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Huo Siyan, how did you teach your son this? At the age of 4, you could rely on this "abnormal" education to learn to be a tyrant.

guanaibaby @ 2019/12/23

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To say that the entertainment circle is the most admired "children of other people's homes", Huo Siyan is the best person to learn.

When I was on the bus, I chatted with my mother about the fern, but the child is not known at the age of 4. Fern How to write, uh hum, has been strong to mom Science: "Fern has been there long ago, before dinosaurs!"

To grow peanuts with my father 4 years old, hum, it is not ambiguous to dig, fix roots and water. The two generation of the same age did not even know which part of the peanut root was praised by the program group. Well, humming with pride, he said to Du Jiang, "Dad, Today's business depends on my own skills. ".

The 4 games, hum, were actually killing dad Du Jiang.

For Papa, the sun is not red or yellow, because yellow can shine. In short, the baby knows that the sun is a luminous body.

Du Jiang asked why there was black sky and daytime.

Uh huh. "The Chinese side is on the bright side, and the United States is black." Obviously, uh huh, this is Understand the meaning of the earth's rotation and understand the rhythm of the time difference.

When explaining why the plane could fly, um hum actually said aircraft principle. "An airplane can fly in the sky because it has a jet engine, and it can fly with force."

Uh huh, a 4 year old kid who didn't go to kindergarten. In this way, astronomers know geography, even their fathers sigh, "you know this."

Netizens also sigh. Did Huo Siyan grow up by eating hum encyclopedia? How to cultivate a 4 year old child into such an omnipotent learning tyrant?

In fact, it is easy to find Huo Siyan micro-blog. Uh huh, I really grew up eating an encyclopedia. Popular science education started at the age of 2, and all the children in the family were all kinds of encyclopedias of children.

It has to be said that Huo Siyan is far sighted in the hum science popularization enlightenment.

In February 2017, the Ministry of Education issued and requested the "compulsory education primary school science curriculum standards". Primary school science courses were listed as "Basic Courses" as important as language and mathematics, and the first grade of science course extended to the first grade of primary school.

In other words The amount of scientific knowledge and scientific literacy directly affect children's study and achievement.

And at the age of 0-12, when children are curious and eager to learn, they are also the best time to learn. The earlier the child's scientific enlightenment is, the better.

But I believe that parents have the same worries about the scientific concept. Children's pictures and words are only superficial. It's hard to remember their knowledge.

The way of graph + word is only the most basic way of cognition. Daniel L. Schwartz, Dean of the school of education at Stanford University, has proved that children often need to avoid boring and rote learning in the process of encountering conceptual memory. Interactive learning Only in this way can you remember more accurately and remember more accurately.
General learning????? Interactive learning

Yang Yi teacher brushed micro-blog some time ago, attracted by Huang Lei's little daughter's secret book of popular science, and according to Huang Lei's wife, this book is a little girl. Every day before going to bed will play with fun, fun and learn a lot of popular science knowledge, and overturn the traditional picture books of black technology interactive experience of light and shadow, people can firmly remember the picture books involved in popular science knowledge.

Not only is Huang Lei's daughter reluctant to part with it, but the British kid has already gone crazy.

Considering that the children do not understand the original English, Huang Lei's little daughter read the CITIC publishing recently. Britain "Flashlight to see the popular science perspective picture book" all 10 volumes of shock books.

The magic of the popular science book is that its contents can interact and change.

Mother mother has dug a nest in the sand.
It is guarding the eggs in the nest nearby.
Can you guess how many eggs have been born by dinosaur mother?

With a flashlight, the answer naturally appears.
Originally, the dinosaur mother gave birth to 5 eggs.
These little dinosaurs are about to break their shells.

Look at the problem that almost every child will ask:
"Where do I come from?"

Through the perspective, you can see that there is a baby in her mother's stomach.
You can also see the umbilical cord between your baby and your mother.
This picture is really amazing and moving.

On the sandy seabed,
A strange creature with eight legs is lying there resting.
Can you recognize what it is?

Take a flashlight.
The strange Octopus immediately appeared to be in its original form.
It turned out to be a blue ring octopus that changes color.

The desert in the daytime is extremely hot.
Where do desert animals go to enjoy the cool?

They hide in the holes in the bottom of the sand.
When it is cool at night, it will go out to find food.

Flashlight reading is especially suitable for children to do good night books, but children do not learn during the day, the unique high light composite paper, not only under the flashlight, Even under natural light, the effect of perspective is very good.

