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Net exposure Sheenah caught Zhang Jie derailed, Zhang Jie and gossip three small high-profile with the power to break rumors.

jyj011 @ 2019/07/12

Sheenah is the host of happy camp, which brings great pleasure to the audience. Although many people do not like Sheenah's hosting style, Sheenah is now well deserved in Hunan satellite TV. Sheenah and Zhang Jie have been married for many years, but there were no rumors about them before. Sheenah had not been born for many years because she could not conceive, or was pregnant or aborted. She felt that these rumors were a lot of attacks on women. She felt that a woman should have children when she married, but she thought her life should be in her own hands, and she would not change her pace because of others.

As for Sheenah and Zhang Jie, though they were not optimistic at the beginning, fortunately they came all the way, and now there is also the crystallization of love. Sheenah believes that girls are adored by boys, boys should be favoured with girls, and only two are better and better.

But some time ago, the news of Zhang Jie's derailment also came out on the Internet. Some netizens broke the news that Sheenah was suspected of being derailed during the pregnancy. Zhang Jie even knew Sheenah later to find a relationship to kill Zhang Bichen. Zhang Bichen had not worked for half a year, so many people believe this is true. Such rumours have great influence on Sheenah and Zhang Jie and Zhang Bichen's reputation.

Last night, Zhang Jie sang in Nanjing, and Zhang Bichen appeared as a guest surprise. Zhang Jie and Zhang Bichen performed in a high-profile manner, which also showed how ridiculous the rumors were. Two people on the stage for the first time on the scene to deduce "I am not a drug God" end of the movie "as long as the ordinary", so that fans at the scene shouting interest in the chorus "cool" before, the two singers also specifically reminded the exam fans do not listen, cover your ears! I don't want you to have a cool exam! I really broke my heart for fans.

Zhang Jie and Zhang Bichen performed on the same stage. Zhang Jie remained a gentleman on the stage.

Zhang Jie and Zhang Bichen are both singers. It is normal to have opportunities for cooperation. But Zhang Bichen is actually a friend of Sheenah. In private, she has a good relationship with Sheenah, but he keeps a distance from Zhang Jie. Before the rumors came out, Sheenah also sent micro-blog to clarify for her husband Zhang Jie and Zhang Bichen. Sheenah denied Zhang Jie was cheating, and Sheenah thought the rumor was ridiculous.

Sheenah often shows great affection in micro-blog's high-profile show, Sheenah is insane, Zhang Jie is spoiled, Zhang Jie is not good at words and Sheenah understands, but the best love is just so. I hope you can wish Sheenah and Zhang Jie more. There should be more loving couples in entertainment circles.

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Chinese:网曝谢娜抓到张杰出轨,张杰和绯闻小三高调同台力 破传闻