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The 7 point is to see "millet" making "Oolong"; Microsoft says China's retail stores are operating normally; FB is being boycotted by advertisers.

qqtech @ 2020/06/29

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Did you see pictures and videos of "colorful clouds" over Haikou yesterday? This is a natural phenomenon produced by refraction of light. It is really beautiful. Xiao Qi made a wish, "I hope everyone's wishes will come true!"

Here is today's morning paper.

Millet response to car poster: no matter, colleagues shook the wrong smart.

In June 28th, a poster of "car making" came out of the Xiaomi group on the Internet. In this regard, the group of millet responded to the Tencent news "first line", saying that no matter what happened, millet would not build a car.

Xu Jieyun, general manager of Public Relations Department of Xiaomi group, has also responded publicly through micro-blog. The poster is that the new media student in Xiaomi mall is shaking up and being smart, and has already punished the copying of the internal process specification.

Subsequently, millet mall released micro-blog, confirmed yes An electric remote control toy car. The information given by Xiaomi mall shows that the toy remote control car only carved the image of Jim's cross country warrior at 1:16 and sold for 199 yuan.

Xiaopeng car officially launched P7 model scale delivery, the earliest car can be lifted at the end of June.

In June 28th, Xiaopeng car held the P7 delivery ceremony in Xiaopeng Automotive Intelligent Network Technology Industrial Park in Zhaoqing. This also marks the start of large-scale delivery of the super long endurance smart car race.

Accompanied by a brief push rod ceremony, a long car loaded with Xiaopeng P7 began to go to all the Xiaopeng cars across the country to deliver the store. After the large-scale production and delivery of the factory started, Xiaopeng motor will carry out the delivery of P7 within the national time sequence in accordance with the payment intention.

Before December 31, 2019, the user who pays the intention money will complete the contract signing in June 23rd and meet the vehicle assignment conditions. The car will start in late June.

Microsoft China responds to shutting down physical outlets: maintaining normal operation in China market

On June 28th, Microsoft announced that it would permanently shut down its direct outlets and focus on its online stores. In response, Microsoft China responded to the media that the Microsoft authorized stores and 3C electrical retailer stores under the Chinese market were not affected by the news announcement and maintained normal operation.

According to foreign media reports, since March this year, affected by the epidemic, all offline stores in Microsoft have been closed. The employees of these stores have been providing remote sales, training and support services to their customers.

Microsoft said it would permanently shut down its offline retail outlets and shift its focus to online stores like In addition, Microsoft will change the physical store in London, New York, Sydney and Washington Redmond headquarters to "Microsoft experience center".

Jing Xiandong retire as the legal representative and chairman of Alipay Information Technology Co., Ltd.

36 krypton learned that the data from the sky eye show that recently, Alipay (Hangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, and the company's legal representative and chairman has been replaced by Hu Xiaoming.

Alipay (Hangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2016, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The company's business scope includes second types of value-added telecom services: online data processing and transaction processing business (including e-commerce only), second types of value-added services in the telecommunications business (Internet information services), electronic product design, and digital product design. And so on, the Zhejiang ant small and micro financial services group Limited by Share Ltd wholly owned shares.

Rui Xing coffee related enterprises have cancelled 101 revocation this year.

Rui Xing coffee will soon be caught in the US stock market delisting, and its relevant business data will also be exposed. In June 28th, according to the data released by enterprises, there were a total of 3953 surviving enterprises related to Rui Xing coffee in the whole country, of which 135 were cancelled or revoked in 2019, and 101 enterprises have been cancelled and revoked this year.

Foreign media: the US government is considering promoting American Technology Corp's acquisition of Ericsson or NOKIA.

On June 28th, according to foreign media reports, in order to ensure the competitiveness of 5G technology in the US, US officials considered the federal government's involvement in the private sector, including options to promote American Technology Corp's acquisition of Ericsson or NOKIA.

Sources said the officials discussed these ideas with people from the US technology giants and private Holdings Company, including promoting the acquisition of European companies Ericsson or NOKIA by large American technology companies such as CISCO.

To respond to rent reduction freely: to make payments to the owners on time, and to make friendly consultations individually.

In the past two months, the overall volume of rental market in Beijing has risen. However, affected by the epidemic, the overall market did not show the peak season in previous years, and the rental price also declined. Affected by this, some long rental apartments, rental platforms, and so on, trying to reduce the rent level in the management of housing sources, and triggered the owners' response.

Recently, the long rental apartment operators responded to the economic report in twenty-first Century, saying that all owners are paying the money on time. There are indeed some individual contracts in communication with the owners for negotiation and optimization. They are also subject to the trend of upside down and upside down by factors such as the vacancy of the epidemic and business district changes. However, they will maximize the protection of owners' rights and interests, and make friendly consultations according to the contract.

