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When it comes to spring blossoms, will you accompany me to Tibet?

chongzixiaobian318 @ 2019/12/23

Recently, Tibet has entered winter.

It snows in many places.

Although there is winter free policy in Tibet.

Though winter is not cold in Tibet

But many small partners are reluctant to choose to enter the country in winter.

Therefore, many small partners may choose spring festival next year to visit Tibet. After all, they believe that the most beautiful world will be more beautiful and charming at that time.

If you don't want to go to Tibet in winter, then will you accompany me to Tibet when spring comes next year?

Over the years, Tibet has always been the place I want to reach.

Looking at the pilgrims, they crawled step by step towards the temple of the heart. It is as if they would never languid, and their hands would cling to the sky and lay down. Gradually, one meter, ten meters, and one hundred meters... Until we reach the foot of Potala Palace. Their eyes are bright, and their hearts are bright.

As long as you see these two words and read these two sounds, you will have a sacred feeling in Tibet.

Tibet, a sacred place soaring by the eagle, is a pure land far from the hustle and bustle. A place with a spirit of three feet above the head.

How many piety, humility and persistence are there in Tibet? How many temples, lamas and canisters have many legends, dreams, and shocks.

There are countless opportunities for coincidence in life. At a given time, in a particular space, the things you should meet in your life should be launched in front of you. Which link is wrong, even if it is just a little bit, maybe this life will never meet again. I don't know whether this arrangement is right or wrong. I only know that this is the fate of legend. If it is robbery, it is also dodge.

I am infatuated with the emptiness of Tibet and infatuated with the thin air.

I also like the mountains of Tibet, which are less feminine, and some are majestic and atmosphere. Standing at the top of the sea four or five kilometers, it takes a big breath to breathe, which is the illusion of frequent death. Facing the continuous mountains and drifting clouds, at that instant, they will lose themselves, do not know where they are, and have an impulse to fall down. Bury them here, and bury them here. It may be the end of my past life.

When we first saw Nam Co, we were amazed at the beauty of its beauty. Its beauty without a trace of dust and dust was undoubtedly stirring and inspiring. I heard my heart beating fast, and my eyes were already filled with tears.  

The blue water of the lake is just like the sea and sky. The lake in the distance is quiet, and the golden sunlight flickers on it, like countless elves dancing; and the water near the shore is restless, with layers of waves, like the surging tide. I stood there, thinking in my heart: heart is like a lake, moving like a tide!

No matter how many visitors are around me, I am sure that this is a paradise for me and a heaven for my heart.

Like a person, or fall in love with a place, I think there is no reason and no need for any reason. Is my past life in this mysterious place?

I don't want to doubt it anymore. I seem to have seen the woman with long hair in the reflection of the sacred lake, with a stunning appearance and sounds of nature, and a smiling face that does not involve worldly purity. It has been waiting for thousands of years with Nam Co. I hope it is the past life of me. I have been bewitched, poisoned and poisoned, and refuse to cure.

There is a feeling called pain and happiness, and there is a feeling known as pain, but it has to continue to pain, so the pain is even more painful. Just like tasting a cup of coffee without sugar, the fragrance is always full of bitter bitterness, but it linger in the aftertaste of a sweet taste, such as the wine in the cup, the tears in the eyes, which makes people infatuated but infinite.

The beautiful and magical snow plateau can calm people's impetuosity, give people a mocking mood, but can't hide their guilt. People can find their own souls in this life. This is the providence of heaven and earth. I can't justify myself by consoling myself, but I can't justify all the unexplained ones.

How many times can I look back at you? I don't know what is left in the imprint of my life here. In my soul, it is like the call from the distant sounds of nature. It always moves me deeply. When my feet set foot on this land, everything here is so familiar and unforgettable as if I had lived here for a long time.

Promise me, if you don't want to go to Tibet in winter.

When spring comes next year

Accompany me to Tibet to see it, OK?

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