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Do you take paper when you are walking Teddy?

CPtaidi @ 2019/07/11

Pet Teddy
Pay attention to it. Teddy is lost with you.

As people live in water Raising and raising Ping Doggy There are more and more people. It's just everywhere. Dog The stool has become a "time bomb", and residents have to travel cautiously. In order to dig out these bombs, an enthusiastic resident in Tianjin has made a pet carton, and the environment has improved a lot.

As soon as I entered the gate of the community, I saw two cartons hanging on two lampposts, which contained "pet paper", with dozens of sheets neatly placed in it. Most of these papers are made of waste newspapers and leaflets.

In the community, dogs walking to take some pieces of paper were first led by dogs. When they walk the dog, they pack the dog's dung with paper and throw them into the trash can. "Pets use cardboard boxes to facilitate the owners of dogs, but also improve the environment of the community." Resident Wang said.

"Everyone goes out to walk dogs without paper." The owners of these pet cartons are residents Wu Yulan. In her view, these are all small things in their power, and she is planning to make more cartons. Wu Yulan said: "the living environment is good, everyone's life will be better." From residential property, it is also known that since the pet box was set for more than two months, the dog dung was really few, and the residents' reflection was good. In addition to consciously taking pet dung, some people actively put some paper into the box.


We can learn this behavior.