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[992 hint] the next statutory holiday will have to wait for next year! Big data tells you what happened in this golden week.

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Today is October 8th.

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The next holiday is new year's day.

Statutory holidays in 2019

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Just seven days' long vacation

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This "eleven" golden week

What are the new trends and new highlights?

Look at authoritative data together.

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In October 7th, there was an endless stream of people upstream of the broken bridge in West Lake scenic spot, Hangzhou. Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzhi photo

Reporters learned from the Ministry of culture and tourism 7, during the 7 day National Day holiday. A total of 782 million domestic tourists were received nationwide, an increase of 7.81% over the same period last year. Domestic tourism revenue reached 649 billion 710 million yuan, an increase of 8.47% over the same period last year. Affected by the positive factors such as price reduction, high speed free, cultural integration and strong supervision, tourist satisfaction and sense of acquisition have been steadily improved.


National retail and catering enterprises

Sales amounted to 1 trillion and 520 billion yuan.

The Ministry of Commerce released 7 data on from October 1st to 7th, The national retail and catering enterprises achieved sales of 1 trillion and 520 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5% over the same period last year.

According to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring, this year's "eleven" golden week, the traditional consumption of shopping, catering and other traditional bright spots of consumption, tourism, culture, sports and other emerging consumer booming, the night economy, the first store economy has become a new bright spot, personalized, quality, intelligent LED the trend of consumer upsurge, the market for adequate supply of daily necessities is adequate, the price is generally stable.

- Bright spots of commodity consumption

During the holiday season, sales of green food, fashion clothes, smart appliances, new digital products and other commodities are booming. The comprehensive consumption format that combines functions of shopping, dining and entertainment is favored, and the characteristic pedestrian streets are thriving everywhere. After the redevelopment of Hangzhou lakeside pedestrian street, the average daily traffic volume is over 100 thousand. The number of passengers on the first day of the golden week of Jianghan Road pedestrian street in Wuhan is more than 30.

- Catering consumption flourishing

Wedding banquet, family dinner, online ordering become the main role of the National Day catering market, popular and characteristic catering is favored. 。 Old restaurant and special network red restaurant are popular, and sales of some old brand restaurants in Beijing increase by 1 times. During the golden week, Chongqing, Qinghai, Hubei, Sichuan, Jiangsu and other places focused on monitoring food and beverage business revenue increased by 17%, 16.3%, 15.7%, 14% and 11.3%, respectively.

- Experience consumption is very popular.

Tourism, viewing, watching exhibitions, sports, reading and other festivals have been favored by more and more people. Four days before the golden week, a total of 542 million tourists were received nationwide, an increase of 8% over the previous year. A number of main melody films triggered the upsurge of the national day view. The total box office revenue of the national cinema exceeded 4 billion yuan, an increase of more than 1 times compared to the same period last year, creating a "eleven" golden week box office record.

- The market of life necessities is stable.

The market for local necessities is abundant, varieties are abundant, and prices are generally stable. The price of grain and oil is basically stable. The wholesale prices of rice, flour and edible oil in the wholesale markets of hundreds of large agricultural and sideline products are basically the same as before the week. Meat prices rose slightly, of which pork wholesale price was 37.26 yuan / kg, up 1.6% over the week before the holiday. The price of vegetables and fruits has declined. The average wholesale price of the 30 vegetables is 3.64 yuan / kg, 1.6% lower than that of the first week before the holiday. The average wholesale price of 6 kinds of fruit is 6.44 yuan / kg, down 3.4%.


Physical store Per capita consumption frequency increased by 45%

This year's "eleven" golden week. The holiday economic effect is prominent, leading to a sharp increase in consumption.