"Since 2020, due to uncertainties in the economy and epidemic situation, as well as the impact of urban planning changes, business circle migration, and strict community control and control, the housing rental market has undergone significant changes, especially in the case of individual housing prices, and the downward trend of rental prices. But at present, we are paying all the owners on time, and none of them has caused disputes in the negotiations. In order to achieve long-term cooperation and win win with owners and customers, we have also launched a friendly negotiation with individual proprietors to appropriately adjust the entrustment price.

Millet India store signs changed to "made in India", the person in charge said sales had not been affected.

According to CNBC, Xiaomi is also changing the facade of the next store of India line. It uses the slogan "India made" to cover the original advertising board with the word "millet". In addition, Xiaomi also asked its shop promoters not to wear the brand's uniform.

At present, millet has covered the signs of most retail stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Patna and other cities. There have been reports of demonstrations and store threats against Chinese brands. Manu Jain, head of India, said that sentiment was mainly confined to social media and did not affect Millet's business in India.

Facebook suffered more advertisers' boycott of core digital advertising business or caused heavy losses.

In June 28th, according to foreign media reports, advertisers boycotted Facebook activities, and now they are involved in the boycott, including American operator Verizon, home appliance giant Unilever, outdoor equipment retailer REI and Coca-Cola.

Analysts say these advertisers are likely to encourage more companies to join in the boycott. If advertisers spend large sums of money moving from the Facebook platform to their places, boycott may be a major blow to Facebook's core digital advertising business.

Chengdu roadside company said the trademark was used unauthorized. The takeover of the US group was prosecuted.

China new latitude and longitude client June 28 According to the 28 day news of the Haidian District people's court website in Beijing, it is said that the "edge of the road" trademark is used by others to engage in business activities. Chengdu roadside food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd., on the grounds of infringement of trademark rights, appeals to the Cangzhou canal area Ming powder snack bar and Beijing three fast Technology Co., Ltd., to stop immediately using the trademark and platform promotion and publicity, and to compensate for the economic loss of 80 thousand yuan. 。

The plaintiff found that the Cangzhou city canal area Ming powder snack bar did not permit and unlawfully use the plaintiff's trademark "side of the road" to engage in business activities, and used the trademark of the plaintiff in the printed business cards, leaflets, menus, staff clothes, etc., and promoted and sold in the name of the plaintiff in the Beijing three fast Technology Co., Ltd.

Foreign media said Apple is saving costs: iPhone12 or no headphones and charger, users buy at their own expense.

June 28th, according to the latest media reports, in order to control its own cost, Apple may make some adjustments to the accessories of the iPhone 12 series this year, simply speaking, it will not provide EarPods wired headphones and power adapters in the new machine package, so that users can buy them at their own expense.

It is mentioned in the report that the iPhone 12 series will not be attached to EarPods. At the same time, some primer series models may not be supplied with any type of power adapter (charging head), leaving only USB-C to Lightning lines in the package, while the high-end iPhone 12 Pro may distribute 20W adapters.

The news said Samsung will launch two folding smart phones in the second half of the year.

Samsung Electronics is expected to launch two new collapsible smartphones in the second half of this year and may launch a cheap version of its collapsible smart phone next year, according to foreign media reports.

According to sources, Samsung is expected to release the 5G version of Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip in the event held in August, and the flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note 20 series.

But they say that its cheap version of collapsible smart phone, probably named Galaxy Fold Lite, is unlikely to debut in this event.

Tesla suffered a rare Model 3 lawsuit: air bag failed to open, causing head injury

Tesla is the leading enterprise and innovator in the world's pure tram industry. The application of various innovative technologies also brings certain risks. The company has suffered a lot of consumer traffic accidents before, and the automatic driving system has become the protagonist of litigation.

According to the latest news from foreign media, Tesla company was once again taken to court by consumers. In a car crash in Maryland last year, the plaintiff said the airbag in the Model 3 vehicle had not been opened, causing a brain injury to a university professor.

Logistics problems encountered at the end of the quarter, Tesla Semi truck rescue site to transport Model 3

The Tesla Semi truck, which has not been mass-produced, has rarely been on the way. In June 28th, a Twitter user claimed that he had found a Semi truck on the road near Tesla Fremont factory, which was carrying Model 3 car ready to be transferred to the customer.

Earlier, media Electrek reported that Tesla needed to deliver 8000 to 10000 cars to North American customers at the end of the quarter, but because of the epidemic, it was very difficult to transport by rail and truck. Tesla has said it will become one of the first customers of the Semi truck.

NASA willpower will fly special gifts to Mars to pay tribute to the medical care of the new crown outbreak.

According to foreign media reports, NASA officials recently announced that the new generation of Mars probe "willpower" is scheduled to launch in July 20th, when the probe will carry a special commemorative aluminum plate to the red planet to pay tribute to the medical staff and other personnel who are fighting the new crown.

"We want to express our gratitude to those who disregard their own safety for others' interests," Matt Wallace, deputy manager of the project, said in a statement, Matt Wallace. "We hope that when our descendants travel to Mars, if they see this aluminum plate, they will realize that there are such a group of people on the earth in 2020."

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Two new folding smart phones are launched.
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Launch a cheap version of collapsible smart phone.
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