBOYS came out in 2013, and since then, they have brought many works to you every year. During this period, the song of magic castle should be familiar to many people. At that time, TFBOYS also made a special shot of MV. One of them was to put together the water crystal ball, and its appearance was similar to the energy ball of this red carpet. In MV, the crystal ball was held in Wang Junkai's hand. At that time, Wang Yuan and Qian Xi also looked at Wang Junkai. The coincidence was that when Wang Yuan and Qian Xi got the energy ball, the two men looked at Wang Jun Kai again.

In the face of such a similar scene, it can not help but sigh that even though time goes by very well, their feelings and ways of getting along have not changed at all. If anything is to be said, it is only a change in height, and a childish thing that has already disappeared. And why Wang Yuan and Qian Xi will see Wang Junkai, this is also a very interesting thing. At first, when Kay Kai got the ball, he was very bright. After he signed the name, he suddenly exploded the lamp. Such a change made Xiao Kai unprepared and let his two brothers be curious.

After the energy bulb exploded, even though Xiao Kai used his pen to poke and poke his whole body, his ball never restarted, until finally Kay could only give up in vain. When he saw the little Kay energy bulb, the one thousand side Xi also consciously looked at his energy ball, and at the same time he found his energy ball was not bright.

At this time, the thousand Xi used a hand lit look, threw the energy ball in the hand, and suddenly lit up. Then I believe that the thousand Xi was also a bit proud. After a while, the energy ball was once again dim. At that time, the Yuxi threw the ball away, which made the lamp light up.

It's just a part of the red carpet. We can see the funny side of the three teenagers. The three people are still familiar with the feeling. Even if it looks very steady, there is no lack of loveliness. This looks sure to make fans excited. And tonight, TFBOYS will bring the first stage after 6th anniversary, which is also looking forward to their performance.