This particular science picture book can capture the hearts of so many children, largely due to the publishing team behind it. QUARTO group from British children's publishing giant Quarto is good at art and design books, and the IVY KIDS of her children's book is also very creative.

In addition to the novelty and wonder of reading, The contents of the whole series are Quarto assembled hundreds British educational experts, scientific advisers and children's book writers have worked together for 3 years, and have repeatedly revised proofs for 3 years plus preschool children.

This series Global sales have exceeded 3 million copies, and foreign parents and kids love it very much. Because it is too hot to launch new themes, 20 copies have been launched.

Many parents in Europe and the United States share their children online. Their children are super loved. They can't wait to read and play with small hand power every day.

Amazon also has a good reputation.

And this CITIC publishing friend sent me the first Chinese version of their publishing house. The content is the most classic in the whole series. The 10 most popular themes make up a set of books, so the best content is in it.

From baby's favorite animals: farm, dinosaur, animal???

To the big scene of the world, earth???

To the scene of life, "city", "hospital", "garage"???

And my own exploration of the body???

These are all The themes most closely related to our lives and children are most interested in. , There are 15 scenes and questions and answers in each picture book, that is to say, there are 150 scenes and 150 questions, including 150 pages of picture books that can be viewed from perspective. It allows children to play for a long time.

A 5 year old kid can cover half of his body??

The child was taken to the class. Borrowed by children in kindergarten?

Did the teachers join in the play of science books with their children?

As the top publishing group in China, the works of CITIC publishing house are 10000 reassurance. All imported Australian light translucent coated art paper is printed with green soybean ink. It is healthy and safe. It is also safe to sleep at night after bed.

The most important thing is that the price of CITIC publishing is really touching, as bookstore is the latest technology in recent years. The original price is 368 yuan. CITIC Publishing Official website activity price also needs 184 yuan And for the first time. The top 500 can be sold. 139 yuan It's the lowest price.

I will buy today. give Three surprises

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Afraid of missing mother, I also first put out the purchase channel, suggest that you first make a single, no payment, it doesn't matter, occupy the first place, it is likely to see the top 500 dismantling welfare quota has been robbed by the mother of the know!

The latest black science and technology interactive photo book sells well in Europe and America 3 million volumes!
Huang Lei daughter
The minimum price of the whole network is only 139 yuan.
There are only 500 remaining stocks left.
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[10 seconds summary
The flashlight looks at the popular science perspective picture book. The whole 10 volumes of shock books are suitable for children over 3 years old.
Large open book, the price is 139 yuan, the lowest price of the whole network.
To overturn traditional photo books, interact with science and technology, and sell over 3 million copies worldwide.
The QUARTO group of British children's book publishing group has jointly launched the latest burst of European and American children's experts.
10 interesting themes, +150 interactive scenes, +230 essential science knowledge;
It involves 7 important subjects: biology, mechanics, optics, mechanics, ecology, sociology and architecture.
Training children's logical ability, knowledge development ability, concentration, frustration resistance, memory, perseverance and other important abilities.
Stab to see cool box open video
Stab to see cool box open video
Stab to see cool box open video
???? ?????????

This set of books is different from the way of reading before. It uses a unique light and shadow effect. The original ordinary picture can see the interior scene of the picture by lighting up behind it and doing magic tricks.

Color map construction scenario, text guide thinking, and put forward a problem. What animals live in the sea?

Next, Children can use flashlights to illuminate the back of the page, carefully move the flashlight, find and observe the displayed patterns, and then find the answers to the questions.

Black and white pages on the back, announce the answer.

The whole process is from "invisible" to "declassified". Encourage children to discover their own hidden knowledge behind the scenes and fully satisfy their curiosity.

What is more interesting is that In each page, the hidden pictures are not identical, and there is more than one hidden picture. In order to find out all the hidden secret pictures, children need to observe carefully without missing details.

For example, the interactive page of the Great Wall, when we use flashlight to illuminate behind, can not see the contents of the whole page. We can only see one or two soldiers.

But as we slowly move the flashlight, we can gradually see the whole picture: it depicts a battle scene of soldiers on the the Great Wall against foreign invasion.

Children around the age of 3 can be brought together by parents, and older children can read independently.

Each book is centered around a theme. There are 15 light and shadow interaction pages in the book, which contain 15 questions. These questions tell the children the topics they want to introduce from different angles.

Complete sets of books 150 interactive pages of light and shade The children. 150 high frequency common sense problems in real life It is easy and interesting, covering more than 230 basic science knowledge, which not only involves children's daily life, but also extends their horizons to nature. They cover health and body, nature and animals, life and society, history and civilization.

