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[emphasis on] chronic cancer that is not well cured, it hurts to make life worse than death.

spbcdc @ 2019/12/10

"Pain makes life worse than death."

Some people describe the pain of this disease -- "the tiger is constantly biting your joints".

Once you have this disease, you will be ready for a protracted war in your whole life.

And many people say, "you can't eat meat, eat seafood, and eat vegetarian."

This is "torture" for those who are not meat and can not stop seafood.

Many people should have guessed that this disease is - gout !

Pay attention to these situations!

Gout is the high uric acid in the blood.

Under normal circumstances, most uric acid is dissolved in the blood and easily excrete through the kidneys.

But when uric acid exceeds the metabolic level, it will accumulate in the body and form gout. So where's so much uric acid coming from?

The formation of gout can not be separated from the following factors.

1. Heredity

The occurrence of gout is related to genetic factors.

2, eat

Gout usually favors people who like big fish and big meat.

Meat and seafood Purine substance The content is relatively high, and when purine enters the human body, a part of it will turn into uric acid.

3, drink

Alcoholic beverages are not recommended to drink too much, especially. Beer Containing lots of purine, red wine has no "anti gout" effect.
In addition, a lot of sweet drinks, fruit juices, etc. fructose It can promote the production of endogenous uric acid and drink less.

4, fat

The root cause of overweight and obesity is that energy intake is greater than consumption, often accompanied by excessive intake of foods containing high purine.
This leads to a series of high metabolic states of the body, such as "three high" (hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia) and hyperuricemia.

The source of the gout is uric acid. Uric acid is mainly derived from purine in food and drinks, so high purine foods must be eaten less.

Can patients with gout eat seafood?

How painful is gout?

How should gout be treated?

How to control other aspects?

Source: Popular Science in China

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