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Cold dew, autumn is thick! Keep your feet clean and eat more root vegetables.

foooodies @ 2019/10/09

As the saying goes: "White Dew does not appear, but cold dew does not show. "After cold dew, the autumn is ripe, and the night temperature will drop even lower. We should pay attention to clothing and warmth. The heat preservation of feet is poor. Catching cold easily causes capillary contraction, resulting in a decrease in resistance and a cold. In addition, during the golden autumn, dryness and Qi are in order. During the cold dew period, the key to health preservation is to nourish yin and prevent dryness, moisten lung and stomach, and drink more honey water. You might as well eat some "root" dishes such as Chinese yam, radish, lotus root, and seasonal fruits and vegetables in cold season.

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Agaricus blazei chicken soup

Graphic text  Ningxia wheat

Pheasant Half a Agaricus blazei 40 grams Dioscorea opposita 2 roots Scallion Appropriate amount ginger Appropriate amount Cooking wine 1 tablespoons Soy sauce 2 tablespoons seed powder of Chinese prickly ash 1 tablespoons oil Appropriate amount salt Appropriate amount

1. Agaricus blazei. 2. chop the chicken and put it in a clear pan for 2 minutes. Wash the blood foam with warm water. 3. heat oil in wok, add onion and ginger to stir fry. 4. add the chicken and stir fry until the moisture is dried and the chicken is yellowish. 5. add cooking wine, soya bean sauce and pepper to continue frying. 6. add enough hot water to filter the water from Agaricus blazei and remove the impurities into the soup. 7. move to the sand pot and cook slowly in medium and small fires. 8. yam cut large pieces, soak in water to prevent discoloration. 9. when the chicken is almost cooked, add Agaricus blazei for 10 minutes and season with salt. 10. add yam to soft yam.


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Fried Lotus Root Cake

Graphic text  Bean seed

Streaky pork 250 grams lean meat 100 grams Tender lotus root 1 quarter Red pepper Half Pepper 2 only Shallot Several roots Soy sauce 2 tablespoons starch 2 tablespoons salt Appropriate amount oil Appropriate amount

1. prepare materials. 2. cut the pork into small pieces, slice the lean meat and put the meat into the minced meat. 3. remove the lotus root, peel and cut up the kernel. 4. chopped red pepper and chilli. 5. hot oil pot, stir fry in lotus root. 6. add chili pepper and granule. 7. add the stir fried lotus root and scallion into the minced meat, add the soy sauce, starch and the right amount of salt. 8. stir evenly. 9. dig a spoonful of minced meat into a pie and fry it in the pan. 10. turn over and fry until two sides are yellow.


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Steamed pork with radish

Graphic text  Salila82

Ternip Half Bacon A block ginger Two tablets Pepper One root Scallion One piece Soy sauce Few

1. all the staple foods are well prepared, including white radish, bacon, onion, ginger and chili peppers. 2. white radish scrape off the outer skin, cut into pieces, spare not too thin, slightly thicker. 3. clean the bacon and put it in the pot for 15 minutes. Bacon is more salty, and it can remove some salty taste in bacon. After boiling, the taste of bacon is not so hard and tastes good. 4. prepare the excipients, cut the ginger and cut the green onion into sections. 5. cook the cured bacon and cut it into thin slices. 6. lay the onion on the bottom of the pan, a piece of radish, a piece of bacon, a piece of radish, a piece of bacon, so placed alternately in the dish. 7. sprinkle some ginger on top and place in chili rings. Do not put oil, do not put salt, you can drop a few drops of steamed fish soy sauce. 8. inject the right amount of water into the inner container of the rice cooker, put a steaming rack on it and place the plate on the steaming rack. 9. choose steamed meat or nutritious steaming function, meat for 20 minutes, and steam for 30 minutes, according to the situation. The cooked rice cooker can be used not only for steaming low sugar rice, steamed coarse grain, steamed meat, nutritional steaming, but also a key cleaning function, which is absolutely the gospel of lazy people. 10. when making steamed vegetables, make a flower with a carrot, and do it for the first time. 11. the steamed carrot and bacon were taken out and decorated with carrot flowers. The whole dish immediately became vivid. 12. a super simple dish that looks good and delicious. 13. holidays are also great for entertaining guests.


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Boiled peanuts

Graphic text  Personality is better than beauty.

peanut 190 grams Bean paste 1 scoops

1. pour the right amount of oil into the wok, add the scallion, ginger, garlic, chili and pepper to stir fry, then pour a spoonful of bean paste. 2. pour in 500ml water, add a teaspoon of salt, chicken essence, five spice powder, white sugar seasoning for 3 minutes, pour into boiled peanuts and soak overnight. 3. prepare fresh shelled peanuts. 4. clean peanuts. 5. peanut openings, more convenient when cooking, add water and cook for 20 minutes. 6. put peanuts in brine, soak them overnight, put them in the fridge, and eat in second days. 7. pick up a peanut, suck the taste of the juice, and eat the sweet peanuts. One big dish, one chopsticks and one chopsticks will soon be eaten up. 8. let's try it!


1, use your hands to squeeze a crack in the shell of the head of peanuts. This is a trick for peanuts to taste.

2, find a net bag, put the peanuts in, tighten the bags, put the peanuts bag in the water and rub it continuously, and it will be clean immediately.

3, because peanut sauce is more seasoning than cooking, so it tastes strong and tastes good.

4, refrigerate for a while and then serve the table. It is more tasty and refreshing.

5, peanuts boil more can hang air, oven dry, put longer time.


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Hawthorn stewed snow pear

Graphic text  Mira Miira

Hawthorn Appropriate amount Snow pear Two Crystal sugar Appropriate amount water Appropriate amount

1. the necessary ingredients are ready. 2. peel and cut the snow pear. 3. remove the Hawthorn core. 4. add Hawthorn to the pressure cooker, add the right amount of water and pear, and not too much water. 5. put in sugar candy, first put a piece, try sweetness. 6. boil a small fire and simmer slowly without covering the lid. 7., the United States and the United States after the fruit gum out, turn off the fire to cool, put the sealed box as soon as possible to eat. 8. home sugar water, please appreciate it. 9. finished product drawing. 10. finished product drawing.


When cooking, try not to use iron pan, color nutrition will be greatly reduced.


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