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German news: Germany and the United States have to wait and see even if the US changes to a president.

GermanReport @ 2020/06/30

The United States was originally the most important partner of Germany outside the European Union. However, since Trump took office, the German American relationship has been on the low side. Not only did Trump never make a formal state visit to Germany, but Merkel also refused to go to Washington to attend the G7 summit. In early May of this year, US Secretary of state Pompeio cancelled the scheduled meeting at the eleventh hour and released Merkel's dove.


Last week, German Foreign Minister Maas said in an interview with Deutsch news agency, "urgent action is needed" to improve the relationship between Germany and the United States seriously damaged. Maas said, "cross the Atlantic relations are very important now and will be the same in the future. We are also committed to ensuring that it has the future. But in the current situation, it is no longer able to meet the needs of both sides.

Source: DPA  

Maas also warned not to think that relations between Germany and the US would be improved once Trump failed in the US presidential election in November. "After the Democratic Party came to power, the relationship between the Atlantic and the old could be restored, and the structural change of this relationship was underestimated."


This is not Ma's personal view, because just two days before he accepted the interview, German Chancellor Merkel said that the United States would withdraw from the German army. "We will fundamentally consider the relationship between Germany and the United States": "we knew from an early age that the United States wanted to be a superpower with a worldwide influence. But if the role of the United States is now voluntary, we will have to seriously consider future cross the Atlantic relations.

Source: Imago images/IPON

Germany's defense spending is much lower than NATO's goal of "GDP 2%". Trump has repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction and finally announced this month that more than 9500 US troops will be withdrawn from Germany by September. But Merkel believes that the presence of US troops in Germany is not only protecting Germany and NATO members in Europe, but also protecting the interests of the United States, and Europe has "great reasons" to continue to rely on the cross the Atlantic defense community.


The existing contradiction between Germany and the United States is more than that. The "North Stream No. two" natural gas project between Germany and Russia is also Trump's thorn in the eye. The United States is afraid that Russia will take advantage of natural gas as an opportunity to win over European countries. Recently, it has tightened sanctions on companies involved in the construction of the project. This decision undoubtedly drew strong condemnation and opposition from the German government and the European Union. The German government spokesman even called the United States "interfering in our internal affairs".


Source: DPA / Bernd von Jutrczenka

However, although the two sides have been smoking four times, there is a fundamental strategic divergence between Germany and the United States. After all, Merkel has just declared in public that "Europe is not neutral, but a part of western politics, and the main partner of Europe is the United States." It's like an old couple who quarreled, quarrelled their nose, and continued to make a living.

The current attitude of the Merkel administration is more like a better position for us in relations between Germany and the United States and even between Europe and the United States. Today, the world order is changing greatly, and under the leadership of Trump, the United States is increasingly isolationist and populist. In this case, Europe, as the former world hegemony and the "little brother" of the United States for decades, took the opportunity to show the United States some concerns to Russia and China, so as to regain glory and gradually occupy the position of "the third pole of the world".


Source: Tobias Koch

As a veteran politician in charge of Germany for 16 years, Merkel now shows his political considerations and art with Trump's positive bars. But after the US election, Germany is also facing the change of leaders. Merkel has announced that he will not be re elected. Can the newly elected German Chancellor continue to implement Merkel's ideas and lead Germany into a leader that can lead Europe to the United States? From the current state of several candidates in Germany, the outlook is still hazy.

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