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You will be in love with your men at these three times.

shiguangmm01 @ 2020/06/28

Wen Ling Ling Jiu Ge

Source: lingjiu song (lingjiuge520)

All say "detail decides love". Those deep feelings and sincere intentions are often hidden in your daily contact.


You will be in love with your men at these three times.



Contact you after drunkenness.


Some people often say that "after drinking comes true words".


Some men are naturally shy and are not good at expressing. Even those who love deeply are in front of their eyes. They will only bury their love in the bottom of their hearts, silently care for them, and dare not tell them easily.


As the saying goes, "love is a hand that wants to be touched and retracted. Love is a heart that trembles without touching."


Usually, he always takes a cautious restraint in your love, always guarding behind your back.


Only after he gets drunk can he not help to peel off his inner confinement.


At this time, his heart yearning will come out like springs, and he will never be able to hide or hide.


He will involuntarily contact with the woman who loves the bottom of his heart.


Those who are unable to resort to love and attachment when sober are only encouraged by alcohol.


If you receive a phone call from a drunk man, please don't hang up.


As long as you listen carefully, you will find that every word in him is full of deep affection for you.



I will contact you before I go to bed in the morning.


Modern people's pace of life is faster and faster, and more and more busy. No one will waste their time and energy on a person who doesn't care.


If a person contacts you in the morning and before going to bed, it is enough to show that you are in a different position in his mind.


In the morning, many people just woke up, not busy brushing their teeth and washing their faces, or catching up with the bus to work.


If you wake up and find a man to contact you, tell you good morning, tell you to eat on time, today may rain, remember to bring an umbrella......


Don't doubt it. He must love you very much.


You are just as indispensable for him to eat and sleep. Wake up is you, go to sleep or you.


After a busy day at home, others are not busy playing games, but they are early asleep.


Only him, worried that you stay up late, will first coax you to go to bed early, and then tell you "good night, good dream", can I sleep peacefully.


Remember Xiao Hsin said, good night is "W (a) n (a) you (n)" means.


If someone comes to you before going to bed early, don't bother him.


He is not very idle, nor boring. He just takes you seriously and will always be watching you.



Contact you when you know difficulties.


I always feel that it is better to give up in the snow than to add icing on the cake.


If a man can help you wholeheartedly when you are in trouble, he will love you deeply.


He may not be good at words, will not tell you a lot of sweet words, nor has he ever asked you to go to the movies.


But when you encounter difficulties, he will take the initiative to contact you, come to your side, to share everything for you.


When you are at a loss, take care of you and take care of you.


When you silently weep, say to you, "rest assured, everything has me."


He is not flaunt or show off, but regards you as the closest person. He does not want you to be hurt, nor does he tear you to tears.


He sees you as more important than anything and is willing to accompany you through the storm.


Love knows nothing and goes all the way.


Because deep love, so can not help, without hesitation to help you.


For the rest of your life, remember to cherish those who take the initiative to contact you. Don't miss it.


After all, all initiatives are caused by caring.


The sea is boundless and boundless.


May all your life be well, and those you love can always be with you.

* Author: Ling Jiu Ge. In a noisy world, we all need to settle the port of souls. Here we use words to warm you, to accompany you with your voice. May you shake hands with loneliness and renew your courage to fight against the unknown. WeChat public number: lingjiuge520 likes nine songs to focus on micro-blog @ lingjiu echo and interact with nine songs.

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