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410 thousand of the game card stolen...

txgames @ 2019/07/12

Source: penguin game time VGtime

In 1999, Japan held a competition called "Secret Super Battle", which was a prize with third cards. It can be said that it is one of the rarest treasure cards today. Recently, the rare card sold a price of up to US $60 thousand (about 410 thousand yuan) on eBay, but when the buyer signed it, he found that there was no card in it.

When a video player introduced the matter, he thought that it was the fault of the US postal service and logistics company: in the packaging process, the card's instructions were written on the outer package, and its value was directly publicized. Then someone found and stolen the card in the transportation, and eBay also had some responsibility in the process. At present, buyers and sellers have not taken any legal action. Instead, they choose to offer a reward of $1000 to get clues about this card.