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What is the combat effectiveness of the India army? Look at the meals of the soldiers at the front line. I can hardly swallow them!

SDZJ-20 @ 2020/06/29

India patrol

In recent times, India has been in conflict with Pakistan and Nepal, making people turn their attention to India again. However, what is surprising is that even in countries such as Nepal and Pakistan, where the comprehensive national strength is totally different from one level, India has no advantage or even paid a certain price. There are many reasons for the low combat effectiveness of the India army, but many people do not think that the main reason is related to diet.

Puri (India) pies

Under normal circumstances, the ordinary India army maintains the habit of three meals a day, in addition to afternoon tea. However, the development of military food in India is seriously lagging behind other countries, and even even unified logistics can not be done. Vegetables depend on what can be bought in the season. First of all, breakfast is usually Puri cake, which is similar to the crisp cake in pancake fruit, fried with wheat flour as raw material. Usually India soldiers only have Puri pie, while officers have more rich side dishes.

Even with rice, Chapati cake is also a staple food.

At noon and at night, staple food is usually made from wheat flour. The name is Chapati. Usually it will be served with side dishes or with curry broth. Even in the case of rice, Chapati is still a staple food. It can be said that this kind of wheat made without any oily cake is the soul of an Indian. It can be seen that the diet of India army is very simple, breakfast is Puri cake, noon is all kinds of ingredients cooked into a pot of curry and then served with Chapati cake, vegetarian and milk.

India military grain

However, the above mentioned is also a normal army diet in India. Even such cheap food is not available to all the army. Before that, India soldiers could not bear to deduct food, and announced the rations of their troops, which made the outside world an uproar. These soldiers do not eat real military food, but animal feed. Besides, many other army can only eat mouldy and rotten food. In the harsh environment of the border areas, especially in the case of heavy snow, the supply of the India army is extremely difficult. It is easy to imagine that the India army with poor food is not in the minority.

India military grain sign: curry stew

Even when food and drink can not be guaranteed, the combat effectiveness of the India army can be imagined, and the fact that the captured soldiers in India praising meals is not a joke. Compared with ordinary meals, the field ration of India army did not improve much. It was mainly curry and dehydrated and stored Chapati cakes. Besides, there was also a cup of orange solid drink and some biscuits. This also reflects India's resistance to storage technology, which is unable to provide a wide variety of field food as other countries do.

The most sophisticated mountaineering force in India is still very simple.

It can be seen that eating the food which is mouldy and rotten and even the feed eaten by the animals is quite a part of the poor living environment of the grass-roots soldiers in India. The food that they cannot swallow at all is a serious blow to the fighting capacity of the India army, or even a great impact on the morale of the India army. Under such circumstances, the Indian army can not gain any advantage in the conflict.