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What luxury is 4.5 billion houses?

juzhukongjian @ 2019/12/23

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Luxury Design

627 Carcassonne Rd

Speaking of Bel Air in Losangeles, everyone is no stranger to it. This luxurious residential area is composed of Beverly Hills and the house of Losangeles. It is one of the most famous areas in the United States. The luxury house is never disappointing.

The house, located in Bel Air today, is designed by Paul McLean, a luxury residential specialist. The gross floor area is about 2600 yuan, priced at 65 million US dollars (about 450 million RMB).

Delta Paul McClean

Through the winding private driveway, clean facade and large landing windows, you can feel the consistent design style of Paul McLean before entering the room.

The house contains 9 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. Of course, there are all kinds of entertainment and leisure facilities.

Entering the two storey entrance hall, the steps of the rotating staircase concealed the lights, and the LED ceiling lamps scattered on the high ceilings, leaving all the focus to the huge rotating staircase.

On the side of the high side, there is also a human body art device. Under the irradiation of light, it shows a "gliding" posture, which is very light and artistic.

The large mirror decoration beside the rotary staircase and the metal ornaments on both sides make the space more plump.

The only two storey living room is on one side, and the white marble floor contrasts sharply with the towering dark metal walls.

There is a bar in the living room. The tall wine cabinet extends to the ceiling, and the atmosphere is steady, but it only lays a layer in the height limit of ergonomics.

The wine cabinet behind the bar is made of circular metal laminate, and the concealed lights on both sides are much more sophisticated than the usual common laminates. The details are carefully designed.

Outside the living room is the outdoor recreation area, and along the floating steps, the tall palm trees on both sides of the hall create a full California flavor.

The small living room with only one wall of the rotary staircase also maintains a simple and elegant style. The carved marble block shows a good taste.

On the other side of the partition is a completely transparent glass cellar. The metal frame is more delicate under the illumination of the lamp belt.

Walking further is an open living space, and the dining room is seamless with the living room, so that the family can enjoy a more intimate experience here.

Black furniture combined with warm color lighting, with a touch of warmth in modern times. In particular, the internal light retaining water is very bright.

The TV background wall and tea table use similar elements, plus black and white brown collocation, making the whole picture neat and beautiful.

For every empty wall, designers decorate their paintings with strong visual impact, so the space looks plump and advanced.

You can reach the recreational spa area through narrow passageways. The corridor is equipped with a water curtain wall, and there is a gap between the water supply and the circulation. The water flows slowly along the wall with texture. Under the reflection of the bottom light, it is fascinating.

There is also a wall of water curtain outside the aisle. In form, the design of the inside and outside is harmonious and unified. In function, it plays the role of isolating the living space and leisure space.

The green wall at the end of the corridor serves as a background. This area is a small hall.

Sauna room, yoga room, massage room, bring a full range of relaxation experience at home.

The semi open spa bathtub is surrounded by layers of lights and is bathed in massage while watching TV.

In addition, the dark family cinema is simple and luxurious, which can accommodate 14 people at the same time.

The main bedroom is on the 2 floor, and a large area of linen carpet is set up in this large bedroom.

Deep coffee Brown The background wall is integrated with simple lines, and the wooden bedside cupboard is placed on two equal width platforms, which is also modern and full of sense.

The master bedroom has an excellent view, and the tall trees outside ensure the privacy of the room.

There is a separate hairdressing room beside the bedroom. You can invite hairstylists to customize the shape for your host.

The hostess's bathroom and cloakroom are separated, and the color of the hostess's bathroom is relatively elegant.

The natural marble basin is slightly tilted. High and low two mirrors can meet the needs of hostess washing and dressing separately.

The glass wardrobe is equipped with a lamp belt to make the cloakroom more elegant and elegant.

The hostess's bathroom is a steady and low-key style, with a TV set embedded in the mirror.

The dark clothes of the hostess are very cool. Especially in the cabinet of the shaking table, this is probably every man's dream!

After seeing the indoor and outdoor, of course, there is no need for the swimming pool of the mansion standard. The extra long swimming pool extends the other side of the building.

At night, the brightening of lights can give rise to a superior temperament.

With the lighting and the surrounding water, the whole building is full of spirit, and can not help but sigh: This is the style of luxury.

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