In October 7th, tourists took a boat ride in West Lake Park, Fuzhou. Xinhua News Agency Reporter Lin Shan biography

Alipay released 3 days before the National Day data show that this year's "eleven" golden week, in the face of food, housing, transportation, tourism, entertainment, shopping and other rich consumer products supply. The frequency of consumption per capita in physical stores increased by 45%. Food, travel, retail three industries can be called the "three carriages" to stimulate domestic demand. With the continuous enrichment of mobile payment, The amount of sales of smart products sold by brushes and unsold retail sales soared by 90%.

Similarly, the average daily consumption of "eleven" holidays with a longer holiday period is 10% higher than that of May 1, compared with the 3 days before the holidays. In the broader 4-6 tier cities, the average daily consumption of "eleven" is about 40% higher than that of May 1.

In the National hot business circle, Chengdu Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley, Fuzhou three lanes seven lanes, Guangzhou up and down nine, Kunming Jinma Bi chicken Fang, Xi'an Hui Min street, etc., "eleven" 3 days before the consumption amount far exceeds the "51" 3 days holiday.

In addition, Beijing Nanluogu Lane, Hangzhou lakeside, Xiamen Zhongshan Road, Gulangyu Islet, Shanghai the Bund, people's Square, Shenyang Zhongjie, Wuhan Jianghan Road, Xi'an Xiao Zhai, people's paradise, Huang Xing Road, Guanyin Bridge, Xiamen business district consumption has increased significantly.

With the continuous enrichment of the supply of tourism and cultural products, the impression that people used to travel was the mainstream tourist attractions. Nowadays, the souvenir photo of "visiting here" has become a past event. More people in the first tier cities choose to fly to three and below cities.

From Alipay's consumption data, the net red travel destinations favored by foreign tourists are no longer one or second tier cities, but ABA, Yunnan, Lijiang, Dali, Qinghai Haidong, Hunan Zhangjiajie, Hainan Sanya, Anhui Anhui, Anhui and so on in Sichuan.

At the same time, compared with overseas shopping abroad, the trend of consumption reflux is obvious this year. "People playing abroad, spending in the country" has gradually become a norm.

On the 3 day before the national day, the international trade volume of Tmall imported by the main importer increased by 34%. The hottest imports were from Japan, the United States and South Korea, and they were also popular destinations for outbound travel. This phenomenon is not only related to the channels and categories of people buying imported goods, but also the price of "flying into common people's homes".


Tourism consumption upgrade highlights

In October 6th, tourists were photographed in the powder grass of the Fenghuang Valley in Nanchang County, Nanchang, Jiangxi province. Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Zhaozhi photo

With tourism and leisure becoming the "happiness necessities" of our residents, this year's "eleven" golden week, as always, "people follow the crowd". In addition to the "boom" of tourists, this year's golden week market presents the following new changes:

A larger radius of Tourism

According to Ctrip data, tourists from more than 500 cities are booking products such as group tours, free travel, customized tours, local entertainment and so on. Involving 100 countries and regions, the number is a record high.

From the ticket reservation data, Among the domestic destinations, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chongqing and Xi'an are most popular. Among overseas destinations, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are among the most popular, and the "countries along the belt" along the way continue to heat up.

Red tourism is more "fire".

According to Ctrip data, in celebration of the 70th anniversary founding of new China, the capital Beijing has become the biggest destination of the golden week red tourist flow this year, and Yanan, Shanghai, Jinggangshan, Zunyi and other red tourism destinations also ushered in a large number of tourists.

On Ctrip platform, The search volume with Beijing as the keyword increased by 150% over the same period last year. In Jiaxing, Yanan, Jinggangshan, Zunyi and other key words, the search volume grew by more than 100% over the same period.

The wisdom of scenic spots

Ctrip data show that This year, the number of visitors in Museum scenic spots increased by 30% over the same period. The popularity of the the Imperial Palace Museum and the Qin Shihuang Imperial Mausoleum Museum is very high.

Scenic spots are also more intelligent. For example, six cities in Shanghai, Huangpu, Jingan, Xuhui, Changning, Hongkou and Yangpu have completed 1298 dimensional code settings for the building to enhance the online interaction experience of tourists.