At the end of each book, there is a simple explanation of the noun, which helps them to comb and summarize their knowledge from the perspective of children.

??? dinosaur page

???? The world wonders

For example, the book "body" enables children to understand their bodies from various aspects and learn to protect themselves better.

The questions selected in the book are questions raised from the perspective of children.

For example, many children are curious: "where have all the food we ate gone?"

Through this intuitive and clear perspective, children's questions not only have answers, but also understand the body's digestive system knowledge.

"Animal disguise" shows a surprising and thrilling animal world. Huang Xiezhu, Dongmei Jiao owls, orchid mantis, triangle dry leaf frog and other 15 kinds of camouflaged natural animals appear in succession. Whose camouflage is more seamless?

Look, this fly is very dangerous. Something is going to catch it right away. Can you see what is hidden in the dense green jungle?

A little flashlight illuminated, and the stealth killer appeared instantly. It turned out to be the disguise of the animal kingdom, chameleon. Open the back and learn more about chameleons.

These knowledge points are really new and interesting. They will not feel boring and hard to understand at all. The language to explain knowledge points is also very simple and vivid, attracting children to read with interest.

This set of enough special picture books is The British children's publishing giant QUARTO group, a British educational expert, science consultant and children's book writer, CO designed for 3-6 year olds.

Global sales have exceeded 3 million copies, and foreign parents and kids love it very much.

After the introduction of CITIC press and a number of children's education experts, parents and children in China also liked it. Micro-blog, Xiao Hong, and all the platforms searched randomly.

The interior design is beautiful and full of childlike interest, like the style of illustration.

Interactive light and shadow design, to stimulate children's curiosity, to help children open the door to scientific exploration.

In addition, The book is an international printing factory, which has been certified by the European Union for environmental protection, so it is very safe and reliable, and mothers can rest assured that they can read to their children.

The original price of bookstore is 368 yuan, and CITIC publishing official website's activity price is 184 yuan, and we can sell 139 yuan to the first 500 new ones for the first time.

Then subtract our new big fish in the New Oriental banner with 2% exclusive returns. One hundred and thirty-six Yuan brings 3 benefits.

In addition to this set of interactive books on light and shadow, our mall also has a set of explosive materials, long experience and interactive science books. "Knowledge game Interactive Encyclopedia" wall book series hardcover 5 volumes

This set of wall books is compiled by Christopher, a professor of University of Cambridge (Christopher), specially designed for girls with weariness. He combined with Professor Cambridge to record the whole world's history with a whole sheet of paper.

Christopher and eldest daughter Matilda (left) are 17 years old.
My youngest daughter is Verity15 years old (right).
Shot in 2013
A kind of

Christopher's daughter's wall Book tutorial compiled by his father Homeschooling lasted for ten years. Christopher 10 years of hard work, although the children did not go to school, but they are very good. Matilda He took part in the British college entrance examination and got his wish. With the proud achievement of first class scholarship, he entered his father's alma mater, University of Cambridge.

The top student in the History Department of University of Cambridge, the award-winning science journalist of the times, the educator of Oxford publishing house. Christopher He collated his ten years' experience into five maps and published them. This is the 5 wall book introduced to you today.

Christopher named the five pictures "the general history of the earth", "the general history of Shakespeare", "the general history of nature", "the general history of science and technology" and "the general history of athletics".

Wall book series was popular after publication. Copyright has been sold to fifteen countries around the world. , Single volume sales exceed 5 million Obtained include Times , Daily Mail A full page report, including famous media.

Top of Amazon books rankings
Full of praise.
A kind of

The most exciting thing is that the book is now on sale in China, and it has caused a sensation when it is launched. Not only has it become a recommended bibliography of North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other famous universities, but also has won wide acclaim among children.

This set of books is the lowest price of the whole network in our new big fish pond. as long as Less than 50 percent off Price, 119 yuan You can take all the 5 books that cost 245 yuan!

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Subversion of the traditional picture book, the latest black science and technology interactive photo book!
Huang Lei daughter
"Flashlight to see the popular science perspective picture book" all 10 volumes of shock books.
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Subversion of the traditional picture book, the latest black science and technology interactive photo book!
Flashlight to see the popular science perspective picture book.
All 10 volumes of shock books
The original price is 184 yuan. The minimum price of the whole network is only 139 yuan.
Two sets of Interactive Encyclopedia classics are strongly recommended.
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