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"The vegetable stall owners are killing dogs in the street and clash with others: where did I pay for it, where did I break the law?"

mon0896 @ 2019/12/18

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It's normal for most people to have a couple of dogs that they like at home, and our love for dogs is always very impressive. But for those who do not have dogs, dogs are just money in their eyes.


In the eyes of these people, dogs are just a kind of food that can be full of their appetite. Especially in winter, we often see the existence of dog meat chafing dish, because there will be more and more conflicts between dog lovers and slaughterers.


The owner of the street butcher dogs on the street and clash with others.

According to media reports, some stall owners in Yangzhou have sold dog meat unscrupulously, and even more frantic stall owners have taken dogs directly to the scene for slaughter and weighing.


According to Mr. Wang, these stall owners had clipped the dog from the cage, then hit the dog's head directly with a stick, then stabbed it into the dog's body with a pair of scissors, and finally threw the dog into a big pot with boiling water. In less than ten minutes, the dog was skinning, and the scene was very cruel and bloody.


A lot of dog lovers on the spot said they could not accept it, so they began to stop the behavior of the stall keeper. But they said: "these dogs were bought by me. Did I do anything wrong?" Where did I break the law?

It's wrong to kill a dog on the street, not to mention a dog who hasn't fought back. Don't mention that a real dog owner found his own Samoye in the cage.


Due to the rapid involvement of the police in the two sides' conflict, it was discovered that the stall owner did not have quarantine certificates and subsequently banned the dog killing stalls, but this led to a question on the Internet.

Is it right or wrong to kill a dog?


Let's look at two different versions.

Some netizens said: There is no essential difference between dogs and other animals. How can dogs not be killed by their own owners? Besides, people can kill chickens and kill ducks. Why not kill dogs? They are all meat for human beings. Why should we treat them differently?

The other side said: "this scene is very bloody. What if a child sees it?" And it is not all dogs that eat here. There are also some pet dogs in cages. Why do dogs of other families appear here? Is it not worth pondering?


Xiao Ke still thinks that the latter is more reasonable. Of course, it is a civilized society. Even if it is not a dog lover, I would like to stop it. I would like to think about how to prevent it from happening again rather than arguing who is right or wrong.

Shit officials see it.

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