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"Where were you when the dog was stuck in the body by the needle of euthanasia?"

mon0896 @ 2019/12/16

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Xiao Ke once saw such a question on knowledge.

Is it right or wrong to choose euthanasia to send away your favorite pet?

However, the following answer is basically the same: I don't know what to do and how to answer, but there is no accurate answer to this question.


Looking at all comments, Xiao can find a problem that makes people feel solid pain.

All the shovelling officials, because they could not bear to watch their beloved dogs euthanasia, chose to hide behind the door to see through the door, and some of them ran to the next room and burst into tears.


Although many people think this is a very normal thing, watching their favorite pet in front of their own eyes, no one can bear it.

Xiao once saw a foreign veterinarian interview, so that Xiao Ke's mood could not calm down for a long time.


The veterinarian was interviewed and asked, "when is the most uncomfortable time for you to do this job?"

Her answer is this.

"The most difficult thing is to lie on the operating table when facing the dogs that are going to face euthanasia, because most of the owners are reluctant to leave when they are euthanasia, but almost all dogs are looking around at the last moment looking for their own owners."


When the visit was put on the Internet, most veterinarians stood out.

"Most of the owners do not realize that their beloved pets are still masters of their lives at the last minute of their lives when they leave."

But who is willing to look away from his own eyes?


What do you think when a dog is stuck in a body with euthanasia needles? They did not know what they were going to face. They only had their master's heart. Xiao had seen countless dogs who had to accept euthanasia because they were ill or disabled. But no one cares about the dog who will lose his life and lose his master.


Xiao can only hope. Don't let dogs end up in a strange room without you. Choosing euthanasia is not right or wrong. It's just hoping that shit officials can understand one thing. What dogs want is that you can accompany them to the last moment as masters.


Therefore, if you really want to choose euthanasia for your pets, you should also take the last step properly.

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