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You must have never seen such amazing collocation.

miusi_design @ 2019/12/23


It's not just on the surface of life.

Dense gray haze

The space is thrilling and tranquil and poetic.

In order to avoid high ambient air temperature

Chestnut wood furniture

Green and orange sofa chairs

Let the space be warmer and more peaceful.

Brass, leather sofa

In order to enhance the lightweight luxury of space.

In color

Choose dark grey blue.

Interpretation of elegant classical style


Painstakingly depicting the ideal home life

Looking at a core area

Designers strive to create

It's a quiet but vivid spatial temperament.

The two floor Teahouse

Large white walls

The greatest extent has been reduced.

Interference with spatial temperament

The three bedroom is simple, simple and clean.

Let the space emit a kind of

Calm and steady emotional appeal

In space layout

Separate the bath and other areas.

Maintain privacy with boundaries

Leaving a sense of ritual.

Clean area

A skylight was designed at the top of the main bathroom.

Introducing natural light

Avoid excessive depression caused by gray blocks.