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Unified international home with different design! Restaurant and living room "soul swap" ~

Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/12/10

I have seen so many "serious" design cases. Today, we will unite the international home sword to take the lead, and recommend different designs. Here, look for different inspirations.

I love American style recently.

Because of its

free And at will ,

Unruly And Bold and unrestrained ,

Cozy And Nostalgia

Everyone who loves life,

They are the best designers.


Three bedroom "Big bedroom" The Huxing, the living room and the dining area add up the area unexpectedly has not the master bedroom big! But this is not the point... The point is... The dining room and the living room are changed greatly. How many wonderful designs can you see in the eyes of many small partners? Unified international home to keep you looking down.


As soon as the door enters a door, an American style wind comes to us, though it is a North and South transparent apartment. However, because of its deep and narrow length, it has affected the daylighting to a certain extent. The kitchen was designed as a glass door. 。 If your home is a South North transparent apartment, we must make full use of this advantage, and we can learn the design of glass doors in cases.

A living room

Owing to the restriction of the Huxing, we can see that the overall space is relatively long and narrow, which is unable to create a large living room with "row of faces". Dining room and living room position swap And removed the tea table, though small but really warm.

This is the "textbook" layout of the small living room. Change large parts into small ones and replace them on walls. 。 Little horns are also very delicate. The walls are even warmer, and they are not inferior to the big living rooms of others.

It's best not to be naked. Put two "props" in line with your family style. 。 The color and shape of the photo wall must also be formulated according to the overall design of the home, otherwise it will be easy to give people a feeling of confusion.


Guan Guan knows that many small partners swap in Tucao restaurant and sitting room. What's the use of this? But seeing this picture, the United States is not beautiful has the final say. See this restaurant, Guan classmate has a kind of The feeling of high-end train box It was like a curtain of lavender gardens outside the curtains.

It seems that it is the advantage of relying on small space to create a restaurant with such artistic conception. Design of benches It's much more comfortable than ordinary dining chairs. Due to space constraints, The wine cabinet is set on the wall. On the contrary, this beauty has been further fulfilled. It is a kind of enjoyment to draw the curtains while eating. Drawing the curtains is also a kind of enjoyment. How can such a design not love?

Master bedroom

The master bedroom uses the American style to create a fresh and comfortable sleeping space. But the window design seems unusual. Let's look at some "tricks".

Once again, I was amazed. The dressing table goes to the middle sofa and then to the cabinet on the right. 。 Do you feel that it feels great to lean on the sofa in the early morning for the first ray of sunshine. Here is a place worthy of your reference. Many small partners envy other people's bedroom windows. Actually, we can do it by ourselves.

Looking back, it turned out that there was such a large set of cabinets in the bedroom. Maybe this is The best way to deal with "big bedroom" Now! It is not enough for the competent people to work hard to save the function of the storage space.

On both sides Retro bedside lamp It has a high sense of beauty, symmetry and harmony. Many people say that American style is retro, and students are not against it. Adding some retro elements in American style home decoration can always add color.

Supine position

The same as the master bedroom. Design of forced floating windows It's only a change in design.

In fact, we all know that we should pay attention to the design of home furnishing, but matching is not invariable, so the home created has lost its linkage. In this case, only Minor changes have been made in the color and furniture of the curtains. But we immediately knew that "dolls" and "desks" were all for children. Therefore, on the basis of matching, it is necessary to transform some details according to different scenes and functions, which is truly successful design.


The study room is a place for work and study. If the light is not bright enough, people will not be able to lift their spirits. therefore The style of the study is brighter. The white tone has greatly increased the reflection of light, creating a bright study. More Than This, On the right is a big mirror. This undoubtedly amounts to several more lights.

Green and clear eyesight, on the desk. Put a few small pieces of meat. Not only eye pleasing, but also relieve visual fatigue yo~

In addition to Is it a study room or a storage room? Such a large storage space still can not make up for the small regrets of the living room? In this case, many cabinets are embedded into the wall, so it is not only beautiful, but also does not leave difficult corners to clean up, so it is worth learning.


A kind of White cupboards and Retro Red It is the standard American style. This kitchen has larger space in the same class, so it can completely restore the red tiles and tiles. The white cabinets that are full of eyes must be able to accommodate many items. The kitchen space in the family can be tested.

The most important thing for the students to praise is this. A small shelf underneath the oven. There are always plenty of water on the kitchen table, and it is too low to use the oven at ordinary times. With this small shelf, it avoids the damage of the long term damp to the circuit and facilitates the viewing of the baking state in the baking process. Such small details are too intimate and reasonable.


After seeing it, the classmate is really sour. Apart from the smaller living room, the other spaces are very "heroic". Large space must be dry and wet separation. Guan students mentioned dry and wet separation in every case. It's really important. What is the reason for refusing to prevent water from slipping and prolonging the life of equipment?

After dry wet separation, in the bathroom. Install socket It's safer to use a hair dryer.

(the above pictures are from the Internet. They are edited and compiled by the unified international home. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.

Unifying the international home public address, sharing the design cases everyday, just want you to be inspired and learn some skills in these different Huxing designs, and really apply them to your life. This is the happiest thing of Xiao Tong.

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