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Christmas in Bangkok, the 4 most popular business circles! Southeast Asian style Christmas tree

aitaiguobang @ 2019/12/23

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Christmas is coming! Do not think that there is no Christmas atmosphere in Thailand, which is full of enthusiasm. The snow scene is everywhere. There are creative landscapes everywhere. Especially the major Bangkok business circles, with the strength of the layout, and the activities to meet the end of the year holidays, today, let's take a look at the hot spots in Bangkok's Christmas atmosphere.

1. OneSiam Siam merchants
One station punched 3 Christmas trees.

Take the subway (BTS) to Siam station (Siam) to get to the OneSiam Siam business district, which is the 3 shopping center of Siam business circle. This year, with the theme of "Siam business circle magic story celebration 2019-2020", besides the 3 Christmas trees at one stop, from today to the beginning of January 2020, every day there are international street performances from all over the world.

Siam Siam Paragon (Dior Paragon) joined the world famous Dior (DIOR) to create a sparkling Christmas tree in the JEWEL area of the building. There are also music activities and special gift wrapping services.

There is a new interactive christmas tree in the atrium 1 District of Siam Center (G Center). Holiday greetings and pictures can be displayed on the huge LED Christmas tree.

Siam Discovery (Siam exploration) is to show the green Christmas tree, install the air purifier, the closer the air is, the more fresh it is, and it makes people aware of the environmental problems.

2, Bangkok La PA song business circle
Southeast Asia's highest super lights Christmas tree

Bangkok's Ratchaprasong, which takes the subway station (BTS) to Chit station (Chit Lom), stands out. The annual Christmas scenery of Bangkok city's Shopping Mall attracts many people to punch cards.

This year, the mall opened the Christmas prelude with the "Gaysorn XMas Village 2019 Music Festival". All kinds of Lantern shapes are quite dreamy, and the subway bridge at Qi long and Gayson Village also wear christmas new clothes.

CentralwOrld Central World Shopping Center will celebrate all kinds of lights show this year. This year, Javier Gonzalez Burgos, the Argentina illustrator, invited the "Kingdom of Santa Claus and the exploration of the stars" as the theme, and built up to 35 meters, known as the Southeast Asia's highest super lights Christmas tree, and with 4000 square meters long world-class lighting.

3, Siam world ICONSIAM
Mitch Mini is happy with you.

This year coincides with the opening of Bangkok Siam world ICONSIAM 1st anniversary. The theme of this year's Christmas is "2019 riotous Bangkok". Bangkok Siam world ICONSIAM prepares a huge Christmas tree up to 22 meters, colourful lights lit the banks of the Chao Nan river. It also invites Mickey Minnie, who is loved by many people, to dress with everyone in traditional Thai dress. Is it romantic and warm?

At the same time, Bangkok Siam Tiandi ICONSIAM also prepared the "ICONSIAM gift world" carefully, in addition to all kinds of special products, creative gifts and combined with various preferential treatments. Besides going to the scene to feel the Christmas atmosphere of the riverside, it is also a good place to choose Christmas gifts.

4. Terminal21 Asok Shopping Center
2020 Gift Festival

The "Gift Fest 2020" Gift Festival is kicked off at the Terminal21 Asok shopping center in Bangkok, with the theme of "happy Christmas HO HO HO" (Happiness is all around all).

Invited to JJ (JJ Kritsanapoom), BANK (Bank Artit) and the captain (Chonlathorn Kongyingyong) and other 3 hot little meat stars to participate in the release conference, 3 Thailand stars jointly designed Santa Claus image, and for fans and visitors friends brought a joyous atmosphere of mini concert.

All kinds of stars will be there in December to enjoy their concerts and enjoy all kinds of discount. Choose gifts for yourself and loved ones at the gift Festival.

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