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Putin expects Trump to survive impeachment: the impeachment reason is "fabricated."

ckxxwx @ 2019/12/23

Reference News Network December 20th Report Foreign media said, Russian President Putin held a large-scale annual press conference in Moscow in December 19th, which talked about the impeachment of President Trump by.

According to Reuters reported on December 19th, Putin 19 at the annual press conference said that the Democrats of the United States "fabricated" reasons impeachment Trump, in order to overturn his victory in the 2016 election.

Putin said he expected trump to hold impeachment and remain in power.

Putin believes that the Republican led Senate will declare Trump innocent.

According to the Singapore Lianhe Zaobao reported on December 19th, Putin, at 19 annual press conference, said he expects trump to pass the impeachment procedure and continue to serve as president.

The report pointed out that the US House of Representatives voted for two impeachment clauses against Trump on the 19 day, but Putin, like most observers, believed that the Republican controlled Senate would rule Trump innocent.

Putin said: "they are unlikely to recall the Republican president by reason that I think it is completely fabricated."

"This is only a continuation of the US political struggle. In this struggle, a defeated Democratic Party party is trying to achieve results in other ways and means. They first accused Trump of conspiring with Russia, but proved no conspiracy and could not be the basis for impeachment. Now, they imagine that Ukraine is under some pressure. "

However, Putin criticized the United States for taking unfriendly steps towards Russia, and said Moscow also adopted corresponding policies. He was particularly upset that the United States had not responded to Moscow's proposal to extend the new strategic arms reduction treaty.