Personalization is thicker.

More tourists choose personalized travel and leisure projects. Ctrip said, Car rental travel orders on National Day holidays are expected to grow by nearly 60% over the same period last year. The short distance self driving tour of the surrounding minority lines has been continuously touted; the number of private groups has increased by 155%.

The characteristic night travel economy is even more popular. Ctrip said that the number of tickets for Huangpu River Cruise, Chongqing two river cruise ships and Pearl River cruise ships increased by more than 50%.

Parent-child tours are more refined.

Ctrip said, During the National Day holiday, 28% of the tourists are parent-child tourists. This group's consumption upgrading is mainly reflected in the residential and recreational projects. During the National Day period, high star hotels and children's houses with children's food, supplies and amusement facilities were more popular. The price of the children's rooms in hot cities could reach 700 yuan to 1000 yuan per night, but most of them sold out in the week before National Day.

The characteristics of parent-child traveling teaching are more obvious. According to Ctrip data, the most popular scenic spots in the golden week are mainly parent-child parks, oceanarium, museums and historical buildings.


Holiday travel "more and more exciting night"

In October 2nd, citizens and tourists enjoyed the "light show of Chutian Guang Xiu and brilliant Jiangcheng" at the Yangtze River beach in Wuhan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Feng Guodong photo

"Falling in love with a city starts from night." This year's "eleven" golden week. More and more tourists change their way of playing, choose to go out in the evening and at night, and have a good tourism experience. At the same time, various service safeguards launched by various places also make night trips more colorful.

In Ji'nan, Shandong, on the evening of 5, 8 people in the Daming Lake scenic spot are weaving. Although the night is thick, the lighting of the surrounding areas will decorate the Daming Lake at night. Around the scenic area, such as Qu Shui Ting Street, Baihua Zhou and other streets and lanes, shops and shops flow in an endless stream.

Shanxi Datong citizen Zhang Kaiqing told reporters that after arriving in Ji'nan in October 1st, because of the high temperature in the daytime and many tourists in the scenic spots, the hot spots such as Baotu Spring and Daming Lake were not only crowded but also unable to enjoy the beautiful scenery. "These days it was only in the afternoon that they came out to play in Ji'nan. They went back to rest at 12 o'clock in the evening. It was not so hot at night, and it was also very lively, and there was no difference between the day and the day. "

Reporters found that Many cities have increased their travel experience in the evening by prolonging the opening time of scenic spots and upgrading the urban lighting.

For example, on the eve of the "eleven" holiday in Ji'nan, five Longtan Park was opened free of charge and closed at 10:30 in the evening. Ji'nan City Administration Bureau official told reporters that through the upgrading of urban lighting, now one night, the high-rise buildings outside the Ji'nan, the roadside trees and so on have lit up, the whole city has been built into a unique charm of the "sleepless city". At present, the city of Ji'nan has completed the construction of 42 sections of 923 buildings, 20 sections of 80 kilometers of green belts, 60 landscape sketches and other landscaping.

"Night travel is not limited to the so-called" night economy "concept, it is a multi-faceted guarantee provided by a city, which allows tourists to travel in the evenings at the same time and even more abundant during the day. Yao Lan, general manager of Lido Business Management Co., Ltd., Shandong, told reporters. The night economy not only has night markets, KTV, bars, but also night service.

Zhang Zhenpeng, a professor at the Business School of University of Jinan, said that in order to make the night tourism truly "colorful", the construction of tourist attractions can not be a monologue. We must emphasize the comprehensive construction of the city and establish the "overall attraction" so that we can make the night travel continue to flourish.

"The growth of data in the areas of public transportation, sharing bicycles, Internet related cars, shops and running water" reflects the changes of urban consumption scenes such as night shopping, night travel, night entertainment, night sleeping and night eating. Nowadays, more and more cities are getting more and more wonderful, and the historical flavor of the city is becoming more and more serious. Dai Bin, President of China Tourism Research Institute, said.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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