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Can't you pick up red? Annie Yi's past deeds revealed: lip synching, betrayal of marriage, false propaganda.

bgxs88 @ 2020/06/29

Recently Qin Hao and Annie Yi The couple's enthusiasm is very high. The two partners are in the reality show "mother-in-law and mother", Qin Hao's new play. Hidden corner "The heat and reputation are excellent. Annie Yi is also on the reality show" sister in the wind and waves ", the heat is very high. In the program, Annie Yi was led by the leader to Wang Zhi and Wang Likun, and he cried and made a lot of powder.

But children who like to eat melon are not likely to like Annie Yi, because her past is so bad that she is 52 years old. She is definitely the most "female schoolmate" in her sister.

Last April, Han Xuegao's musical "white night trip" tour, but in NingBo Railway Station, it was exposed to lip synching, Han Xue studio also exaggerated, said Han Xue "chose the most special way to complete this performance", "some imperfections, is another way to achieve perfection", was boycotted by netizens.

But when it comes to musical lip synching, Annie Yi is the originator. As early as in 2005, Annie Yi and Allen Lin appeared in the musical "Zhou Xuan" and were exposed to lip synching, because the microphone had not yet picked up the voice. Then Annie Yi also admitted that he threw the pot to the request that the equipment could not reach the real singing, and said it was a good thing that could stimulate the progress of domestic musical.

The face is thick enough.

The Internet has memories. Annie Yi used to take a lot of rhythm in micro-blog in the early years.

In January 2013, Annie Yi, who had 6 million fans, directed himself to play a drama called "drinking tea" and "being banned", causing bad effects. If you want to know more details, you can see the encyclopedia entry "Annie Yi's speech event". But according to the entry and exit record, Annie Yi has obviously returned to Taiwan. How can he be asked to "drink tea"?

As early as 2013, in order to show his greatness, Annie Yi announced that he had voluntarily renounced Japanese nationality in.

But in 2009, when Annie Yi accepted the interview of "Zhi Yun dinner", it was revealed that in Japan, during the dark period of her life, she was pursued by the senior school students, excluded from school, encountered campus bullying, and often quarrelled with her mother. She had to be forced to return to Taiwan to develop, instead of giving up voluntarily.

In September 2014, Annie Yi sent micro-blog to expose himself to Qin Hao, and in July he proposed romantic marriage to Turkey. He also exposed photos of the proposal.

But this was soon hit by the media. In August, when Annie Yi asked me if she was going to marry Qin Hao when she was in the "I was Queen" press conference, she replied, "he didn't speak."

After being beaten, Annie Yi deleted the micro-blog, but the forwarding of the big media is still there.

Annie Yi has publicized a lot of fake and shoddy things on micro-blog.

In October last year, Annie Yi promoted a brand name product of children's probiotics in micro-blog, and took the rice grain of his own child to enhance his persuasion.

But in fact, probiotics can not promote intestinal absorption, and can not improve immunity. Therefore, Annie Yi is a false propaganda and has been attacked by many doctors and V. Moreover, the registered company of the product has no qualification for the production of such health products.

At the beginning of this year, Annie Yi was also faced with a fierce face.

Annie Yi even promoted the India spiritual course in micro-blog, not only with detailed application information, but also printed her photo and signature on the leaflet.

Annie Yi, the micro-blog, was soon knocked down, because the so-called spiritual education course was a big flicker. It was cult by Chinese Anti religious instructors. It was a cult and suspected of pyramid selling. Before that, many people paid a painful price for credulity.

After being beaten up, faced with netizens Tucao, Annie Yi retorting hard. One writer is her friend. Annie Yi, who was exposed in 2010 in 2010, was a founder of spiritual education in 2010. Annie Yi himself also gave pictures of spiritual experience.

Of course, Annie Yi's most notorious is still "holding the door", and Harlem Yu has not been divorced, he was photographed and Victor Huang closely linked shopping. Annie Yi has always denied empathy, but he often contradicts himself.

The reason why Annie Yi has the title of "talented woman" is that many books have been published. In 2002, there was a book showing love and affection. It was called "the last words of life and death". In the book, he expressed his love for Harlem Yu and couldn't extricate himself from it.

As a result, it was photographed "hand in hand". Annie Yi could only face himself, accusing Harlem Yu of lying in an interview, and broke the news that two people's feelings had been bad and had been separated for many years.

But Harlem Yu said there was no separation at all, so who lied?

Later, when Annie Yi accepted the interview with Zhi Yun dinner, he said, "Harlem Yu is the most beloved person in his life. No matter what stage life is going to go, Harlem Yu is the most important thing for others to replace." Today, Annie Yi, who loves Qin Haoxiu all day, does not know how to face the passage he once said.

To sum up, Annie Yi's past can be described as evil. Under such circumstances, I can not be ashamed of the elder sister who is brave enough to break the waves. It is also very impressive and very cheeky.