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Gong Zizheng: Seventeen year old girl's bicycle

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The weekend reading poetry 068

The poet

Gong Zizheng

Gong Zizheng (1792-1841), the word se, No. dinge. Renhe (now Zhejiang Hangzhou) people. The Qing Dynasty poet, scholar, and Modern Enlightenment thinkers open atmosphere, great influence on later generations. He was born scholar official family, father Gong Lizheng, officer to the southern Su Song too bingbeidao, the Department of Jiangsu provincial judge, author of "Mandarin" infusion etc.. The female section of breeding, is a philologist daughter of Duan Yucai, author of "Green China Yin TSE Shicao". Gong Zizheng the way of imperial examinations is not smooth, 27 year old tree, Jinshi 38 years. Zeng Ren J Beijing, chapter machine micro rites principal officer. The 48 year old official South, the following year died in Jiangsu Danyang Yunyang academy. Author of "Ding an anthology", the article 300 retained nearly seven hundred articles, poetry, modern series "complete works of Gong Zizheng.

Gong Zizheng: Seventeen year old girl's bicycle

Ruo Shui Jiang

Dreiser's novel "Jeanne girl" (Jennie Gerhardt) The seventh chapter has a large section of the speech, that is from the sky and the earth of all things in the charming girl's precious - Extraction


One hundred years of wild primroses, Campanula flower, violet purple and gold; spring and autumn; the sun, the shower and the dew of the morning; the eternal night; all the time rhythm. A department did not write it impossible to write the chronicles; who will save one hundred years ago from the rose petals falling on the record? There are three hundred flying back to the beam of the Swallow -- think of! She is bursting out from there, and the world for her beauty, as the past vision of flowers. A seventeen year old girl cute always have several centuries of history. This is why passion is always sad.

"Jeanne girl"

(US) Dreiser

University of Pennsylvania Press

Chinese literature there is no similar praise for girls? In addition to the "dream of Red Mansions", I can think of is the first Gong Zizheng world "good time":


There is no good time, such as embroidery in the pavilion.

Shizuhara Sojihye also worry about breaking hongmeng.

Wan Chun containing to imagine working life.

High love dust dregs, small red tears.

The jade Zhuo hearts tender beads ear Cong.

Jian song Lu Yi aromatic spectrum, number of window bar.

When the mountain see distant trees, clouds into the empty arms.

So stop pillow, avoid wind fan.

The day long missed thousand moment, Xiao dream through a few candle.

De Jong's slim, exquisite font note.

Zhu Hu Chunhui, Shu sundial with the door.

One hundred years of hard work before, he married a hero?

This is the first cource of Pailu, Zhou Ruchang and Shu Wu have complimentary. Zhou Ruchang said, Gong Zizheng Cao Xueqin also considered "fragrant petals, precious to her daughter". Shu Wu said, Gong Zizheng opened a modern poem heart, even better than Cao Xueqin. Below I construe about poetry.

" There is no good time, such as embroidery in the pavilion. "At the beginning of a reminiscent of" a dream of Red Mansions ". In Jia Baoyu's view, "the maidens' chambers in the original" own "world Sau of germany" (thirty-sixth) "Girl, not married, is a priceless pearl" (fifty-ninth) .

There is no good time, such as embroidery in the pavilion.

"Static native wisdom, also worry about breaking hongmeng." There is a saying: "water is very quiet, bright image, Buddhism and Confucianism all three" very calm wisdom is born". "Hongmeng" refers to the mixed state become Men at their birth, but "sorrow" is what? How can "break"? Shu Wu said:


A young girl, a naive, Gender consciousness is not awakened, is called hongmeng. Somehow, suddenly know spring sorrow, baby doll's open, it is broken hongmeng. This "somehow," the most beautiful, most Ling Qi, only the great eye can appreciate the mood of poetry.

"Wan Chun containing to imagine working life." Pure girl, don't carve, no pretense, waiting for everything unfolded in front of their own. What is the future? She has been properly to good.

"High love dust dregs, small red tears." Su Dongpo word cloud "high feeling by Xiao cloud sky". Friends and relatives temporary parting can cry tears of blood coagulation. She wrote a few words of Gao Jie thoughts, deep feelings.

"The jade Zhuo hearts tender beads ear Cong. " "Ear" refers to the sense of hearing. "Hearts" refers to the mood. She began to have thoughts, like nascent seedlings as young's, like the earth's jade moist. She began to dress up, on the earlobe piercing bead. She wrote a few words and mind, aural mingmin.

"Yi Qu Lu Jian aromatic spectrum, the number of window bar." "Qu lu" (L connected) To bend. It is said the girls long day boring, or use the perfumed paper copy spectrum, or count how many, many twists and folding hook on the window.

"Far from the tree when the mountains, clouds into the empty arms." In a room for a long time, and expand the horizons, to see distant trees on the mountain, see the clouds may be invaded the eye, Yi can get, but neither friendly nor aloof.

"Pillow stop do, avoid wind fan." That is the moonlight into the pillow, "stop" novel balanced, "wish" implies that the moon is a whisper. "Escape" and "no" is the negation of negation, means that the fan out is to have the feeling of the wind.

"Day long missed thousand moment, Xiao dream through a few candle." The two time separation, day long day, night dream a lot. This dream, to undertake the above in the future life of "ideas" and "may".

"De Jong 'Slim, exquisite font note." "Book of Songs", "a quiet and modest Maiden" is about the "Empress of Germany", can be a teacher. Gong Zizheng Kai is not good, a few times does not test examination, admitted to the point of not anger, Hanlin, at home life to their penmanship, Guangeti Lin Xi he dislike the "black light", while women love the self font "little and dainty".

"Zhu Hu Chunhui, Shu sundial with the door." Two intertextuality, the focus falls on the sentence, that is whether, girls are the same time is good. According to the "Shishuoxinyu" - speech, in the Taoist Zhu deep eyes, "Zhu Hu" the door "is not graded. Zhou Ruchang said Cao Xueqin has written her daughter min grade, but Gong Zizheng is even more so.

"One hundred years of hard work before, he married a hero?" The last is subversive ideas. As the saying goes, the flowers inserted vector, beauty with a hero, which girl does not dream of Prince Charming? But according to Li Shangyin: "how the four century for the emperor, energy-saving?" Li Longji has done more than 40 years of emperor Yang, and even life can not hold, as the young woman marries Lu Jia Mo girl, firm and secure live a lifetime. "The golden cangue" finally, Cao Qiqiao idea:


Eighteen nine year old girl was pulled high with the big blue shirt sleeve roll summer, revealing a pair of white wrist, go to the streets to buy food. Love her at the butcher's Paul, her brother Ding Yugen, sworn brothers Zhang Shaoquan, and Shen tailor's son. Love her, maybe just joking with her love, but if she chose one of them, after a long day, the birth of a child, how many men of her little heart.

"Golden Lock"

Author: Eileen Chang
Harbin Publishing House
June 2005

Shu Wu said, Gong Zizheng is a civilian humanitarian, willing to marry a girl ordinary husband, enjoy the world peace. In other words, and cry in a BMW than smile on the bike.

But Zhou Ruchang believes that the "hero" refers to men. A poet like Jia Baoyu thought, girls don't get married, a married man will get stinking gas. It is said that a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

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