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No "D+" block is allowed in the urban area? What is wrong with Hangzhou traffic police enforcement?

czznwx @ 2020/05/22

The relationship between traffic police and drivers has always been very "delicate". On the one hand, the road environment does need to be protected by traffic policemen, but on the other hand, some of their practices sometimes cause controversy for themselves. For example, some time ago, the famous Shenzhen traffic police boarded micro-blog's hot search list because of two things.

One of them is that Shenzhen suddenly cracked down on the modified car, and this "swept away" campaign directly allowed a large number of adaptation enthusiasts to "graduate".

And the other thing is that not long ago, traffic policemen in Shenzhen were hit by the "price fixing list" of police motorcycles. According to a maintenance list published online, Shenzhen traffic police Luohu brigade had an accident motorcycle, and the cost of maintenance was as high as 17400 yuan.

This document has been put online and has caused much controversy. Many netizens believe that such a high maintenance list is suspected of "too deep water". Subsequently, the Shenzhen traffic police also came out to clarify that the repair has been undertaken by the insurance company, and many unnecessary maintenance projects such as the police controller with a value of 7000 have been deleted, and the final maintenance cost is 6850 yuan.

Unexpectedly, when the Shenzhen traffic police quit the hot search for a few days, it was the turn of the traffic police in Hangzhou.

Recently, in Hangzhou, traffic police carried out actions to renovate "street blasting" behavior. One of the fragments was sent to the Internet, but the netizens were attracted by it.

Is there a licence or a permit not to go on the road?

This sentence, frightens the police to take charge of the camera, quickly corrected the "beauty traffic police", but the young lady not only did not respond, but also loudly asked: "There's a card, but is this a car that can go on the road?"

What do you think of "racing car"?
Traffic police sister can be in the mouth of the "racing car".

For non motorists (including me), these two cars are really easy to mix up. If you ask my grandmother, she will definitely say that the two are exactly the same, but the fact is that the car below is a motorcycle that can be legally on the road, and the top one is the car that the traffic police can not go on the road. As a law enforcement officer, it is excusable to make unclear models, but it is really a bit of a laughing stock to say "if there are cards or cards, it is not allowed to drive on the road".

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These two things also reveal that there are indeed uneven levels of road enforcement teams. Many law enforcement officials even do not know the most basic legal provisions and law enforcement norms. On the other hand, The law enforcement officers of "incompetent business" not only have an impact on the image of traffic police, but also are hard to convince the law enforcement objects in the process of law enforcement. For a long time, the misunderstanding and contradiction between drivers and traffic police can only be deeper and deeper. It is not enough to let the masses obey management.

I don't know what you think of the two events. Welcome to the comment area and discuss with us.

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