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Because the disability was abandoned, the good lady home, I do not mind you, support you forever

menggoukong @ 2019/03/08

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In a small town in South Korea, there is an old lady every day will push his dog for a walk with the car, the dog is 9 years old! A disease that it lost the ability to walk, so it was the previous owner abandoned on the roadside, she found it, she felt a need to feed a lifetime, just because of ill will throw it away? Anyway, he did not let the dog to accompany with yourself! Even if it has already disabled old and how?

So she took it home, dogs suffering from severe spinal and joint disease, its hind legs was completely paralyzed, she in order not to let it chill or hurt it deliberately set up on its hind legs. Take the dog for a walk every day.

It was soon to know many new friends, but the only regret is that it will not be able to play with them, whenever they enjoy running, it will be a bit lost, the lady said to it if possible he will cure its legs.

How to take care of the children to take care of a dog like a dog, the dog will help cover, will use their own number of money to buy food, whenever there is a question she always said his dog is very lonely, and I do not like this? Let the poor children have a home is not very good?

Gradually the surrounding residents have been touched her! They will do their best to help her take care of her, and this poor child, he is very obedient when someone touch yourself, it will be very enjoy it, think this is the human give their love.

But she felt that it has dragged the hind legs on the ground to go really bad. Will hurt. So there is the beginning of that scene, she every day, pushing the car to take it for a walk, but his body is also a day not good! I don't know how long you can go, or let the dog can go up better.

Finally a relief organization is how to move, they are willing to bear the cost of treatment for the dog, she burst into tears when she heard the news, like a mother to see the kind of mood of their children be saved, in the hospital follow-up examination the doctor said, if you want to let the dog up altogether is impossible, but you can let it go up, but for the dog and how it was enough for the!

The doctor for surgery for it, and the use of acupuncture and so on, and most importantly, the hospital also arranged for rehabilitation, has a staff to help it walk every day.

Finally through their joint efforts, the dogs learned to stand, but also easy to take a few steps! Although it will shake badly will fall again and again, but it clearly does not want to give up, again and again to stand up. So repeat.

Can finally walk slowly! Just can't run, but maybe this time it has been very satisfied! At least, it can play with friends, can not push the lady!